Chapter 21

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  Trinity, Lexi, Matt, and I went down to the exercise room and the girl waiting for us was....

    KATHERINE!! Hayes ex girlfriend. I should have known.

   "Hi girls! Hi Matthew!"

   "What do you want" I snapped.

   "Shut up Julia! Isn't it obvious? I want Hayes! If I can't have him no one can!" she said and then punched my jaw. I feel to the ground I held my jaw and then she started kicking my jaw. Lexi was crying and Matt pushed her off of me. While Trinity came and helped me up. The cops rushed in and I stood up and I sat down in a chair and I started seeing spots in my vision. Hayes got one of the officers to inspect my jaw. He called an ambulance and next thing I know I'm being taken to a hospital.

    I woke up in a bed with a bandage wrapped around my head. I saw my phone on the table and reached for it. when I did my shoulder got a sharp pain. I let out a yelp and someone came in. It was Hayes. His eyes were red and puffy. "Julia! You're up!!" he said and hugged me. I kissed his nose and asked him, "Can you cuddle with me?" He shook his head and I scooted over and patted the space for him.


"hmm?" he said playing with my hair.

"What time is it?"

"I think 3:00 a.m. or somewhere close to that."

"Ok. I want to go back to sleep and you should get some too! goodnight!"

  He laughed and said, "Good morning." "yeah but I'm going to sleep." I giggled and then went to sleep.

   I woke up with no one beside me. Matt was in the room and a doctor too. "Good Afternoon Julia." the doctor said. "hi. not to be rude but when can I get out of here?" he laughed and said, "right now if you want. I'll give you your pain medication and we'll have you out in about 20 minutes!" I smiled but it hurt a little. "doc? it hurts to smile.." "Would you like me to numb your jaw?" he asked. I nodded and he got a shot and stuck it in my jaw. It hurt for a minute and then I couldn't feel anything. He also told me to take some loopy medicine too so I could go to sleep later that night. So I took that and I felt like I was drunk. Matt had to hold my hand as I walked. "Hey Julia!" Hayes said. "Hewo Hayesie wayesie!!" I said trying to kiss his cheek but I couldn't poke out my lips. He laughed and picked me up bridal style, and took me to the car. I sat in his lap on the way to the hotel but fell asleep because of the medicine.

   The next morning I woke up in my bed. I looked around and got up. My shoulder hurt like carp. I texted Hayes to come here. He quickly did and I asked him why it hurt so bad. "remember. She kept kicking your shoulder. So you can't use it." He said and I remembered. "oh yeah well I'm gonna get in the shower." under said shooing him off. I undressed carefully and then I got in the shower. I got out and wrapped myself in a towel. Then got dressed in sweats and I big t-shirt. I got Hayes to come back in. I can't stand to have my wet hair on my shirt making it wet so I asked him, "Can you go get one of the girls to braid my hair?" "No, I'll do it!" he said jumping up.

  "You don't have to"

  "but I want to! you can tell me what to do! you are a beauty guru! it won't be hard!"

"Ok go get my brush and a ponyband." He hopped up and got them and came back. I sat in between his legs and he began brushing my hair.

  "Ok now pull it back in a low ponytail and split it into there sections."

  "Ok now what?"

  "Get one of the sections and put it over the middle and then the opposite side over the middle then keep doing it until you get to the end."

     About 20 minutes later he was done. "take a picture! I want to see!" I said handing him my phone. He took the picture and I got the phone back. Wow it actually looked good! "This looks amazing babe!" I said. "Maybe you should do my hair more often!" "Well I am a boss ass b****!" He said putting his hand on his hip. I laughed and then sent it to Mahogany "this is what happens when I let Hayes do my hair!" She replied back we should teach him how to french braid next!!

   Hey guys! how are y'all? Sorry for the little cussing, it just sounded right! well I'm writing this at 12:09 a.m. because I can't sleep but I've been writing Chapters all day and I may or may not be writing another Fanfic!! but I'm not going to put it up until I finish the sequel to this book I'm not going to tell you the name of the sequel because it gives away the ending of this book!! Love y'all!! Stay Beautiful!! XOXO! ~Julia


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