Chapter 3

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*20 minutes later*

Trinity and I where sitting on the bench outside of Starbucks when I got a text from Hayes. Hayes- Hey beautiful, where are y'all?? Me-hey handsome! we're sitting on the bench in front of Starbucks! Hayes- Ok we will be there in like 2 minutes!! Trinity- Was that Nash? Me- no it was Hayes. They should be here any second.. Trinity- JULIA, THERE'S NASH!! Me- Trinity!! calm down!! Then Hayes came up to me and hugged me. Nash- Hey Julia! You must be Trinity? Trinity- Yeah! Nash-this is Skylynn. Skylynn- Hey Julia! Hayes would not shut his mouth in the car talking about you a nd saying that you woul- then Hayes put his hand over her mouth and blushed. Trinity- are we going to go or are we going to just stand here?? Nash- Yeah Trinity is right let's go! Hayes helped me carry my stuff and me and him beside each other in the car. With our legs touching.*At Hayes' house* When we pulled in there drive way I couldn't stop starring at there house. It was huge! Hayes showed Trinity and I where we would be sleep. The room was right next to Hayes' room and the bathroom was a Jack and Jill bathroom! I heard a knock on my door while I was under packing. I said"come in!" It was Nash! Nash- Julia, come to my room by yourself in like 5 minutes! I really need to talk to you! Me-okay...

I was walking up to Nash's door, and about to knock when I heard Nash talking to Hayes.

*Nash and Hayes' conversation*

Nash- I know you like her! Hayes- I know but I don't want to ask her out because what if I get rejected? Nash- if she is worth it you will ask her out! now go away before she comes! I ran back to my room and then walked out so no one knew that I was listening.. I walked to Nash's room again.

*Mine and Nash's conversation*

Me-Hey Nash! You wanted to talk to me? Nash- Yeah! Me- Ok then get to talking! haha Nash- Ok then missy! Look Julia it's obvious that Hayes likes you a lot but he's not sure if you like him. Me- I really do like Hayes but if we do start dating, people will think I only like him because he's "famous". Nash- Why do you like him? Me- I like Hayes cause he is funny, cute ,and kind. Nash- See Julia there you go! You don't like him cause he's famous! Me- Ok well, what do I do? I can't just tell him I like him! Nash- I know. I'll try and build his confidence. Me- Thanks Nash! Then I hugged him. I walked out of his room when I got a text from Hayes telling me to come to his room. I went to my room to fix my make up and Trinity was In there . I told her everything and then went to Hayes' room.

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