It Started All With A Text (Hayes Grier fanfic)

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Hi! my name is Julia and this is my first story! Hope you enjoy!! Also, I Will try to upload every week! So yeah!! That's all and tell me what you think! ~Julia

Chapter 1

It was a typical Sunday evening, and I was on Vine watching one of Nash Grier's vines. On the comments I saw a number, so I put it in my phone and sent it a text saying "Hey". The person replied back saying Hey! This is Nash Grier! Me- wow really? Nash- Yeah! who is this? Me- Julia Trull... Nash- that's a pretty cool name! Me- Thanks! you too! Nash- Thanks. Well I gtg... Bye! Me- Bye!!

*after school the next day on the bus*

I was bored on the bus so I decided to text Nash. Me- Hey!

Nash- Hey! I was out all night in Chicago last night.... Me- Oh, that's cool! Nash- Yeah! HAHA.. So, Julia you promise not to give out this number right? Me- Yeah I promise! Nash- Okay thanks! Text Cameron at *** *** **** but keep it a secret ,ok? I trust you. Me- Ok thanks! Nash- I'm sitting with him right now! Me- cool I'm about to text him!

*texting Cameron*

Me- Hey Cameron! It's Julia, Nash just gave me your number! Cameron-Hey!! Can you promise to keep this number a secret? Me- I promise!! :)) Cameron- Thank you so much! what's up? Me- your welcome and nothing really, about to get off the bus.. hbu? (hbu means how about you) Cameron- cool! and talking to Nash.. where are you from? Me- Louisiana.. Cameron- That's awesome! Me- Yeah.. Cameron- By the way, what do you look like? Me- hold on, lemme get off th bus.. Cameron- Ok! I just sent the picture when Cameron called me! Me- Hey Cameron Cameron- Hey Julia! what are you doing? Me- getting my homework out. What about you? Cameron- sitting here with Nash. Me- Oh that's cool! Cameron- hold on let me put it on speaker phone so Nash can talk too! Me- K! Cameron- can ya hear me ok?? Me- yep! Nash- Hey Julia, it's Nash! Me- Hey Nash! Nash- how old are you? You're really cute! Me- Awe, thanks! and I'm 12, about to turn 13 in May. Nash- So you and Hayes are about the same age then? Me- Yeah I guess... Nash- Do you like Hayes? Me- Yeah but who doesn't?? Nash- HAHA. do you care if I show Hayes your picture and give him your number? Me- Uh.. sure.. Nash- Ok cool! Cameron- It was really cool talking to you but we gotta go... Me- Ok! Bye Nash and Cameron! talk to you later! Then I hung up and that night I went to sleep with a smile on my face!!

Tell me what you think! Sorry if it was boring.. bye! ~Julia

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