Chapter 4

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comment your favorite Magcon boy and why you like them! Mine is Hayes (obviously!)and in the last chapter I said why! Also if you still have not listened to Distance or Flights by Jack and Jack go listen to them! And go listen to Buck Wild feat. Taylor Caniff!! Stay beautiful! ~Julia :)) 

***Read Author's Note at The End!!!***


  I knocked on his door and went in. He asked me if I wanted to go to the frozen yogurt shop with him. I said yeah,but I would have to get ready first! I went back to my room and told Trinity were I was going. She was about to take Skylynn to the park down the street. I put on my favorite pale purple muscle top with black high-waisted skinny jeans. since it was a little cool out I but on a light weight jacket on with my pale purple Vans.I but my hair in a messy bun with a black bandanna. I grabbed 10 dollars because I didn't know if Hayes was paying or not I also got my phone and made my way downstairs. It only took me 10 minutes to get ready(GO ME! haha!:) So I sat on the couch and went on Twitter. About 5 minutes later Hayes walked down and pulled me in for a hug. He smelled really good! Then we walked to the frozen yogurt shop which is called Twisted Cow. When we got there it was kinda like Starbucks, were when you order they ask you your name and they write it down.. I had to go to the bathroom, so I told Hayes what I wanted and he ordered it for me. After I got back he gave me my cup of frozen yogart, and it said, "I know we just meet, but I can't get you out of head!" I looked up at him and smiled. he smiled and said," Julia, will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled and there were tears in my eyes because no one has done something so sweet for me before. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and said,"Of coarse Hayes! I can't get you out of my head either!" Then he pulled me in for a hug and kissed me on the cheek! I thought I was going to die right there in a yogurt shop!! After we got done eating Hayes paid. Then we left and he grabbed my hand. That's when I knew Hayes Grier is my boyfriend!!!


        When we got back to his house Nash and Trinity met us up stairs and we told them everything. Nash wanted to do a Vine so we did a "Mister Steal Yo' Girl". Trinity and I were walking with Nash. Then Hayes came up and started doing the Nae Nae. He slapped Nash and "stole" Trinity and I. It was hilarious! The caption was "How to steal girls doing the Nae Nae!!" he tagged Hayes, Trinity, and I. Within 1 minute I got about one hundred followers!! We all went back inside and Hayes asked me to watch a movie with him. "Let me get ready for bed first!" I said. *fifteen minutes later* "What movie do you want to watch?" ,Hayes asked. I replied "Despicable Me 2!!" "Okay!", he said with a giggle. He put on Netflix and about half way through the movie I fell asleep.


   The next morning I woke up and I wasn't sure we're I was, then I saw Hayes. He looked so cute while sleeping, so I took a picture of him and put his contact as "Sleeping Bæ" with the picture of him sleeping as the picture I.D. I was looking on Twitter and then he said, "Good Morning beautiful!" in his sleepy voice. "Good morning handsome." I said back. Then I got up and went to mine and Trinity's room to pick out my clothes. I got a blue T-shirt that says RECKLESS on the front and a white skater skirt. Then hopped in the shower and let the warm water hit my body. I got out, washed my face, and dried my hair then straightened it. I also put on a little eyeshadow and mascara. Then went downstairs.

  Mrs. Grier was cooking scrambled eggs, bacon, and Nashbrowns.. (opps I mean hashbrowns..see what I did!..) I said good morning to Mrs. Grier and she said breakfast wouldn't be ready for another 30 minutes.. So, I went upstairs and called my mom. (Remember my mom's name is Misty..) our conversation Misty-good morning honey! Me- good morning! Misty- Are you having fun? Me- Yeah! Hayes took me to the frozen yogurt shop and he asked me out in the cutest sweetest way! I'll send you the picture of what he wrote on my cup! Misty-Awe! He sounds like a sweetheart! Me- Oh he is! I got to go Mrs. Grier just called us to breakfast! Bye love you mama!! Misty- Have fun!! Love you too! Bye!!


    After I got done eating breakfast, I went upstairs to brush my teeth again. Hayes came in the bathroom to brush his teeth are too. He asked if Trinity and I would come with him to the park to meet up with his friend, Jon. I told him that I would ask Trinity. Then walked to my room to find Trinity. "Do yo want to come to the park with me and Hayes? We are going to meet one of his friends."

"Yeah sure left me get ready!"

"k I need to put on some more mascara and then I'll be ready."

   I put on some mascara and walked out of the bathroom to our bedroom and Trinity was putting on her red and white polka dot Keds. She was wearing red and white t-shirt with white skirt. Her hair was in a messy bun. "Let's go!" I said. "Ok, I hope this Jon guy is cute!"she said. I laughed and started walking to the living room. Hayes was already down there playing on his phone so I grabbed Trinity and quietly ran into the kitchen. "Let's do a smack cam and put it on Vine!" "Okay! I'll video and you get the whipping cream!" she said with a smirk. I put the whipping cream in my hand and went into the living room. Trinity just put it on record and I was about to slap Hayes when he said," I wouldn't do that if I were you!" he said looking up at me with a smirk. Then he grabbed my hand with the whipping cream on it and started to kick it. Trinity was cracking up in the corner. I don't think she could breathe! Then I looked at Hayes and he had whipping cream all over his mouth. I rolled my eyes and walked to the kitchen to wash my hands. I went back to the living room and he still had it all over his mouth, so I quickly pulled out my phone and snapped a picture. Then I put it on Instagram and Twitter with the caption as,"Never a dull moment with the bæ." I tagged Hayes in it. Trinity was still laughing and she put the video on Vine and tagged me and Hayes with the caption as, "slap cam fail!!" and Hayes and I revined it.Trinity and I immediately got tons of new followers. After we got done laughing our heads off, we went to the park.


  So ho is it so far?? I hope y'all like it! What do you think Trinity will think of Jon? Thank you so much for reading!! I literally means so much to me! Please tell people about this book! I have already written it, and I'm still writing it. I already have 46 Chapters so I promise I will not stop there! I'm just taking this book where my heart takes it! Comment who your favorite Magcon boy is, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter it's @juliatrull109 I will start saying when I update! If I get 50 views by April 23.. I will upload twice April 30!! Keep telling your friends!! I am currently at 19 views! xoxox Stay Beautiful! ~ Julia

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