Chapter 13

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I'm going to start just putting my Author's Notes at the end of the chapters! Get ready for some drama!! Enjoy! ~Julia

We sat around the airport for about 15 minutes and Carter and the Jacks got there I ran up to Jack Gilinsky and gave him a hug. We were kind of close but he isn't as close to me as Cam, Nash, or Matt.. I hope to become really close to all of them though. I also hugged Jack Johnson and Carter. Since Cameron lives in California he is just going to meet us at the hotel and so is Mahogany. I'm really excited to meet her! An hour passed by and Taylor's plane arrived. We all talked forever then Matthew and Aaron walked up. Nash said Shawn's plane wasn't going to be her until 9:30 tonight. So we all got into the limo and it took us to the hotel.

The hotel was huge and really nice! Trinity and I were going to be sleeping in a room with Mahogany, and Brent's little sister, Lexi. We all went to our rooms to unpack. I got in there and Mahogany and I'm guessing Lexi was in there. "Hi I'm Julia! and this is Trinity!" They both said hi and Trinity told them that they could call her Trin. When we all got done unpacking we all talked and they were both very nice and funny. We got a knock on the door and it was Cam. "CAM!!!" I screamed and jumped up and hugged him. "Hey Julia! We were going to the Beach and were wondering if you all would want to come?" "Yas!! We will meet y'all in the lobby in like 20 minutes?" "Ok see ya! love ya!!" "love ya too bro" I said in a deep man voice. He laughed and i closed the door. I told the girls that we would be going to the beach. I put on my favorite Navy blue strapless bikini and a white flowy cover up. I packed a beach bag with Sun screen, Sun tan lotion, two towels because I know Hayes would forget his, sunglasses, and my phone. We were done and went to meet the guys.

at the beach!!

Cam wanted to play volleyball so we formed 2 teams. Him and Nash we team captains. Nash's team- Me, Taylor, Jack Gilinsky, Hayes, Trinity, Brent, and Matt. Cam's team- Carter, Aaron, Jack Johnson, Mahogany, Lexi, and Jacob. (A/N I didn't forget about Shawn! Remember his flight doesn't come until later that night..) We played two rounds, and my team won the first and Cameron's the second. It was getting hot so we went in the ocean for a couple hours. Mahogany, Lexi, Trin, and I wanted to tan so we got out and laid on our towels for about 30 minutes and just talked. The guys got out and Carter whined, "I'm hungry!!" Then Nash said he got a text from Shawn that said his plane was going to land in like 30 minutes. that was like 15 minutes ago. "We better go to the airport and pick him up!" Cameron said. "Me and Cam will go get him, and y'all go get ready to eat!" Nash said.

We all went back to the hotel and I took a shower first and got ready. I just pulled my hair back in a messy bun and put on my faded green tank top with white shorts and sparkly Vans. Then me and the girls just hung out while we waited on the guys. We went to I Hop and came back to the hotel.

I wanted to go hang out with Hayes. Before I went in the door was cracked open. I heard their conversation:


Cam- Dude aren't you forgetting she has a brother!?

Matthew- Nash can I punch him?

Hayes- WAIT! I didn't kiss her she came up to me when I was getting a drink out of the vending machine and then y'all walked down and she grabbed me and kissed me!

I pushed the door open and when I saw Hayes tears started flowing and I ran.

Hayes POV

When the door opened I saw Julia standing there. She looked at me and started crying and then ran off. Man I screwed up! All I was thinking was did she hear us talking or did she see that girl kiss me?

Julia POV

I started running. I didn't know were to and I didn't care. I ran and I bumped into someone they instantly wrapped me in there arms and I fell to the floor they fell with me. I looked at the person and it was Brent Rivera. He asked what was wrong and I just cried even more he pulled me in a tight hug and told me that everything was going to be ok. Then I heard Nash and Matthew. I turned toward them and Nash asked, "did you hear?" All I could do was shake my head yes. Him, Matt, and Brent were on the floor hugging me.

Nash POV

When I looked into Julia's eyes I saw hurt. Hayes is such a jerk! Julia doesn't deserve a guy like him she needs a guy that will treat her right! "Can we go to Starbucks and you tell me the whole story?" She asked. "I know you don't want to talk to him but I think Hayes needs to tell you." I answered. "Fine but I want Matthew to come with me incase I start to break down." Matthew said ok and told Julia to go wait in his car while we went to go get Hayes.

Julia POV. at Starbucks!!

I ordered a Carmel Frapuccino and sat in the far corner of the room. Hayes walked up and I just couldn't look at him with out crying so I focused on my drink. "Julia, I promise I didn't kiss her. When Matt, Nash, and Cam walked down there she cupped my cheeks and started kissing me. I tried to pull back but her hands were holding my head." I just looked a him and said "so you didn't kiss back?" "No! I kept my lips sealed and tried to push her off! Please Julia! You have to forgive me! I-I love you!" He said trying to hold back the tears." "Hayes, I forgive you! I love you too!" I said hugging him. He cupped my cheeks and kissed me and then pulled away saying, "your lips taste like whipped cream!" I laughed and grabbed my drink and stood up. He stood up and we intertwined fingers and walked to Matt. He looked at us, smiled, and said "Jayes is too cute!" I laughed and blushed. Then we went back to the hotel and I told the girls the whole story and then got ready for bed. We all wanted to watch the Vow before we went to sleep and I was so tired that I fell asleep halfway through the movie.


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