Chapter 22

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  Today is the day that we are going back to North Carolina. I'm going to miss all of the crazy boys. Especially Matthew because he is my long lost brother... I honestly am homesick, not for North Carolina, but for Louisiana. I love living with Hayes and his Family but I don't think I'm ready to live away from my mom. I'm going to talk to Matt when I get to North Carolina about it...

   We were saying our goodbyes and I think mine and Matthew's was the longest because we just found out that we were siblings about three weeks ago. "I'm going to text you when I get to North Carolina!" I said he kissed my forehead and said, "I'll text you when I get to Virginia. I'll miss you lil sis! BYE!" We hugged one last time and he got called for his plane.  Flight 346 now boarding for North Carolina at gate 5. I walked to the gate with my carry on, Hayes, Trinity, Jon, and Nash. When I got on the plane I got next to the window with Hayes next to me. It was only a 1 and a half hour flight so it wasn't too bad. I listened to music the whole way there.

   Hayes nudged me to wake me up. I got up and got my carry on then got off the plane. I had a lot going in my head. I texted Matt that I would face time him when I got to the Grier's. He said he would text me when he was ready. I went to Hayes and sat on his lap and laid my head on his. My head was telling me to stay with Hayes, but my heart was telling me to go back home. I love Hayes. I honestly do but I'm only 13. I need to live with my mom. But I don't think I'm ready for a long distance relationship. Elizabeth was about to be here any second to pick us up. Right as I thought that she pulled up and we all got in. Skylynn was in the car and as soon as she saw me her face lit up! "JULIA!!!" she jumped up and practically tackled me. "Hey cutie! Whatcha been up to?" I asked her. "Nuthin, just swinging and playing horsey!" "oh that sounds like fun!" I said. She nodded and started talking to Nash. Before I knew it we were at there house. I know I live there but it's just weird to call it my house.. Matt texted me that he could face time and I replied back give me about 5-10 mins?..
    I walked to the park and face timed Matt he answered within 5 seconds.

   "hey!!" he said.

   "hi... Matt I don't know if I can keep doing this.." I love it here in North Carolina, but I miss everyone back in Louisiana.. I love Hayes to death but I want to go home.."

  "Julia, I understand just follow your heart. That's all I can tell you."

  "Thanks Matt! It feels so good to get that off my chest!"

  "any time you need me I'm here for you!"

  "Well I got to get going. I'll text you later or tomorrow!"

  "Bye love ya!"

  "Love you too! BYE."

   I hung up and walked back to the house. I think I have made a decision, but I need to tell Hayes first.. ugh this is going to be hard.

  Hey!! SO this story is kind of coming to an end.. :(( I love writing this but I want to do the sequel sooo bad! What do you think Julia's decision is? Will she go home or NAH? haha! BYE beautiful!! ~Julia

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