Chapter 6

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       The next morning I work up in someone's arms. I looked up and it was Hayes' arms. How did he get in my bed? hmmm oh well.. I looked up at him and he smiled and said,in his raspy morning voice, "Good Morning gorgeous." I smiled and said, "Good Morning dork!" Then made a weird face. He rolled his eyes and said, "Cute!!" I laughed, got up and got my clothes, then went into the bathroom to get ready. I put my long hair in a high ponytail and put on a blue shirt with the sleeves cut off (it has big arm holes) I put on a white bandaid underneath. I but on my white shorts with blue Vans. After I got done I didn't feel like putting on all of my makeup, so I just put on some mascara. I want downstairs and Trinity was making breakfast so I decided to help her. "Hey guh! You need some help?" I asked. "Uh yeah. Can you put those cut up strawberries in the muffin mix over there? And then mix it up??" she said while getting the eggs out of the fridge. " Yeah! I'll put them in the muffin tins to!" I said while putting the strawberries into the mixing bowl. She smiled and started frying the eggs. After I got done and put the muffins into the oven I grabbed my phone of the counter and took a selfie with Trinity. I put it on Instagram with the caption as "cooking with the best!" She rolled her eyes and smirked then asked, " How are you and Hayes doing?" I smiled and said, "Perfect! I couldn't ask for a better guy! I'm just really gonna miss him when we go back to Louisiana... How are you and Jon?" "We're doing really good. He told me he loved me last night. Considering we have known each other for a day.."She said putting an egg on a plate. "Awe! My wittle Trinity is gwowing up!" I said laughing. "Shut up! There probably listening to us right now!" Hayes and Jon came around the corner laughing and Hayes said "Man y'all caught us!" I also  laughed and said, "Haha! Trinity, looks like we have stalkers!!" Trinity laughed and then Jon said, "What's that smell? Cause it smells good! Trinity and I smiled and Trinity said," Strawberry Muffins!" I went to go get them out and Hayes walks over to the oven to help. "Julia are you still mad at me?" He says while putting his hands on my waist, looking into my eyes. "No Hayes. I was just playing around last night! I was never mad at you!" I said pecking his lips. "okay good! Have I ever told you how much of a great girlfriend you are?"He said hugging me. "I rolled my eyes and hugged him back and said, "You treat me like a princess! I'm not worth that much!" "Don't say that you are worth everything! Your the best Girlfriend ever!" he said looking in my eyes. "Eh you're alright." I said trying to keep a straight face. He kissed me and said, "What about now?" I laughed and I started taking the muffins out of the pan.

    Everyone came downstairs and started eating. After we got done eating, Trinity and I started cleaning up our mess that we made.Then we walked upstairs to our room. When I walked in I saw a bouquet of roses with a note atached that said:

   Roses Are Red
   Violets Are Blue
   I Love You And
  You Love Me Too
    ~The One And Only Hayes Grier

     I laughed, put the note in my pocket, and tried to walk out my room to find Hayes but Nash and Cameron were at my door. "There's more!" Nash and Cameron said at the same time. They took me downstairs, and at the bottom there was a box of chocolates which also had a note attached it said:

       When our lips touch it's like eating chocolate. You just can't get enough! Love You Gorgeous. ~ Hayes
       After I read the note I smiled and looked up. I saw Matthew and Carter. "Come on" Matt said picking me up over his shoulder. "MATTHEW LEE ESPINOSA! PUT ME DOWN!!!" I yelled. "Oh shut up!" Carter said. "How rude" I thought. When then finally put me down we were by the pool. Shawn had his guitar and started singing "It Girl" When he got done I gave him a hug. Taylor and Aaron showed up. Taylor gave me a piggy back ride to their front yard and grabbed a basketball ball then threw it to me. There was writing on it. It said:


    Julia, One of the many things I love about you is you are yourself around me! ~Your Hayes

Jack J. and Jack G. took me to the living room and started playing "Flights". When they were done Hayes came downstairs and I ran to him and hugged him. "What is this for?" I asked. " What I can't do something for my girlfriend?" he said smiling. "Fine you're the best boyfriend!!" I said rolling my eyes. He cupped my cheeks and kissed my lips passionately. Everyone was whistling but I didn't care. "I love you" He said smiling. I smiled back and said, "I love you too!" He whispered into my ear, "go put something fancy on. I'm taking you out to night." I looked at him and said, "Hayes, you don't have t-" I got cut off by him saying, "but I want to." "Ok. Thanks babe. What time do I need to be ready?" "5:30 p.m. be sure to wear some thing fancy but don't over do it! Remember I love you babe!"he said. "K. Love you too!!"



        Trinity helped me pick out my dress. I wore my new white strapless dress that stopped at my knees with beading at the bottom. I also wore 2 1/2 inch heels since Hayes is taller than me. I curled my long brown hair and put on my normal makeup: bb cream, concealer, natural eyeshadow, and mascara. For my lips I stuck with a pale pink lip gloss. When I was done in the bathroom I walked into my room. Nash and Trinity were talking. When I walked in Nash's eyes opened wide and so did Trinity's. I laughed and said, "Is it to much? Trinity said, "Hun, you look gorgeous! Imagine if Angela saw you right now. She Would be jealous!" "Julia! You look amazing! And who's Angela?"Nash said/asked. "Thanks and she's a mean popular girl at our school..." I answered him. "Oh ,ok." He said "well let's go down stairs." "KK" I said in a girly voice.

    All the guys were downstairs. They told me I looked gorgeous. Nash lead me to his car. Hayes was already in there because he wanted to be surprised. I got in the car and Hayes's mouth dropped open. "Hayes, close your mouth a bug may fly in!" I said smiling. "Oh sorry. You just look really good." "awe thanks and thanks again for all this!" I said. "Your welcome." then he hugged me and he smelt really good.

    We went to Olive Garden! When we got to our table some girls ran over to see Hayes. He took a couple of pictures. Finally after the girls left, Hayes and I ordered our drinks. Then Hayes got really serious. (which is rare..) He said, "Julia, I have to ask you something." "um ok" I said. I was really nervous. "I really love you and I don't want you to go back to Louisiana. So I talked to my mom and asked her if you and Trinity could live with us?" He asked. "Oh My Gosh, Hayes.. Really!!" I whisper yelled. "You're going to have to ask y'alls mom's.." "Yeah your right. I'll talk to her to night."

   *We get our food, eat and then Nash picked us up..*

When we got home I told Trinity and we were going to tell our moms tomorrow.


   Thank you guys so much!! I will hopefully update Wednesday and then on maybe on Saturday. Then I promise I will do a double update on the next Wednesday!! Thank you again!!

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