Chapter 20

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Group Message Lexi, Trinity, Uknown number- Hi girls! if you don't break up with Hayes, Connor, or, and Jon, I'll do something about it. Can't wait to see you on stage!!

  After reading that I got really scared. The limo stopped and I got out and went to Lexi and Trinity. "did y'all get that?" I whispered. "ya! I'm really scared.." Lexi said. "I'm about to tell Matt." I said. I ran over to Matt and showed him the message I got. He gasped and took my phone and showed Nash,.Brent, Cam, and Hayes. Hayes ran to me and hugged me and said "I will never let them do ANYTHING to you or your friends!" I hugged him back and started to cry a little on his shoulder. He rubbed my back and it was going to be fine. Bart came backstage and told the US that the girls would be coming on stage with their boyfriends. I shivered when he said that. Bart went back on stage and did his intro and then began calling the guys. He finally got to Hayes and I. When He said my name I squeezed Hayes hand. He kissed the top of my head and then we began walking on the stage. The girls were screaming as loud as they could. We took our sets and then the rest of the people can up on stage. Mostly girls were asking the guys if they would date a fan or if they were single. On girls asked, "My question is for Matt. Have you ever took a sibling on tour with you?" Matt stood up and said "Actually, Yes. She is her today. Her name is Julia, and she is sitting right next to Hayes. We found out that she was my sister because when I was born our dad started getting sick and then a couple months before Julia was born I went to Virginia to live with my aunt because our mom was like 7 months pregnant and she couldn't deal with a sick husband, a 3 year-old and being pregnant. My dad died later that month and I reminded her too much of him so I just lived with my aunt and I still am." I had tears in my eyes imaging how hard that must have been for him and my mom.

      It was about 2 or 3 hours later and the questions were finally over. We went back to the hotel and told Bart about the message he told Trinity to sleep on Nash's couch, I could sleep in Matt's room and Lexi could sleep with Brent. He didn't want us to sleep with our boyfriends because he wasn't to sure about it. He also told us to stay with one of the older guys at all times and if we had to go to a public restroom to bring Mahogany with us. Bart would also try to track down the number.


  I was in the bed and I was scared that the person was going to do something. I decided to take a shower to get everything off of my mind. I grabbed some athletic shorts and I big t-shirt. I turned on the faucet and just let the warm water hit my body. While I was in the shower I heard my phone go off. I just ignored it and washed all the soap off of my body. I got out and got dressed. I brushed out my hair and put it in a french braid. I walked out of the bathroom with my phone and walked to the guys living room. Trinity and Lexi look like they were having a panic attack. "l-lo-ok at-t yo-ou-ur-r-r ph-phone-e", Lexi said crying. I looked at it and it was from the unknown number again. It said Hi girls! Come to the exercise room with Matt, to find out who I am.. I looked up and all the guys were in the living room. I said "come on"

    "No Julia your not going down there." Hayes said.


    "Well what the hell am I supposed to do Hayes!?"

    "I don't know I just don't want to loose you to some psychopath..." He said.


    I went over to him and hugged him. "I'll be fine, babe."

    "Wait I have an idea!" Nash said and continued talking. "We call the police, and they can his in the janitors closet. If she tries to touch or do anything say any of our names or push a call button on your phone. and they will take the mystery girl off."

     "That's actually really smart! I'll text her to meet us in 20 minutes." I texted her ok and Nash got off the phone with the police. He said "They agreed with the plan but they said it would be better if you had it on Face time in your pocket so we can see everything. "Ok let's start the face time now.. put it on mute so you can hear us but we can't here y'all!" Matt said.

     About twenty minutes later the police arrived and we put them in the closest closet. I hugged Hayes and told him no matter what I loved him. I let go and Lexi, Trinity, Matt, and I walked to the exercise room. The girl waiting in there was.....


  Sorry for another cliffhanger!!! Comment who you think it is. And Yas Julia has meet her before... Thanks for reading!! I love y'all!! Stay Cool!! ~Julia :}} <-- That smiley face is so creepy to me... haha! have a good whatever time of day you're in!! BYE beautiful!


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