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   So it's been a month I last talked to Hayes, Which was the day I left North Carolina. I still talk to tell guys, Mostly Nash and Cam though. Matt is still living in Louisiana with Trinity, Mom, Gina, And I. To be honest I think he actually likes it. He and my mom are getting along great! I start school in August and it's July first..

July 4th! I invited the guys over for fireworks, swimming, and burgers!  All of them came but Hayes.. I asked Nash were he was but Nash said he didn't want to come. That hurt a lot.

   I went to my room and got on my bikini. It was hot pink with black polka dots and matching bottoms. I put my hair in a french braid remembering the time I taught Hayes how to braid. Then I put on my crop top and shorts letting my belly show a little. I walked downstairs and started getting the chips and dip outside.

  We swam for a bit and ate then we went out to the pasture to watch the fireworks. Yes I do live in the country but my style is kind of city... The guys stayed the night but would have to leave in the morning.

    Hayes POV!!

  I should have gone and seen Julia. But I didn't want to get attached and then have to leave knowing that she wasn't mine. When she got back home she was texting me but I don't want to text her because I just miss her to much. I feel like I'm missing half of me. I got invited to Jon's house for a 4th of July thing but I just wanted to stay home. My mom invited some of her friends over so I'm stuck upstairs with Skylynn right now.. "Hayes!! I asked you a question!" Skylynn said holding two horses to my face. "huh?" I jumped up. "Which horsey do you want?" She asked. "Uh it doesn't matter.." I said shrugging my shoulders. "oh goody! You didn't pick my horse. Here." I grabbed the horse and started playing along.

  It was finally her bedtime and so her into her pajamas and tucked her in. I kissed her head and closed the door. When I kissed her head it reminded me of what I used to do to Julia.

  I went to my room and went on Instagram. Julia posted a picture of her and the guys swimming and another picture of the fireworks. I liked both of them and got on Twitter. I haven't Tweeted in about 2 days so I tweeted I let her slip between my fingers...

  I started looking through my album of Julia and I that she made on my phone.

    Julia POV

  I got in bed and started looking through the album of Hayes and I that I made on my phone. I saw the edit that I made the 2nd day that we had been dating and it had 3 pictures and in blue it said It All Started With A Text.

   Hayes POV

  I kept looking at all the pictures and realized that all of this had just Started With A Text.



   Ok so that's end!! I absolutely loved writing this book! I'm kind of sad that it's over but I'm glad to be working on something else!! Also do y'all want a sequel? If y'all want one I will write it but if you don't say anything I will not write one and move on to the next book... So comment what y'all want and I'll do it!! Stay Beautiful! ~Julia

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