Chapter 16

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  I got woke up by Hayes, because we were landing in like 5 minutes. We landed and while I was waiting for my luggage I called my mom and told her that I landed and that I was safe and I loved and missed her. Then I hung up. I ran to the guys and Nash said, "Julia these are the guys from O2L. O2l, this is Julia, Hayes girlfriend and Matt's little sister." "Hi I'm big fans of y'all!" I said. "Awe thanks come on group hug guys!" Ricky said. Hayes said, "hey back off guys! She's mine! Your taking all her hugs away!!" I laughed and hugged Hayes. he smiled and Connor suggested that we exchanged numbers. So we did and the limo got to the airport and picked us up.

   The hotel was huge! All the girls shared a huge room, well it was more like an apartment. There was 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a little kitchen area. All the rooms had balconies. I chose a room up the little stairs. Mahogany had the room beside me and Lexi and Trinity got the rooms below us. The best part about our hotel is there is a Starbucks in the lobby!!!

  We got all our stuff put away and Mahogany said, "Let's go to Starbucks, and go shopping!??!" We agreed and g.ot ready. I got into my new yellow skater skirt and a white crop top with lace at the bottom, and my favorite yellow Toms. We were all ready and went to the guys room to tell them were where were going. Before we left I grabbed my vlogging camera. I knocked on Nash's door, and Cam answered. "The girls and I are going to walk around the city!" I said. "K. Just call me if y'all need something!" he said smiling. "Alright! BYE love you!!!" "Wuv you too." I laughed and went with the girls to the elevator.


    We got Starbucks and then I pulled out my vlog camera and started vlogging.

    "Hey guys! I'm here with Mahogany LOX, Trinity, and Lexi! I decided to vlog my time in New York, Hope you enjoy!! BYE!!!"

     I turned off the camera and We went to Time Square. We were just walking and I got a call from Hayes

J- Hey babe.

H- Where are you?!

J- Calm down!! I'm with the girls in Time Square!

H- Ok but why didn't you tell someone?

J- I did! I told Cam and Lexi told Brent...

H- Oh........ When are y'all going to be back?

J- uh.. I don't know but I know that we will be back by 9!

H- Ok bye babe! Love you!

J- Bye love you too!!


  It was now 8:30 so we picked up Taco Bell and brought it back to the hotel. We ate with the guys and I was super tired so I took a shower and got ready for bed. As soon and I opened the bathroom door there was a knock on the door to our hotel room. I opened it and it was Hayes. "Hey. can we cuddle." he asked I laughed and said sure. We walked into my room and we just sat on my bed. He sttarted playing with my hair and I was messing around with his fingers. "I love cuddling with you" he said. "I love cuddling with you too." I replied back kissing his lips. he kissed back. I pulled away because I needed air and I laid my head on his chest. He was still playing with my damp hair I smiled and went to sleep.

   The next morning we had Magcon. I looked up and Hayes was still asleep. I carefully got up, trying not to wake him up. I got my clothes from the dresser, and went in the bathroom. I turned on the faucet and got my facial cleanser and washed my face. I took out my retainers ,yes I used to wear braces so after you get them off you have to sleep in retainers... I brushed my teeth and combed out my hair. Then I turned on my flat iron and waited for it to heat up. While I waited I put on my clothes. I wore my Hayes Grier tank top with black high waisted shorts, turquoise vans and I got out a matching turquoise beanie. The flat iron was heated and I started doing my hair.

   I was almost done with my hair and I burnt my finger. "OUCH!" I yelled. Then someone knocked on the door. "Julia, are you ok?" It was Hayes. "Ya I just burnt my hand." I unlocked the door to let him in. "Let me see." he said reaching for my hand. My hand was red. I finished the last strand of hair and put my hand under the cold water. "Does it still hurt?" "Yeah but I'll put some cream on it and it will be alright." I said. getting out the ointment. "Hayes you should go get ready." I said. "Ok, I'll text you when I'm done and we can go to Starbucks." I kissed his cheek and then he walked to his room. I put on my daily makeup with some nude lipstick. To complete my outfit I put on my beanie.


   I laid in my bed and got on instagram. I took a selfie and put the caption as so pumped to go to Magcon!! <33


   Hayes texted me telling me that he was walking to my room. I walked to the door and greeted him. He took my good hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. As we walked he whispered in my ear "You look beautiful today, like always." I smiled and kissed his cheek. With that we where at Starbucks and I ordered a croissant with a tall caramel Frapuccino. (y'alls are the smallest Starbucks drinks for anyone who didn't know..) We sat down and just ate in silence. Not an awkward silence, but a good kind of silence.

   After we got done we ran back upstairs and got my camera. I got Hayes to hold my camera while I did an OOTD (outfit of the day) After I got done I thanked him and Matt knocked on the "apartment" door. "Hey guys we're about to go." I got my purse and took Hayes' hand in mine and we walked with the rest of the gang to the limo outside.

  We got to the place where Magcon was going to be held at and Hayes said, "race you Julia!"

"K, but you're going to lose!"


  I started running but he was catching up to fast. He picked my up and threw me over his shoulder. "HAYES GRIER PUT ME DOWN!!" I screamed. "Uhhh.. NOPE!!" he said running. I started playfully hitting his back. He finally got to the back of the place and put me down. "At least you didn't have to walk!" he said. I laughed and rolled my eyes. There was a couch so I walked over to it and sat down. Hayes sat down beside me and moved me on his lap. I blushed because Matt was being the good older brother he is and gave Hayes a dirty look. I gave him the

go-away stare and he eventually caught on. I looked at Hayes and whispered "I love you" he said "I love you too." with a big cheesy smile. I laughed and said, "You're such a dork!" He laughed and said, "Yeah but I'm your dork." I blushed and he kissed my cheek. Bart walked in the room and told everyone the plan.

   Before we went on stage I did a quick vlog and in the middle of it Hayes came up and kissed my cheek.  And you all know my boyfriend, the dork. I said into the camera. "Since when have I became the dork?" he asked. "Since we started dating!" JC started cracking up and I ended the vlog. "Well that's Mr. Dork to you missy!" he said acting like a teacher. I rolled my eyes and said, "Then I'll be Mrs. Dork." He smiled and pecked my likes.

   About five minutes later, Bart called the guys on stage and then Mahogany wanted us girls to come dance and stuff. It was so much fun! We stayed on stage for like 2 hours and then we did the meet and greet.



   Hey beauties!! How are y'all? can y'all go read Be Loved by JadynHoran_ for me? It's really good! And also it's a Hayes Grier fanfic!!
This  felt like a super long chapter for me.. But I hope you all liked it! have an awesome day/night!!! Stay Beautiful! ~Julia

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