Chapter 7

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Hey! New cover!! Thank you all so much for reading this story!! Since this is a fanfic, even though Nash Hayes Cameron and Carter left Magcon, I'm going to pretend that Nash, Hayes, Cam, and Carter are still in Magcon. I love y'all so much! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter @juliatrull109 Stay Beautiful ~Julia

Julia's POV

*talking to my mom on the phone!!*

(For our conversation I'm going to put Misty- when she is talking and Me- when I'm talking..)

Misty- Hey Julia! Are you having fun?

Me- Yeah! I actually need to ask you something...

Misty- Okay. what is it? (she sounded concerned)

Me- Well Hayes asked if Trinity and I could move in with him and his family??

Misty- Julia. I haven't even met these people!

Me- Ok well, what if you and Gina (Trinity's mom) fly up her to meet them!

Misty- Ok see you later, hopefully! and who are all the Magcon boys?

Me- Well, you already know about Hayes Grier, he has an older brother Nash Grier then Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Matthew Espinosa but we call him Matt, Taylor Cani-

Misty- Wait. did you just say Matthew Espinosa?

Me- Yeah. Why?

Misty- Because before I had you I had baby.. And your Dad's last name was Espinosa... Y'alls dad died When I was 3 months pregnant with you. I had you and Matthew looked to much like him and he remained me to much of him so he lives with your Dad's sister... and your Dad's sister, Michelle couldn't get pregnant an-


Misty- calm down! I didn't tell you because I would start crying.. see here it comes! We'll talk later in person. I love you!

Me- We don't have to talk about it again if it makes you cry mom!! I love you to! Bye.

Then I hung up and said, "MATTHEW COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" He came in my room and said, "What did I do this time?"

"Nothing. I just got off the phone with my mom and turns out... you're my brother.."

"Huh? Please explain.."

"ok so before I was born our parents you know... then our mom had you! Then our mom got pregnant with me and when she was 3 months pregnant, dad died. You reminded her so much of him that she wanted our aunt to raise you. So it was kind of a blessing because Aunt Michelle couldn't get pregnant."

"ok well this is cool. Cameron was asking if we were related yesterday."

"haha! well I got to go ask Mrs. Grier if my mom and Trinity's mom can come and meet the family so maybe Trinity and I can live with the Griers!"

"Ok well bye sissy! wuv you!" he said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs to find Mrs. Grier. Luckily she was sitting on the couch with her phone. "Hi, Mrs. Grier?" "Hey Hun! and don't call me Mrs. Grier! it makes me feel old. call me Elizabeth."she said putting her phone down. "I just got off the phone with my mom and she said before I can live with y'all she and Gina want to meet you. oh and Gina is Trinity's mom." "That sounds great I would love to meet them! Would you and Trinity like to go get a manicure and pedicure with Skylynn and I tomorrow?" "um yeah sure! I'll see if Trinity has any plans already!" "alright Julia! I'm looking forward to meeting them!" "Me too! Goodnight."

Then I walked upstairs and take a shower and brush my teeth. Then I put my hair in a bun. I walked back downstairs to get some water and Hayes was down there. "Do you want to cuddle with me and watch a movie in my room?" He said with a puppy dog face. "Sure but we have to watch Frozen! And you have to sing the songs with me!!!" " Fine! You be better be glad your cute!" "Awe your cuter! I'll meet you upstairs! popcorn?" "Ok and yeah!" he said then kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and walked over to the cabinet, then I got the popcorn out and popped it. After the popcorn was done I got two bottles of water.

I walked in to Hayes' room to find him shirtless! "Um hey.." I said looking at his abs. He sat on the bed and patted a place door me to sit with him. I got on the bed and he put his arm around me so I snuggled up next to him. Then I placed my head on his chest.

The movie started about 30 minutes ago and we decided to turn it off because we just wanted to talk. I told him that my mom and Gina would be coming over and I would be getting my nails done with the girls. Then I snuggled up to him and then feel asleep.

Hayes POV

Julia and I talked for about a hour. She told me that her mom would be coming to meet us and I am really nervous! What if she doesn't like me. What if she forces Julia and I to break up. Wait what am I talking about? She will love me and my family! Then I kissed Julia's forehead and whispered "Goodnight" Then I feel asleep.

Julia's POV

I woke up the next morning and got ready for the day. Since I was going to get my nails done I wanted to wear flip flops. So I checked outside and it was hot. I wore a lace brown tank top with blue jean high waisted shorts and brown sandals. Then just put on mascara, natural eyeshadow and pale pink lip gloss and I also straightened my hair. I wanted some Starbucks so I got my phone and white wristlet. I when downstairs to see if any one was awake. Nash and Matthew were. "Hey bubba! Hey Nash!" I said quietly so no one else would wake up. "Hey lil sis! why are you awake?" Matt said hugging me. "Oh you know me being the common white girl I am wants Starbucks. Haha!" I said smiling then I looked over at Nash. He looked very confused! "why are y'all calling each other brother and sister?" Nash said still confused. "Oh sorry ill tell you later! I'm going to Starbucks! Bye!" I said about to walk off and then Nash said "Wait we'll come with you!" "Um ok but y'all may want to put on a shirt!" They laughed and then went and got a shirt to put on. I waited about 5 minutes and they finally came down. "sorry we were fixing our hair!" Matt said laughing. "Oh come on!" I said walking out the door.

As we were walking Nash asked me to explain the whole Matthew and I are related thing. So I did and then we arrived at Starbucks. I got Trinity, Hayes, Jon, and I Carmel Frappuccino and Matthew and Nash got vanilla bean Frappuccino. Then we walked back to the house and I gave Trinity and Jon there's and told Trinity to be ready by 11:00 because we were going to get our nails done. I walked in Hayes room and he was still asleep. So I I kissed his lips and that woke him up. I gave him his drink and he thanked me. I checked the time on my phone and it was 10:30 so I went and fixed my makeup and hair. When I was done I told Hayes bye and went downstairs to go get my nails done! We all got into Elizabeth's car and went to the nail place.

When we got there, we had to wait so I told the girls how I found out Matt and I were related. We finally got to get our pedicures so I went with baby blue and for my finger nails I got a french manicure with hot pink tips. When everyone was done we got Taco Bell and took it how to the guys! it was a really fun day!

We got home and the boys ran up to me and were all saying:

'How does it feel to be Matthew Espinosa's little sister?'

so I said "oh shut up we have Taco Bell!" That shut them up quickly! "Guys Trinity's mom and my mom are flying in tomorrow. So please don't screw it up!" They all nodded and began eating their tacos again.


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