Chapter 17

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     We had Magcon again today, and Trinity, Lexi, and I had to go on stage, again with Taylor, Matthew, Cam, and Brent. We did the Lip gloss dance and Wobble. It was really fun.

      After Magcon was over, we went back to the hotel and changed into our bathing suits. Then went to the pool. The guys were waiting for us girls downstairs and when we got done to the pool they lifted us up and threw us in. I came back to the top and said, "Why am I always being thrown in pools?!?" All the guys were laughing I got out an pushed Hayes in as payback. "Hey it wasn't my idea! it was Conner's!" he said. Lexi's eyes brighten ," Conner!!" she said and jumped out of the pool and kissed his cheek. Me and Trinity gave her a confused look. "Oh sorry guys! this is Conner, my boyfriend." We smiled and introduced ourselves. We got bored after awhile so we went to our room and got ready for bed. Mahogany pulled out her camera and said "Who wants to make a video?" We all agreed. "it's gonna be a how to text a girl." she said. "omg! YAS!!" we all said.


Mahogany- Hey guys! Today I'm with Lexixoxo , JuliaClaire ,and Tringirl103 ( A/N I don't think these are really channels but if they are sorry!!..) ......


    Then it went on and on and yeah!!

Mahogany- That's all! make sure to subscribe and check out their channels!! BYE!!!!!

    "I think we should make a best friends tag video on Lexi, Trinity, Mahogany, and my channels. We could each tweet out for our fans to ask us questions, like what is Julia's favorite color for example. And whoever gets the least amount of questions right has to..... buy the winners Starbucks!" I said "That sounds like fun!! and I could always go for free Starbucks!!" Lexi said. We all laughed and tweeted on our Twitters. We waited like 20 minutes and already had a bunch of questions!

     We started with Trinity's channel first, then Lexi, then Mahogany, and me. It was really fun and Trinity ended up winning but Lexi lost! :( haha!


     We finally finished the videos and were super tired cause it was like twelve o'clock.. So we went to sleep.


   I got ready for the day and we had nothing to do, so while I waited for the girls to get done I edited some of the video. "Man I have to get y'all Starbucks today!" Lexi said as she walked out of the bathroom. laughed and gave her a hug. We were all finally ready, so we went to the guys room to tell them where we were going. Hayes answered when I knocked on the door. "Hey beautiful!" he said kissing my cheek. I smiled and told him that we were going to Starbucks. "Julia, after you get done come to my room 'cause I want to do a girlfriend tag!" He said. "K! Love you Hayes!" "Love you too!" Then he closed the door and the girls and I walked down the street.

   A couple hours later, I got hungry so I went to taco bell with Matt. He said we needed some quality bro/sis time. We got there and I was shocked to see Brent there! *Note sarcasm! haha!* Matt laughed and we order our food and just talked. I could really tell that we were siblings. We act just alike. We even got the same food.

  I wanted to go to the pier. We went to this little hat shop, where you could make personalized snapbacks. I got a snap back that said "I'm his" for me and another one that says "I'm hers" for Hayes. Mine was hot pink and his was baby blue. Matt got a couple beanies and a snap back for Carter that says "Mr Carter" on it. We went back to the hotel and I thanked him. Then I went to Hayes' room.


   I'm sorry I didn't update this weekend.. I'm out of school for the summer and will be at my grandparents during the weekdays.. I will try to update whenever I can! I will be really busy this summer but whenever I get to somewhere that has WiFi, I will update!!  Thank y'all so much for reading!! Follow me on Twitter @juliatrull109 and if y'all want to talk my Kik is juliactrull.   I will always be here for my viewers! Remember I love y'all so much!!!!! <33333333 (yes all those 3s were necessary!! haha!) Stay Beautiful! ~Julia

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