Chapter 11

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   When we got to Starbucks. They were asking me about my arm and I told them the whole story. "Guys we have to tell you something.." They all looked at Trinity and me. "We are moving to North Carolina, because we want to be with our boyfriends.. But we may come back sometime in the summer! I promise!! We can also Skype or Face time!" "We will miss y'all! promise you won't replace us!" they said. We got done with our drinks and left. Trinity and I went to her house and since I was really tired I slept over there.

   The next day!!

I woke up, went to the bathroom and got ready. Since I was only packing today and it is hot I put on a muscle tee and some comfy shorts. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on my Toms. I lived like two houses over from Trinity I decided to walk to my house. I told her mom were I was going and I left. On the way I saw a moving van with a girl that looked my age. So I wal ked across the street to introduce myself. "Hi! I'm Julia! I guess you're my new neighborhood?" I said. She turned around and gave me a death stare and said, "Hi, I'm Kathryn May." "You look familiar! We're are you from?" "Mooresville, North Carolina." She said blowing a bubble. "omg! you're Hayes' ex girlfriend! get away! I broke my wrist because of you." I said raising up my wrist then ran home and locked the door.

  "Hey Mom! I'm home!!" I yelled. "Ok I'm in your room!" she called back to me. I got a banana and went to my room there were boxes all over it. "I got it from here mom! thanks!" I ate the banana and got all of my clothes out of my closet and laid them on my bed. My phone started to vibrate it said Face time Hayes the I answered. "Hey!" I said smiling. "Hey! what are you doing?" I put the camera on the outside camera and showed him my messy room. "oh I can go. or I can keep you company while you pack?" he said. "please stay it's boring!" I say with my puppy dog face. "Ok" he said laughing. I set my phone up on the dresser. We talked about the weirdest stuff and I was almost done. "You remember that Katie girl or whatever her name is?" "Yeah what about her?" "well turns out she is across the street from me." "What? Why?" "She moved across the street from me!" He had a worried look on his face. So I said "At least I'll be away from her!" he laughed and I got back to packing! I sealed the last box and I had to leave a box open because I needed clothes for tomorrow.. It was 9:13 P.M. when I got done which means it is 11:13 in North Carolina. "Hayes go to sleep I'll text you when I wake up! Goodnight. I love you!" I said. "Goodnight Beautiful! I love you too!" I went on Twitter. I had like 2k followers now. Wow! I was getting a lot of hate but also a lot of love I guess that's what you call it... I followed some of the nice people and then went on Instagram. Hayes posted a picture of me and him being weird ,like always. The caption was- "Every time I see this girl, I fall in love all over again! :*" 

  I decided to post a picture of him eating ice cream. I put the caption as- "Miss my little ice cream eater!! Love ya Bæ!" I got a lot of likes and comments saying we were cute and some hate. I once again ignored the hate and got a text from Matt.

  Matt- M and Julia- J  just to make it easier!!

M hey! I miss you and mom!
J Hey! I miss you to!
M Are y'all comin tomorrow?
J Yeppers! I'm excited!

M Me too! love you! good night!
J Good night ly2!


   **MOVING DAY!!**

  Gina, my mom, Trinity, and I all got into the moving van and started to go to North Carolina. On the whole way there I texted Hayes and listened to A LOT of music. It was a 10 whole hours from Louisiana to North Carolina!

*10 hours later..*

   "Mom take a left here! Hayes house is on this road!!" I said excitedly. When we pulled in their driveway I unbuckled my seatbelt and ran out of the car. Hayes ran out of his house and screamed, "JULIA!!" I mocked him, "HAYES!!" I ran to him and he picked me up and hugged me. He whispered in my ear, "I missed you." "I missed you too!!" Trinity and Jon were talking and hugging. Nash and Matthew walked out. "Nashly! Matty!" I yelled and tackled them. "my Jewel is here!!" Nash said! "Jewel?" "Yeah I thought I would make a nickname for you..?" "make a different one!" He laughed and Matt said, "JAYES IS BACK!!" "Jayes?" "That's our ship name!" Hayes said. "I got it! Julia-poo!" Nash said smirking. "whatever! but only Nash can call me that!" I said slapping Nash's arm. Then the rest of the guys ran out with Brent Rivera! "Hi I'm Brent." "Hi I'm Julia!" "Come on let's start getting these boxes in y'alls rooms!" Elizabeth said. We started getting the boxes and I had a room next to Hayes'.

  1 hour later...

"Julia, Trinity! let's go to IKEA!!" Elizabeth announced from downstairs. Nash, Matthew, Cameron, and Hayes were in one car and Elizabeth, Skylynn, Trinity and I were in Elizabeth's car. My mom and Gina were going to follow us in the moving van.


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