Chapter 18

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    Hayes POV!!

   It's been 2 weeks since Julia and I have been dating, so I want to do something special for her. I got all the guys and girls to help me set up the perfect place in Central Park.

   Julia POV

  Hayes has been acting very secretive today. Maybe because today was our 2 week anniversary? I still needed to get him a present. so I got Mahogany to come with me to the mall. I ended up going to Game Stop and got him the new Call Of Duty game that he wouldn't shut up about. We were eating lunch when Hayes Texted me saying I'm going to pick you up at 7:30... Wear something comfortable but cute! love you!!

   Mahogany and I went to Forever 21 and we looked for something for me to wear. Mahogany found a cute loose mint green tank top with white high waisted shorts that were frayed at the bottom. And she said she had some white sandals that I could borrow.

   We got back to the hotel and none of the guys were there. Not even Lexi or Trin.. I had two and a half hours to get ready so I hopped into the shower, and then dried my hair. I got dressed and Mahogany did my hair and makeup. She braided half way around my head and left the other half on my shoulder hanging down and curled it. Then for makeup she decided to go natural and put some shimmery pink lip gloss on my lips. I had like 15 minutes left so we just watched a little bit of Mean Girls. Before I knew it there was a knock on the door. I was Hayes.


  Hayes POV..

When Julia opened the door she looked absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't stop looking at her. I got cut off my thoughts when she said, "Is this ok?" "uh, Yeah!"

"Where are we going?"

"it's a surprise!" I said smiling. I took her had and lead her to Central Park.

   Julia POV

We got to Central Park and There was a big tree with lights on it and Shawn was on a stool with his guitar playing Classic. I started crying and hugged Hayes. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. After Shawn stopped playing all the guys and Lexi and Trinity came out from behind a building and gave me a card. Inside was a gift card to Ulta, and the card said thanks for being the awesome person you are!!! We love you ! I laughed and gave them all a hug. "Thanks y'all! Hayes, I got you a present but it's in my room.." I said. Then he gave me a picture frame with us cuddling on a blanket in LA a few days ago. It was perfect. We ate and walked around New York hand in hand.

Around 9, he walked me back to my room and I asked him if he wanted to cuddle. He went back to his room and got in his sweats and a t-shirt and I got in my sweat shorts and a shirt. I gave him his present before we cuddled and he literally freaked out. He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the guys room to show them. 

  Taylor said, "She's a keeper!" I laughed but the boys all agreed with Taylor. Matt pulled me outside and said "I don't mind y'all cuddling at night but just don't do anything you may regret!" "MATTHEW!! I'm 13, I ain't thinkin about that!" he laughed and kissed my head and hugged me. Hayes and I went back to my room and we just laid in bed talking. "You know, our relationship is pretty mature for 13." he said.

  "I know. I just feel like I've known you forever."

  He kissed my forehead, and said, "Good night princess. I love you, see you in the morning." He then tucked me in and began walking to his room.


  I know it's kind of short but it's kinda cute right? Give me so feed back please!? Thanks for reading!! I love y'all!! Stay Beautiful! ~Julia

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