Chapter Twenty Four

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Mila opens the door into her apartment before turning towards Harry. "Thank you for helping get my mind of what happened. It really means a lot to me," she says as she lifts her head to meet his sparkly green eyes. So many things in this world are green, but none of them helps her describe the exact color of his eyes.

He steps closer, pressing his chest up against hers. Drops of water hits the floor from their drenched clothes. The taxi driver refused to drive them all the way up to their apartment for some strange reason, and now they are both soaking wet. "I'll do anything for you." Not just by the way he says it, but also by the way he looks at her while saying so she knows he means it. His hands makes their way down to her waist.

Their breaths dance together, and their eyes refused to look away from each other. Mila feels that there is something different hanging over them. She can't figure out what it is exactly, all she knows is that she wants him. Every single part of him, right now. As she looks into his eyes filled with lust she knows he wants the same thing.

As if something suddenly snaps in the both of them their lips crash together, and he lifts her up in his arms. Her legs wraps themselves around his waist, while her hands hold onto his neck. His skin is slippery from the water. His hands rest against her behind to keep her up.

Not sparing a second he carries her into her apartment, through the door she had already opened. They were both freezing when they walked up the stairs, but now they feel nothing, but warmth. He closes the door behind him, and walks with her towards the bedroom. He puts her down by the bedroom door, and press her up against the wall. His lips moves down to her neck, leaving several kisses all over. Moans of delight leaves her lips as if they had been waiting to be let out a long time.

He pulls back, and leans over to open the bedroom door, but Mila stops him by taking his hand in hers. She kisses each of his finger with just as much affection. "We're not going into the bedroom," she says with heavy breahts. Harry looks at her confused. She doesn't answer him, and instead drags him by the hand towards her bathroom. His heart begins to beat faster, and blood pumps through him as fast as lighting. She opens the door, and walks inside with him trailing behind.

She turns on the shower before she begins to slip of her wet clothes. Harry is quick to join, and as they struggle to take of their clothes they can't help but laugh a little at each other. The seconds their clothes are of he pulls her into the shower, and places his lips hungrily on hers while the water dance down their bodies.

They pull apart for a second, and just look at each other with awe, and admiration, and maybe something more. When they touch it's like she's fire, and he's ice. With just one look at her his stone cold eyes ignites. She put a small spark in his once frozen heart, and that is what scared him the most, because when that spark turns into a flame there is no one other then her that can keep it from burning out.

They both jump back a little from the first cold water, but once it heats up they pull each other closer. She can feels his chest rising against hers. Harry brings his lips down to hers, placings his hands on her hips. He moves them up her body slowly, sending chills down her body. He wraps his hands around her wrist, and press her back against the damp wall, pinning her hands to the wall. A surprised gasp leaves her lips.

His hands trails back down to her hips, letting her arms free. She wraps them around his neck, pulling him even closer. His right hand moves down to the back of her thigh, and lifts it up. She can feel his erection pressing up against her stomach. A soft moan leaves her lips, making Harry smile.

Mila runs her hands through his hair. She grabs a hold of it, and yanks his head back. A groan falls from his lips. She lets go, and pulls his lips back on hers once again. He positions himself at her entrance before pushing into her carefully. There is pain there for split second, but it's quickly replaced by pleasure. She throws her head back with a loud moan. She feels the water run down his back along with her hands.

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