Chapter Four

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Mila took Liam's advice and decided on wearing a red silk dress. It's tight all the way down to her waist, and from there it falls loosely down to her mid-thighs. However, as she stands outside in the cold waiting for Nathan, she catches herself regretting the lack of clothes, even though she is wearing a black coat over the dress. High heels weren't exactly ideal either, but it went with the outfit.

A minute or two later Nathan's car pulls up in front of her, and she's quick to open the door. Desperate to get out of the cold. Once inside the car, she looks over at Nathan to see him smiling at her with his usual bright smile. "I'm sorry I was a bit late, but there was traffic." His dark brown eyes looked at her apologetically.

"No, it's fine," she replies honestly. She isn't happy about standing in the cold waiting, but he couldn't exactly make the cars move with his mind.

It doesn't take long before they arrive at the restaurant. He walks out of the car first and moves over to her side to open the door for her like he usually does. She thanks him as she places her hand in his, and he leads them inside. A waiter comes and walk them to their table, and give them menus before walking away.

"How was your week?" Nathan asks casually. They have only been on a few dates so it is still a little awkward for them in the beginning, but they usually ease into conversation after a while.

"Not much has happened yet really." Mila decides it is best to leave Harry out of the conversation. "There was this really nice young girl who stopped by my work earlier. She asked for my help to find a book, and she was so happy when she left with the book I recommended." She finds herself smiling at the memory of the blonde girl.

"It's always such thrill to make someone happy," he replies with a smile of his own.

Seconds later the same waiter from before appears by their table and asks if they want anything to drink. They both order water before going back to their conversation. "How about you? Did anything exciting happen?"

Nathan works as a lawyer, or he isn't one yet to be precise, but he gets to practice with very simple trials. "Unfortunately nothing very exciting happened to me either. I did get to be the attorney of someone suing their neighbor because their fence stood a few centimeters inside of their property." They both let out a small laugh. Mila doesn't understand how Nathan manages to go through so many years of school, but it is most likely worth it when he doesn't have to look at his bank account and feel sad.

"Did you at least win?"

"Of course. They even invited me to knock down the fence, but I had a date with a beautiful lady so I had to decline." Mila looks down with burning cheeks. She feels Nathan wrapping his hand around hers making her look back up. His lips are formed in his usual charming smile.

"I have to leave before she shows up then," Mila says making Nathan throw his head back laughing. She watches as the light in the restaurant makes his tan skin even darker. His smile is always somehow ten times bigger than anyone else's, and she wonders how much happiness he has to have inside him to make it so big. Or maybe it is so big to make sad people smile, to make her smile.

"What do you plan on ordering?" He asks, as he picks up the menu and looks it over.

"A bacon burger. A friend from work said I had to order one the next time I went out," Mila replies, receiving a nod in return. He lets go of her hand and brings it up to his face. He rubs against the black stubs on his jawline.

His eyes flicker back and forth on the menu. His long black lashes cast shadows beneath his eyes. It surprises her how long, and dark they are. If she had them she would never have use for mascara again. "I think I'll order a lobster. I haven't really tasted one before. Have you?"

Mila shakes her head. "I don't like seafood, so you can have it all to yourself." She smiles as he nods understandingly. Many before him have thought it to be ridiculous that she did not like fish, or anything coming from the sea, so she is glad he left it at that.

A few minutes later the waiter comes over with their drinks and takes their order. They fall into a meaningless conversation as they wait for their food. However, she thought it was meaningless, but as she realizes she doesn't know how much time has gone by since she was lost in the conversation it made her think that he perhaps was more interesting than she originally thought. The food comes to their table a while after that, and Mila has already emptied half her glass of water, and so has Nathan.

"Do you like it?" Mila asks him after he has taken a few bites of the lobster.

"It tastes fine. I expected it to taste wonderful from the way people talk about it, and the price." He shrugs his shoulder, but continue eating anyway. "Last time you told me you were looking into getting a new job. Are you still looking for one?"

Mila did tell him that, but she changed her mind the next day. "I was thinking about it, but I really enjoy working where I do. It's close by, and the people are really nice there, so I don't think I'll get a new job for some time."

"You probably debated it because you simply wanted to try something new, everyone does. However, if you like what you do you shouldn't get another job unless you have to." Mila sends him a sweet smile glad that he understands.

The conversation carries on until they are done eating. Nathan pays for the meal since Mila managed to convince him to let her do it last time. When they get outside it's dark and freezing. She checks her phone to see that it is around nine. They run to the car before Nathan starts the engine, and drives in the direction of her apartment. When they arrive he walks out, opens her door for her, helps her out, and walks with her inside so he can follow her to her door. Once they make it to the top floor they both stop outside her door.

"I had a great time tonight," she tells him honestly. Even though it wasn't a spontaneous date like she wished it was she still had a nice time talking to him.

"I'm glad. I hope you had such a good time that there is a chance for a sixth date," Nathan says with his usual charming smile. Mila hasn't even realized it has been so many, but perhaps he is right.

"Definitely." Is all she says as she smiles back at him, but not half as bright. It might even be impossible to match his big smile no matter how hard she tries.

He wraps his arms around her bringing her into his arms before carefully placing his lips against her forehead. "Goodnight," he says as he pulls away.

"Goodnight," Mila replies, sending him one last smile before opening the door to her apartment and disappearing inside.

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