Chapter Twenty

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"This is delicious," Anastasia says with her mouth full of food. I let out a small laugh causing her to cower her mouth with her hand as her cheeks turns a weak shade of red. Louis, and his girlfriend came not to long ago, and Mila couldn't mask her surprise when they had brought Harry along with them. She couldn't say anything, because she didn't know how much any of them knew, and she wanted Louis, and Anastasia to stay, so she covered up her hate, and invited them in.

"Thank you," Mila replies with a sweet smile. "I can't take all the credit though. Nathan helped out a great deal." Mila looks over at Nathan sitting in the chair beside her, and takes her hand in his on top of the table. She glances over at Harry to see him looking in the other direction. Mila looks back at Nathan to see him smiling brightly at her.

Someone clears their throat at the top of the table, and she knows it's Harry. "I honestly thought it was a little raw in the middle." Mila turns his head in his direction. He is looking at his plate while pushing the beef around with his fork like a child.

Mila takes a deep breath, doing everything she can not to snap at him. He is not supposed to be here. It was supposed to be a double date dinner kind of thing, and he does not fit in. "Do you perhaps want anything else. I can make you something real quick," Nathan says politely to Harry, but he just rolls his eyes in return. Mila takes another deep breath.

She turns her head in Anastasia's direction instead, sitting opposite from her. "So what do you do for a living?" Mila is perfectly clear that everyone in the room are aware of the tension between Harry and her, but she tries her best to distract them.

Anastasia's shoulders suddenly relaxes, most likely glad over the fact that I am not encouraging the bickering. "I work at movie sets doing special effects." Mila looks at her surprised, and think about how much more fun Anastasia's profession is then hers. "It's really incredible, you know. You get to meet so many celebrities, and they are always so kind."

Mila looks over at Harry with a bitter smile. "It's so nice to meet people with an honest profession." Harry shifts uncomfortably in his chair. "All monster don't need make up to be one, do they?" Mila's question is directed towards Anastasia, but her glare is glued to Harry. Mila can feel Louis eyes on her who has been fairly quiet this evening.

She tears her eyes away from him, and finally looks back at Anastasia. "No, not everyone. Some actors are just simple villains, but I guess you can call them monsters in their own way." Anastasia continues to talk, but Mila can't seem to hear her words, but she sees her lips move.

Suddenly Louis stands up, and makes his way over to Mila. He squats down beside her chair. Mila looks around to see Harry, and Nathan both staring at Anastasia as she continues to speak. "Are you alright?" Louis asks her as he rest his hand on her arm, and surprisingly she finds the strange touch comforting.

She nods her head, but she has a feeling he can tell that she is lying and that something is wrong. She doesn't know how, but somehow he just knows. "You wanna hear a joke?" He asks making Mila turn her head in his direction slowly. Her face covered in a confused look. How is that the first thing he can think of? Nevertheless, she nods her head once again.

"What is Bruce Lee's favorite drink?" He can barely hold back his laughter. "Wataaah!" Mila shakes her head with a laughter trying to escape her lips, but she holds it back, because such a terrible joke shouldn't make her laugh. "Have you heard about the dyslexic devil worshipper who sold his soul to santa." Laughter falls of her lips this time making Louis smile grow. "Did you hear about the Mexican train killer? He had locomotives." Mila throws her head back with laughter making everyone glance over at them before going back to their conversation.

"Stop," she tells him, clutching onto her aching stomach. "How do you come up with such terrible jokes?" She watches Louis as he stands up now towering over her. His smile hasn't left his face once, and she suddenly feels very grateful for having him here, for having met him.

"I don't. Harry told them to me. I think he collects bad jokes, but I have to admit some are so bad they become good." At the mention of his name the smile on her lips disappear as quickly as it appeared. Louis doesn't seem to notice as he walks back over to his seat, and join the others conversation. Leaving Mila to think about her hatred towards the man sitting at the end of the table.


As Mila walks into her kitchen she doesn't notice the footsteps following her, and she doesn't acknowledge the presence of the person until she turns around on her way out. She jumps back slightly surprised, but Harry leans against the the wall calmly with his arms crossed. "What's your problem?" He asks in slightly irritated tone.

"Really? What's my problem?" She looks at him astonished over the fact that he asked that after yesterday. It is very clear to her why she despise him at the moment, but maybe she wasn't clear enough yesterday. "If you don't walk out of here right now I'm going to scream, and I'm going to call the police."

He walks towards her intimidatingly. "Why haven't you already called the police?" As he steps closer she steps further away, but eventually she is stopped by the kitchen counter. He doesn't stop until he is right in front of her, and is leaning his hands on the counter on each side of her body, trapping her. Her breath is heavy, and she is scared, or at least she thinks she is. He looks into her eyes, and suddenly begins smiling. "You care," he says amused. "Even though you think I killed your parents, and you want to hate me, you can't, and that is why you're mad at me. You don't hate me, but you hate the fact that you think I did it, because you care about me."

She shakes her head with a nervous laugh. "You're crazy," she says before pushing him away. "I don't care, and I have no problem hating you." He looks at her from over his shoulder skeptically, and even she knows that her words were lies. "I think you need to leave." She points towards the exit.

He stands still for a second, but eventually he walks out of the kitchen. She hears him say goodbye to the rest of the people, and seconds later a door closes. Mila lets out a big breath before she gathers herself, and walks out to join the rest. When they ask why Harry had to leave so suddenly she simply explaines that he was feeling ill, and the rest of the evening went on without trouble, and without Harry.

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