Chapter Two

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When Mila woke up that morning and walked into her living room she found the couch completely empty. There was no sign that anyone had been laying there in the first place. Maybe he was a ghost after all, but last night was too surreal for her to even consider that it didn't happen. After that, she got dressed and left the apartment to head to work where she has been ever since.

She is doing everything she can to shake the images from yesterday out of her head while she puts the books that have been misplaced, and returned back where they belong. She works in a bookstore because it is the only job that feels right for her at the moment. She doesn't plan on working there forever, but for now, it is a good, steady job that pays the bills. Besides, she likes being surrounded by books most of the time and being able to give customers genuine advice to help people find what they are looking for, or tell them what she really thought about the books she is selling. If they ask, that is.

"Penny for your thoughts," Liam her co-worker asks snapping her away from her own thoughts. He has been working there much longer then she had, and when she first started her job, he was the one that showed her what to do, and how to do it. He has short brown hair and a well-trimmed beard. However, the first thing she noticed when they met, and what probably many others notice first on him as well as his good physic. Mila finds him attractive, but could never think of him as more than a friend, and she knows the feeling is mutual. Nevertheless, sometimes she wishes that wasn't true. He is kind and selfless, and everything a girl could wish for, yet she just doesn't feel anything towards him, even though she knows he would be good to her.

"Sorry, I just-" She starts saying, but putting her thoughts into words seems harder then she thought it would be. "Last night was crazy," she says keeping it short. Mila has never been a social person, and she would even go as far as saying Liam was her only friend, her best friend. She has been seeing this guy named Nathan for a little while, but it's all new to her. With Liam, she can tell him anything, and he will always tell her what is on her mind, but this particular thing seems a little too crazy to even tell him.

"Sunday was crazy for you? It makes me wonder what any other day is like." He laughs. Mila just shakes her head, because they both know that any other day for her involves staying inside reading a good book or watching a movie. Unless she was out with Nathan. "But seriously what happened? Did someone break in and steal your stuff, or worse, was a random person polite and smiled at you?" He makes a face as if saying that would be awful.

Mila raises the book in her hands and hits his arm with it making him jump to the side. Seconds later he starts laughing and rubs the spot where she hit him with his hand. "No." She sends him a glare. "I was sitting on my couch reading as usual, and then I hear something outside. When I went to check out what it was a guy was laying there with a gun wound in his leg."

Liam shakes his head with a humored expression. "Funny," he replies shortly not believing her story for a second.

"I'm serious," she protests. "I realized that it was the guy from next door, and I went to help him, and asked if I should call the hospital, but he told me to pull out the bullet myself. I saw he had lost a lot of blood so I agreed. He told me what I had to do, and I did it, and it went well." She looks over at Liam to see if he believes her now even though her explanation was so fast she almost didn't understand what she said herself.

Liam still looks uncertain. "Slap?" He asks, and she repeats his words without a doubt. He squints his eyes while looking into hers before letting out a sigh knowing he has to believe her after that. When one of them says slap the other has to believe them, and if it turns out the person was lying the other one can slap the liar. However, Mila knows Liam would never do anything more than a gentle push. "Wow. That's a lot." He raises his brows while letting out a breath before taking a book from the trolley between them, and putting it on the shelf where it belongs. "You okay?" His voice is filled with concern as he speaks.

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