Chapter Thirteen

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"Is this a walk of shame sort of thing?" Liam asks as Mila steps into the store with the same clothes she was wearing the day before. When she woke up this morning she found herself still laying on Harry's couch with a blanket placed over her. Harry however was nowhere in sight, so she decided it would be best to leave before he woke up. Also, she was late so she didn't have any time to change clothes.

She hits his arm lightly as she walks past him over to the computer to sign herself in. "You know it's not like that, and walk of shame isn't really my style. One night stands, sure, but I have the decency to at least change before work." She begins to write in her name, but Liam stops her.

"I already signed you in since I know Anita won't come in today and check on things. I figured if you were late it would be for a good reason." She almost thank god for making this the day her boss won't come to work.

Mila hurries to him and gives him a quick hug. "Thank you. I can really not afford to get less money for coming late this month." It isn't that Mila is struggling financially, but if she loses some money here, and there, she might end up struggling after all.

The bell over the door rings out, signaling that they have a consumer. The man steps in with slow steps but doesn't even glance at them as he disappears into the isles of books. He looked to be in his thirties, and his hair was almost as yellow as the sun which made Mila cringe. "What did you, and Nathan do anyway? You haven't slept at his house before, or at least not that I know off."

"Actually," Mila starts saying with a grimace, almost feeling guilty. Liam watches her as she walks to hang her jacket behind the counter. His eyes hold confusion. "I fell asleep at Harry's apartment." His eyes suddenly widen, and he doesn't move. She searches for judgment, but finds none, only a little bit of shock. "I know, I know," she says waving her hands. She knows she shouldn't be there, and for more reasons then Liam knows of. "Nothing happened, I promise. We just talked a little, and I was tired so I fell asleep."

Liam crosses his arms over his chest. "He didn't try anything?" He asks her skeptically. Liam has always been a little overprotective over her, and some people find it annoying, but she knows that he only acts that way because he cares, and that is never something she will complain about. "Because if he did I have no problem giving him a little visit."

Mila's laugh echoes through the quiet library making Liam look at her slightly offended. She walks over to him with graceful steps before she rests her hands on his cheeks. "I appreciate it, but we both know you could never hurt anyone." She smiles up at him sweetly.

He lets out a huff trying to deny her words, but not long after he surrenders, and accepts defeat. "You're right, but if someone did something to you I would hurt them without any hesitation. You know that, right?" He takes a hold of her hand on his cheeks, and hold them up between them.

"I know, and I would do the same for you. But I can take care of myself, so I don't see that day coming anytime soon." Liam chuckles knowing exactly how much damage she can cause, despite her size. She lets go of his hands. "Besides I wouldn't do anything with Harry. I am completely faithful to Nathan."

"Physically maybe, but the minds a free place," he teases. Mila rolls her eyes before turning around to walk behind the counter where the man who walked into the store earlier is approaching.

"You need to get your mind out of the gutter, and get back to work." Liam walks down the isles of books, and she can hear him laugh all the way. She ignores it and smiles at the man before her. "Hello," she says greeting him. He doesn't say anything back and instead hands her the book he wants. She scans it and says how much it costs. He hands her the money in a hurry, almost making her drop them. She hands him back the book in a bag. "Have a good day," she says, but again doesn't get a reply, so all the while he walks out the store she glares at his back.


"Hey," a familiar voice says from the other side of the counter. She looks up from her book to see Niall standing there with a cheerful smile. He is wearing light blue jeans and a white t-shirt. The roots in his hair are almost dominant now, making his hair look more brown than blond. She likes it.

She smiles back at him just as brightly. "Hey. Have you made this your regular bookstore now? I feel I see you almost every day." He looks at her a little skeptical. "I'm not complaining, just wondering," she quickly adds. He lets out a light-hearted laugh.

"It's fine, and yeah I actually have. The people working here are much nicer than where I used to buy my books." Mila chuckles. Niall puts the book he previously held in his hand on the counter. Mila doesn't bother reading the title as she scans it, and says the price.

He begins to search through his pockets. "I swear I put my card in here," he says mostly to himself, and he puts loose items on the counter hoping one of them is his card. She glances at the items but looks more closely when a black pen catches her eyes.

She picks it up slowly, and read the text on it: M.E. "Where did you get this?" She asks. He looks at her confused as to why she wants to know where he got a pen, so she says the first excuse she comes up with. "I just like these kinds of pens, you know with black ink, and all." She has to resist the urge to slap herself for the ridiculous excuse.

"Okay..." He doesn't give her an answer, and instead pays for the book, and picks up the bag which Mila put the book inside a few seconds ago. He has put every item back in his pocket except the pen which he reaches for carefully. Mila forces herself to give it back to him with a smile. "I guess I'll see you soon," he says a little uncomfortable while waving at her as he makes his way towards the door.

"Yeah. Have a good day," she replies skeptically as she watches him walk past the window, and disappear. What was he doing with a pen with those initials on it?

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