Chapter Six

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Early that Thursday morning Mila is busy stacking books when a tall blond guy walks up to her. "Excuse me?" The guy asks tapping her shoulder so lightly that if she hadn't seen him approaching she wouldn't even have felt it.

She turns around to look at the customer. His hair is blond, but you can clearly see the brown in his roots. "What may I help you with?" Mila asks just as politely as she asks every other customer. The guy looks revealed at her friendliness.

The guy sends her a bright smile. "I was wondering if you could recommend one of Virginia Woolf's books to me. I have heard so much about her, and her books, but I just don't know which one to read first." Mila has to stop her eyes from going wide at the coincident. She read her first book by Virginia Woolf only a few days ago.

"Of course," she says as she starts walking towards the section where she knows the book she has read is. "I have only been able to read one of her books myself, but I think you might enjoy it. It is definitely one of my favorites." Mila stops when she sees the book, and takes it off the shelf.

"The waves." He reads out loud as he takes the book from her. "That is actually the one I found most interesting when I heard about her books. Thank you," he says examining the book carefully.

The thing about favorite books is that you want everyone to read, and experience what you felt when you read it yourself, but at the same time you want it all to yourself. It becomes so precious to you that you want it to be your little secret, and the blessing of it will be all yours.

"Is it true that she committed suicide?" The guy asks while he lowers the book in his hand, but his grip on it is as tight as ever. Not many costumers actually spark conversation, so she is glad when a few of them do, and she always has time to talk seeing as nothing much happens in the store.

"I don't know for a fact, but I heard that she committed suicide at a very young age by putting rocks in her pocket, and walking into a river," Mila says providing him with the information she knows.

"That is a quite interesting way to go." He picks up another book to exempt it, but he quickly books it back in its place. "Can you find hints of depression as you read the book?" His questions catch her off guard, and make her think. Every author puts a little of themselves in their books, so she tries to think back and see if there is indeed some hits of it on the book.

"To some extent, I guess you can, but she pushes it over to her characters." They are a few main characters, and Mila does now understand that there was a little part of them that felt sad, and somewhat depressed.

The guy suddenly reaches out his hand, and she immediately puts hers in his. "Niall," he says introducing herself. His grip is firm, and it reminds her that she needs to tighten hers. Many people up through the years have criticized her handshake for being too loose, and unprofessional.

"Mila," she replies with a fascinated smile. It is rare for her to find someone that is willing to talk about books and facts about them with her. "I don't think I have seen you here before," she says honestly. She wonders if the reason is that he lives far away, and usually goes somewhere else, or if it's his first time buying a book.

"I usually order books online, but I heard so many different things about Virginia Woolf's books, so I thought I might as well go to an actual store, and get someone here to help, and I'm glad I did." Mila smiles at him warmly, thankful for his somewhat compliment.

"Is there anything else you are looking for?" She asks him politely.

"No this is it, I think," he says a little uncertain, but she doesn't push him. Seeing as he is done she leads him to the counter where Liam is standing. Niall hands him the book, and he scans it right away. Niall pays for the book before Liam hands him the bag with the book.

"Mila," Niall says making her turn to where he is on his way out of the store. "Thank you for all your help." He smiles at her, and in his smile, she can see gratitude. "I will definitely come back another time I can't make up my mind," he says playfully.

"I certainly hope so," she says before she waves at him goodbye. Her eyes fall to the book he is leaving with, and she doesn't know why, but some part of him wants to stop her and keep the book between her and Harry. "Have a good day," she says as he steps out the door. The sun shines through the open door, making it look like he is stepping into the sun itself.

"You too," he says before he disappears out of sight, and left Mila hoping he would return soon.

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