Chapter Eighteen

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"Mila!" Someone shouts as she is making her way home from work. She turns around to see Louis walking alongside a beautiful blond girl.

"Hello," Mila says, smiling at Louis. They walk up to her and stops gracefully once they reach her. "I'm Mila." She holds her hand out towards the girl. The girl's hair is short, and her face is filled with beautiful features. "Pleasure to meet you, you must be his girlfriend."

"Yeah, I'm Anastasia, nice to meet you as well. Louis has told me about you." She smiles brighter then anyone Mila has ever seen smile before, but again that is probably because of Louis humor making her smile all the time. How can you not be that happy when you're with a guy as funny as him?

"Well, since you're here," Mila says clapping her hands together. "I am having dinner at my place this Sunday, and I was wondering if you'd like to come. The both of you. It is the least I could do after you invited me to eat with you and Harry."

"We'd love to," Louis says as he looks at the clock on his wrist. "We, unfortunately, have to get going if we are going to get to the movies on time, but we'll both see you Sunday." They start to walk away slowly while saying goodbye.

Mila just smiles and waves at them as they disappear down the street, and she continues on her way home.


Later that evening Mila finds herself standing on her balcony staring up at the night sky. After losing her mother, and father it hit her that she was eventually going to lose everything. Maybe it would happen tomorrow or years from now, but it was going to happen. As she looks up at the stars and moon that comes back every night she begins to wonder if it would eventually disappear too. If just one day as she sits and waits for the night to come, and the stars to appear, it just suddenly never does.

Too caught up in her own thoughts she doesn't notice Harry stepping out on his own balcony, walking up to stand as close to the small railing separating them as possible. Once the wind blows and his familiar scent hits her she realizes he has appeared, and says, "I love the night sky. There's just something about it that is so reassuring, don't you think?"

He doesn't answer her question, and instead asks, "love? How can you love something you know so little about?"

Mila doesn't look away from the stars, but his words make her start to think. She does indeed not know much about the sky. Not why it's there, or how she or anyone is able to see it, but it's just so beautiful that it is impossible not to fall in love with. Not having a good answer to his question she decides not to answer. "Have you ever loved someone, or simply something?"

"I can't have the luxury of loving freely. If I ever loved someone it would be taken away from me, and I knew that when I chose the career I have now." Harry informs with a hint of sadness that she has never heard before. For the first time that night she looks over at him, but his eyes are glued to the city glowing before them. She wonders if he now is afraid to look up at the sky and see why she loves it so much.

"Doesn't it ever become lonely?" Harry turns to look at her, and even though his voice had a hint of sadness his eyes were still cold. She has heard that the eyes are the mirror to peoples souls. Is his eyes so cold because he doesn't have one? Suddenly his eyes softens for a second, and her heart skips a beat.

"All the time," he admits. His eyes is still on her, but she knows it doesn't mean that he wish her to change his loneliness. He only says it to see if he has found someone who might understand. "That is why I love to read. Books make sure I always have someone to love because those people can't be taken away from me."

His words make her want to assure him that he will never be lonely again, because that is something no one ever deserves. She has no idea why he chose the career he did, but there has to be some reason behind it. "What a terrible fate to be destined to be alone," Mila whispers, but he heard it nonetheless.

"You can't have everything I suppose." He replies leaning his hands on the railing separating them. She wants to tell him that someday he will get out of the assassin business, and find someone, and that it will all be okay. However, she keeps quiet because she doesn't know that for sure.

Mila wants to say something, anything to help him get rid of the feeling of being alone. A feeling she has felt ever since her parents died. A feeling no one deserves to feel. So she thinks about the only thing she can do. For this night at least she can make sure he doesn't feel completely alone.

She takes his hand in hers making him look at her with raised brows. She tugs at Harry's hand, and he understands that she wants him to go over the railing, so he does. Once his feet are planted on her balcony she leads him into her apartment, and towards her bedroom. She doesn't say anything, and neither does he. They don't bother closing the bedroom door after them. Mila falls down on the bed, and Harry follows soon after. He wraps his arms around her waist, and he immediately brings her closer. Their nose brush against each other.

Mila raises her hand and caresses his cheek making him close his eyes for a second. This action is not out of affection, and she didn't take him with her to have sex. No, she brought him in here to make sure that for one night they were going to be with someone who understood, that they were going to sleep beside someone simply not to be alone. She wants to make sure Harry for one night can fall asleep knowing he doesn't have to worry about someone finding out, and hurting the person beside him. Knowing she won't get hurt because of him. She wants him to fall asleep without worries, and without being alone. She wants that for herself as well.

Harry removes his hand from her waist, but she stays close to him. He removes her hand from his cheek, and intertwine their fingers between them. Mila's eyes are glued to his actions. Watching how their hands dance together, and somehow fits perfectly with each other. "Thank you," he breaths out, and she knows exactly what he means.

She was afraid at first that he thought she wanted something entirely different, but he understood without her needing to explain, and that is what amazes her. Sometimes she doesn't need to speak for him to understand. For someone who loves words as much as she does, she wasn't very good at using them, but he always seems to know what to say, he was good with words.

"Thank you," she replies because this is a two-way street. She is there for him, but he is also there for her, for one night they are there for each other. For once she doesn't feel there is a black hole around her, reminding her that she has no one left. She falls asleep knowing there is someone beside her that might be gone tomorrow or the next day, but for once she doesn't care, because right now he is there, and she isn't alone.

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