Chapter Twenty Three

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"Okay, fine." Harry says shyly admitting to singing his new song. Mila didn't even know he have a passion for music, but that's what she likes most about him. The fact that no matter how much they spend time together there is always more to learn about him. He picks up the guitar, and rest it on his leg. Harry clears his throat before he begins to strum on the guitar.

"Take my hand,
and we can go walking,
and we can talk about,
whatever is on your mind."

Shocked. No, not even shocked describes what she is feeling. His voice sounds like a beautiful mix between raspy, and smooth. She can't do anything, but stare at him in awe as he sings at first with his eyes closed, but opens them once he gets into it. She wonders why he wrote the song, and she can't help but smile as she listens to the lyric.

"Be my friend,
but secretly like me.
I wanna catch you staring,
and make you go all red."

Mila thinks back to the time they stood in the kitchen. She was completely lost in his green eyes, and hadn't even noticed that he was looking at her as well. She blushed so hard she was afraid she would blow up from the heath in her cheeks.

"I love the way your hair falls in the summer,
I'll treat you like your father treats your mother,
and I'm kinda scared of your older brother."

Mila begins to laugh making Harry turn his head to look at her, and when their eyes meet she knows he was thinking of the same thing. He began laughing a little as well making his singing unsteady, but quickly recovers. She looks over at Liam remembering how Harry said he acted like her older brother.

"You're all that I'm needing,
You're all that I'm feeling,
and I'll be the one thats kicking and screaming,
when you have to go home every evening."

She looks at him as if he is the reason the stars shine at night. Mila wants to close her eyes, and just focus on his voice, his words, but being able to look at him, and voluntarily miss a second of it seems like a sin.

"Your feet in the sand,
and mine in the water,
We can explore these hills if thats what you want to do."

He looks at her as if she was the moon guiding him through the dark. He was never good at telling people what he thought about them, and it seemed harder with her even though he knows she would be happy to hear it. However, for know he kept singing.

"You know I can't stand when it gets cold in the evenings,
and I'm standing there freezing,
but my clothes look so good on you."

While they were lost in each other eyes the others watch them in silence. Everyone has different thoughts about the way they looked at each other with whatever emotion that was too strong for them to hold back. Louis was thrilled that his best friend whom was doomed to a life alone has found someone who didn't care if people hurt her for being close to him. Louis was thankful Harry finally seemed genuinely happy.

"You play with my hair like theres no other,
and I'm no longer scared of your older brother,
I'll get you in loads of trouble,
give you love on the double,
we can get drunk, and
our words can get muddled"

She thinks back to the day they ran of with the ice cream, and laugh quietly to herself. Harry stops playing. "It's not finished yet, but it's a start." The boys in the room begins cheering, and telling him how good it was. Mila wants to tell him what she thinks as well, but telling it in front of his mates seemed like the wrong thing to do.


"It was wonderful to meet you all," Mila says as she takes a few steps out the door. They all wave her goodbye with friendly smiles, and she waves back. Harry says goodbye to all of them before he goes with her outside, and shuts the door behind him. As they turn to look at the road they first now notice the pouring rain.

They see a taxi approaching, and Mila gets ready to make a run for it to avoid getting wet, but Harry has a different plan in mind. He suddenly throws Mila over her shoulder, and at first she is surprised, but a few seconds later she can't help but laugh. He starts to run, and she can't stop laughing. She leans down, and slap him a few times on his butt. He begins to laugh, but tries to concentrate more on not loosing her. He yells out for the taxi, and makes a few gestures with his hands. He puts Mila down, and the taxi driver has to stop for a moment to admire the way they look at each other.

Mila and Harry gets into the cab, and it begins to drive soon after. As she looks at the numbers rising on the meter at the front of the taxi she begins to think about how Harry makes so much money as he does, yet it doesn't seem like it. "What do you do with all your money?" She asks bluntly.

He looks over at her with raised brows wondering where the sudden question came from. Nevertheless, he wraps his arm around her, and she gladly leans into his touch, and lays her legs over his lap to face him completely. "When I was sixteen I left home to find a job that could help provide for my family." Mila takes his hand that is not wrapped around her, and kisses it softly as a way of saying that she appreciates that he is open with her. "I quickly understood that a regular job won't help much, so that's how I got into the assassin business."

"That girl," Mila says as she remembers the girl she met in the hallway one time. "I met a girl on my way home some time ago coming from your apartment. You looked so much alike, but you never really mentioned your family, so I wasn't sure, but she's your sister, right?"

He nods with a fond smile as he thinks of his sister. "Yes, she's my older sister, Gemma. She comes to me once a month, so we can catch up, and stuff, and then I hand her the money. She never really liked receiving money from me, but she knows they need it." Mila plays gently with his fingers, but never moves her eyes away from his.

"What about your mum? Does she come by?" He shifts a little uncomfortable, and she immediately regrets asking.

He bites his lip while thinking. "She used to, but I guess it was just to hard for her to come to terms with the fact that I kill people for the money I give them. I can't go home either, because if someone saw me there it would put them at risk." What a terrible fate to be afraid to love anyone, because they might get harmed. "It isn't really about the money for me anymore. I'm just thankful I get to see her every month." He lets out a heavy sigh as he shakes his head. "I am getting a new case tomorrow, and my heart always feels so heavy the night before."

Mila doesn't know how to mend his heart with words, and maybe there will never be a way to fix it, but she decides to try anyway by capturing his lips in a passionate kiss filled with every emotions she feels towards him, and she can taste in the kiss that he is grateful for finally having someone who doesn't run away in fear of being hurt. However, what Mila hasn't told him is that it's not that she isn't afraid, she is terrified, but being able to be with him for a short moment is worth any harm they might bring upon her.

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