Chapter Twenty One

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Walking outside on a Sunday evening is one of the most relaxing things there is. Mila always finds that these walks of hers on this particular day helps her clear her head the most. After finding out what Harry had done it is hard. He intrigued her, and even thought she won't admit it she has grows infatuated with him, maybe she even liked him, and that is why it hurt her so much when she found out he killed her parents. He had been able to hide it so well that even she who payed so much attention to him couldn't see it. She hated herself for even letting herself have some feelings towards him, but that is all gone now.

She look up at the sky, something they had done a few minutes before she brought him into her bed. Her attention gets snapped away from the night sky when a car stops beside her. She stops to look over at it, but before she manages to do so, something is pulled over her head. She lets out a scream at the sudden action. Seconds later she is lifted in the air, and carried into the car. She continues to scream while she kicks with her legs, and punches in all directions. Occasionally she hits something, and that something lets out a few curses.

A cloth is suddenly pressed up against her mouth from under whatever they have thrown over her head, and each time she takes a breath she becomes more, and more sleepy until she is completely blacked out.


Something comes in contact with Mila's cheek, leaving a stinging sensation. She pries her eyes open before she looks around the room on high alert, and as she does so she can feel herself becoming fully awake. It is a small office, and it is the most boring one Mila has ever seen. No pictures, and nothing personal. Just a window behind a black clean desk, and a man leaning against it with raven black hair, and tan skin.

She tries to stand up from the chair she is sitting on, but she just gets pulled down by the ropes around her wrists, and ankles. "What do you want?" She spits out as if the sight of him disgusts her, and it does. No matter how handsome he is, he still kidnapped her, and tied her to a chair. He doesn't answer right away so she takes her time to look around for a way out. As she looks behind her she sees a man beside a huge door, and she realize that it is the man who slapped her awake. Her sight is a bit blurry, but when she gets a closer look at him she realize it is the same guy who has been coming to her work, Niall. "You!" Mila screams as she once again tries to stand up, but the chair is screwed to the floor. Niall simply laughs.

"Calm down, love." The man with raven black hair says as he pushes himself up from the desk. "We are not going to hurt you. We are simply here to ask a few questions while we wait for someone else to fetch you. They however intend to kill you." He squats down before her, studying her face closely through his dark eyes.

"Fetch me? I am not some kind of dog." She huffs trying to hide her fright behind a stern glare.

He simply ignores her remark. "How about we introduce ourselves? I'm Zayn Malik." He reaches out his hand for her to shake. This is the man who ordered her parents killed, this is the man who told Harry to do it. She wants to kick him bloody, but she can't. "Right," he says taking back his hand. "You can't shake my hand, because they are tied." He lets out a humored laugh, but he is the only one who found it funny. "It has come to my attention that you and Harry have some sort of relationship going on. Am I right?"

Mila laughs which throws Zayn completely of guard. "I couldn't less for Harry, and we certainly do not have a relationship." She grins knowing this is not what he expected to hear. "He killed my parents. Do you think I could be with someone who caused me so much misery?"

"Ah," he says while standing up. "That is where you are wrong. He was sixteen when he first came to us looking for a job. He was very skilled with a gun for his age so he gave him a few cases, and he killed them without hesitation. However, when we gave him the file with your parents he handed it back. No one has ever done that before, especially not when there was so much money to gain from it, but he did. When we asked why, he said it was because he found out they had a child. He didn't kill them, because he was weak."

A gasp leaves her lips before she can stop it. She has accused him of killing her parents after he had only tried to help. She believed some stranger over him, someone who kidnapped her. She feels terrible for the way she has been acting towards Harry now that she knows he is innocent, or innocent in this at least. "What do you want from me? He works for you so you clearly have all the information you need about him."

"Come on, we are just having a friendly conversation." When he sees her glare he simply rolls his eyes. "I am just here to keep you company until my bosses arrive, nothing more."

"Aren't you the boss?" The company is after all in his name so why isn't he the boss? Niall walks up beside me, and if I wasn't tied to the chair I would have picked it up, and smashed it against his head.

"They simply use my name as a cover. You can never be too sure these days. When the company is in my name people learns to fear it, and it gives me credit amongst others. The pay isn't bad either." He smirks as he watches Mila's face fill with disgust. How can people do whatever it takes to get money. To risk getting thrown under the buss to simply have their name on a building.

Suddenly a bang shoots through the room making Mila jump in her chair, and not even a second later Niall falls dead beside her. She lets out a scream as she sees the bullet in the back in his head. She tries to move away from the dead body, but the chairs is still screwed to the floor.

"Well, well, well," Zayn says to whoever shot Niall slowly. Mila dosen't dare turn around to see who it is, but she doesn't need to because seconds later the person steps beside her. She looks up, and almost cries out in joy when she sees Harry's familiar face. He doesn't look at her, and he doesn't look faced by the fact that he just killed someone either.

Harry's gun is pointing directly at Zayn's chest making him carefully lift his hands in surrender. Zayn dosen't look scared at all, and it makes her a little uneasy. Harry pulls out a knife with his other hand, and steps closer to Zayn until he is directly in front of him. Harry presses the tip of his knife against Zayn's chest just above his heart. He puts the gun down, but keeps the knife where it is.

"Any last words?" Harry asks with an amused grin. Mila looks at him in both awe and fright. How can someone who is about to kill someone find anything amusing?

Zayn looks over at Mila slowly, and the same grin Harry previously held is now on his lips. "Your parents aren't dead," he says slowly. Mila stares at him with wide eyes, because that seems to be the only thing she is capable of doing in that moment.

Harry begins to move the knife into his chest, but Mila screams for him to stop, and he does. "Don't kill him," she begs Harry which makes him stare at her a little disappointed that he dosen't get to kill Zayn right away. "What are you talking about? What do you mean they aren't dead?"

Zayn dosen't answer. Instead his lips moves up into a smile, but not a kind one, one you would see a completely mental person wear right before he is about to do something crazy, and that is exactly what he does. He takes a step forward bringing the knife Harry holding straight into his own heart. Harry lets go of the knife surprised and steps away from Zayn.

"No!" Mila screams out knowing the only person with any answers is now dead. She watches as he falls to the floor completely motionless. Everything hits her at once. It becomes hard for her to breath, and seconds later she finds herself fainting from all that has happened.

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