Chapter Ten

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Mila stands outside an unfamiliar door, wondering if she should knock or not. She has already gone from door to door and visited so many Gabriel's that if this isn't the one she has decided to give up for the day. If this man witnessed her parents murder then she will thank god for finally having found him. But then again, this might not be him.

She reached forward to knock on the door, but before she gets the opportunity to touch the wooden door it opens, and a middle-aged man stands on the other side of the door. His face is grim, and she debates whether or not to run. "Can I help you with something? You have been standing there a long time," he says rudely, but it's true. It took her a long time to gather the courage to simply knock on his door.

She clears her throat awkwardly. "Are you Gabriel?" She shifts her weight from one door to the other, feeling uncomfortable. He squints his eyes, and she feels as if he is looking right through her, knowing just what to say to make her run for the hills.

His fist tightens against the door handle. The man's hair is completely white, but not because of old age, and his physique is good for someone who looks to be around his early thirties. "Yes that's me, and you are?" He asks with a sharp tone. It feels as if someone is clenching their hands around her lungs, but she tries her best not to let him see it.

"I'm Mila. I was told you might be a witness to my parents' murder a few years back," She says cutting right to the case. She has been knocking on so many doors all day, saying the same thing. Every time she has started with a polite conversation before asking, but since this is her last try today she finds it better to just be straight forward, so she can get it over with. Besides, she doesn't really feel like having another fake polite conversation filled with small talk.

Gabriel's almost black eyes widen slightly. "Come in." Is all he says as he opens the door further, and leads her inside. As she walks past him on her way in the door she notices how much taller he is than her. Therefore, she can't help but feel small in his presence, and not only physically. "I'm going to cut this short because I don't want to relive what I saw. " He doesn't offer her a seat or lead her further into the apartment. "I walked by a man as I walked around the corner to the alley. I didn't pay much attention to him, because at the time I didn't think that would be important. However, I did notice he was tall, and he looked quite young, but it was dark so I can be wrong." He looks quickly out the window beside his door, before turning his attention back to her. "That's all."

It wasn't much, but it was more information then she had a few minutes ago. She stands still trying to process the information she just received. Even though she is more than grateful for what he has told her, she can't help, but feel the need to know more. "Are you sure that's all. Are you sure you're not forgetting something? Even the smallest detail can help." He holds both her hands up as if praying, and at that moment she can't help but feel like a child begging for more candy.

He looks to the side, as he bites his lip in thought. "The gun," he says slowly as if he is finding himself back in that moment in his mind. "When the man walked away I saw something written on his gun. It looked like some sort of initials. M.E I think it said." Gabriel turns quiet for a moment. "Yes, I'm sure that is what was written on it."

Mila smiles at him. "Thank you so much," she says feeling an overwhelming emotion strike her. She knows something new, she is no longer stuck on the case of her parents, and most importantly, Harry was wrong.

"You need to go now," Gabriel says pushing her out the door. She looks back at him startled. "He might have let me live, but don't think that he hasn't been watching me. If he saw you here he must surely know I told you something, so hurry." He slams the door shut making Mila stand there shocked for a moment. However, when his words hit her she looks around quickly before running back to her apartment, which isn't far from here.

Once she makes it back she immediately picks up her laptop and searches for M.E. The first thing that pops up is a link to Malik Enterprises. As she reads the name familiarity strikes her. She clicks on the website, and as she reads on the site she figures out why the name sounds so familiar. She begins to blink over and over hoping that the page will vanish. Her father worked for that company, she realizes, but why would his company want to kill him?

She immediately prints out the newfound information and hangs in on her murder boards. As she looks at the name of the enterprise she begins to feel hope building inside her, and happiness for being provided information, and answers. However, with answers also comes more questions.

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