Chapter Twenty Two

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That morning Mila wakes up empty. She doesn't know what to feel. She just found out that her parents aren't dead after all, and then there is the chance that Zayn might have lied, but she hopes with everything she got that he didn't. But if they aren't dead why haven't they come to see her?

Mile woke up so empty she didn't even notice that she wasn't in her own room. The room has white walls, and a black dresser a few meters from the end of the bed with a mirror above it. Apart from the nightstands on each side there is nothing more in the room than a window to her right.

As if she wasn't even there she finally comes back to herself, and let herself look around the room. She observes it carefully before her eyes land on a sleeping figure beside her. He is facing her, and she would recognize him anywhere. As she takes in his beauty she feels her thoughts drift away from the things that occurred yesterday. It scares her that he has this affect on her.

His eyes begins to flicker open, and when they land on her sitting on the bed a tired smile appears on his face. His eyes focus on the angel that is before him, trying to remember every detail that makes her who she is. He feels like a fool, but when she blesses him with a smile back something explodes inside of him.

A small blush makes it's way to her cheek as she looks down at a tired Harry simply staring at her happily. She lays back down facing him. He takes her hands inside his, and kiss every single finger of hers with just as much affection. "Are you okay?" His voice is raspier than usual, but she doesn't mind at all.

"No," she answers honestly, because she doesn't feel the need to hide anything from Harry. His smile falters a bit as he tries to put himself in her situation. "But right now I feel happy," she says, and it is true, because the emptiness she woke up feeling is temporarily gone, and she knows it is thanks to him. "Thank you," she says as she holds his hands against her lips, not kissing it, just holding it there.

"For what?" He asks even though he knows exactly what she is thanking him for, but he feels that it will help her to say it out loud, instead of avoiding, and denying it.

She lets out a loud breath which warms his hands. "For saving me even after what I accused you of, and trusting someone I barely know over you. I am sorry for everything." He lets go of her hand, and let his fingers play with her hair.

He shakes his head weakly. "There is no need to be sorry. You just wanted so badly to find out who killed your parents that the first suspect that got handed to you was the one you wanted to believe did it. You were tired of looking, and I would have been to if I were in your position."

Mila smiles at him in awe. How can he lay there, and defend her actions when she accused him of something as gruesome as killing her parents? "How could I ever have believed bad about you?" The question is mostly directed towards herself. Her finger dance over the skin on his face.

"Because that is what I let you believe. If I let you see the good parts of me you would fall in love with me like you fall in love with the characters in your books. And if that happened, and someone found out they would go out of their way to hurt you." How he manages to take away her breath, and give her life all at once she will never understand, but she knows that she doesn't want that feeling to go away.

His eyes are soft, and to her that is rare, because usually they are so cold. "Why would someone hurt me if I loved you?" His hand moves down to her waist before he brings her closer. His hair stands in all directions from him moving in his sleep.

"Because they would know it would hurt me much more." Mila doesn't answer him, and instead place her lips on his. She feels his breath stopping in surprise. Her hands gets tangle in his beautiful hair. He kisses back, and his hand that in her waist tightens it's grip. They pull away slowly, but still keeps close to each other.

A sigh leaves her lips. "Can we please do something that will take my mind of everything that happened yesterday?"

He bites the inside of his lip trying to come up with something. "Do you want to meet the rest of my friends? You already know Louis, but we planned to meet up with the rest of them today, and if you need to get your mind of things they are a really good distraction." He smiles slightly as he thinks about his friends, and Mila can feel her heart flutter because of his fondness for them.


When Harry knocks on the door to the apartment it doesn't take long before Louis appears as he opens it up. "Come in," he says hurrying us inside. Mila smiles thankully, noticing how dark the clouds are getting. It won't take long before it starts raining. "The rest of the boys are in the living room." Louis tells them while they take of their shoes and jackets.

Harry struggles with taking off one of his shoes. "Is everyone here?" He asks putting pressure on the word 'everyone'. Louis nods before disappearing around the corner.

Harry finally manages to take of his shoe, and stands up straight. "Who is everyone?" Mila asks wondering who exactly she is going to meet when she steps into the living room.

"Louis who you already know. Then there is Patch, Dylan, Liam and Heath." He takes her hand is his. As childish as it is she feels a tingle when he touches her almost like electricity, and when people have said that before she has rolled her eyes, but now she understands.

"Liam?" She double checks. Harry simply nods with an amused smile. "My Liam from work? Liam Payne?" She asks again not having had any idea that they had even spoken a single word to each other, and most definitely not them being friends.

"Yeah," he says shrugging. "I went by your work one day to look for you, and I had to ask him where you were since I couldn't see you, and it was one of your days off or something like that. We got to talking, and found out we had a lot in common, and then I invited him to hang with my friends, and now here we are." Mila shakes her head while a laugh escapes her mouth.

"Harry!" The boys scream as we enter the room. She jumps back in surprise, but she smiles nonetheless. Once they notice the girl beside Harry they all jump out of their seats, and run to greet her. Mia's first impression of them; Energetic.

"I'm Heath, nice to meet you." He has long curly hair, green eyes, and a very big, and very lovely smile. He is also fairly tall. "Pleasure, Mila," she says back with a smile as she shake his hand. Heath walks back to the sofa as a brown haired boy walks up to her.

The first thing she notice is his chocolate eyes. "Wonderful to meet you, I'm Dylan," he says with much excitement. Mila laughs as she shakes his hand. "I'm Mila."

The last boy walk up, but he isn't as energetic as the rest, but Mila didn't mind that at all. "I'm Patch. I have heard a lot about you," he says with a sweet polite smile. "Mila, and I just now found out about you, but then you don't have to feel any pressure living up to your reputations." The boys all laugh before they take a seat.

Mila smiles over at Liam who smiles back at her. After a little while they ease into conversation, and a while later she has to force herself to breath from laughing to much. Her stomach burned. As she looks around at the amazingly pleasant boys around her she doesn't feel a drop of regret for coming along.

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