Chapter Sixteen

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As Mila is walking up the stairs to her apartment on her way home from work an unfamiliar boy catches up to her on her way up the stairs. "Hello," he says politely. Mila can't help but feel a little uncomfortable. She looks over at him, and the first thing she notices is his wonderful blue eyes. "I'm Louis." He reaches out his hand for her to shake, and she does so with a little hesitation.

"Mila," she replies as they walk up the last set of stairs before stopping in front of her apartment door. She can't help but wonder why he is following her to her door, but he looks very kind, not that that would make her let him into her apartment.

He runs his hands through his brown hair, which is styled up. "I know," he says making her look at him a little confused. He notices her look and lets out a laugh. "I'm a friend of Harry's. He told me about you, and the fact that you live next door, so I figured it was you." Of course, she tells herself mentally as her body relaxes.

Suddenly the door to Harry's apartment opens, and he appears in the doorway. He looks over at us confused but doesn't say anything. Mila smiles over at Louis, and says, "it was really nice to meet you, Louis." She turns to leave.

However, Louis stops her by saying her name. "Harry has invited me over for dinner, do you want to join us?" His kind eyes make her want to accept immediately, but when she looks over at Harry who doesn't look too excited over the idea she hesitates. "Come on, it will be fun," he cheers. "You can hang out in your apartment, and we'll come to get you when the food is done, okay?" His face holds a hopeful look.

She ignores Harry, and smiles happily at Louis, actually feeling excited about the dinner. "Okay. I look forward to it," she says before she unlocks the door to her apartment, and opens it. "I'll see you soon then." Louis nods at her with a smile. She glances over at Harry, but his eyes are glued to the floor. She sighs as she steps into her apartment, and closes the door.


There is a knock on Mila's door, making her put down the book she was reading. She makes her way to the door and opens it to see Harry on the other side of the door. She looks at him a little confused, expecting Louis to come to get her. He notices her look, and says, "he is making the food, so I thought I could just get you since it's nearly done."

Mila nods. "Didn't you invite him to dinner though? Not the other way around." Harry chuckles, making his shoulder shake slightly. He is wearing all back as usual, which is something she has now grown used to. She can't really see him anything else. Mila steps out in the hallway and locks her door behind her.

"Well, let's just say it's for the best that he is cooking, and not me." He opens the door for her, and the second she walks into the apartment, the smell of bacon hits her nose. A smile form on her face, getting excited to eat.

"You can just sit down! Dinner is ready in a second!" Louis screams from the kitchen. Both of them let out a light chuckle as they walk over to the dinner table. Harry sits down at the top of the table, and Mila sits down to his left.

Mila can see that Harry is a little uncomfortable with her meeting his friend, but for some reason she likes it, it makes her feel closer to him. "What is he making?" She asks just as Louis walks out of the kitchen with two plates in hand. He places the plates before them, and Mila has to stop herself from drooling. On the plate is chicken wrapped in bacon with creamed potatoes on the side. Her stomach growls making Louis let out a small laugh.

He walks back into the kitchen to get his plate, and sits down across from Mila, to Harry's right. "So," Louis starts saying as we all dig into the food. "How did you two meet exactly. Harry has told me about you, but never mentioned how you met." Harry raises his brows toward Louis. "I obviously understand that you met since you are neighbors. I'm not stupid, but what was your first encounter like?" Mila looks over at Harry a little surprised even though Louis mentioned it earlier, but she didn't think much of it.

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