Chapter Twenty Seven

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Mila's eyes are glued to Harry's sinking body. He trashes around in the water. Doing everything he possibly can to get loose, but with his hands tied there is no way he can get the rope off from around his ankles.

Her father moves over to her with a knife in his hand. The water reflects against the silver blade, making it look like waves dancing along the lethal knife. He is going to cut her loose, and then they will drag her away, and leave Harry to drown, she knows this much. Her mother has her gun aimed at Mila in case she decides to do anything to help Harry, or escape.

As her father cuts her hands loose she has only a few seconds to think. All she knows is that she needs to save Harry, and she needs to get away. She also knows that the only way to do that is by doing something she could never think of in a million years. She needs to kill the people she once loved in order to save the person that for once made her truly appreciate life.

The second her hands are loose she kneels him in his crotch, making her father lean forward in tremendous pain, and loose the knife. Before her mother can even think of shooting her Mila grabs the knife before turning her father around, and wrapping her arm around his neck from behind. She uses him as a shield the best she can. He begins to struggle, and she knows that if she doesn't do anything he will get loose without much effort, seeing as he is much stronger then her.

She looks into her mothers wide eyes. "Let him go," her mother almost begs. In order to do what Mila knows is the only solution she has to gather all her strength, and shut of all her feelings. She needs to get to him before it is too late. She needs to get him. She takes the knife her father dropped, and drive it into the spot on his back where she knows it will hit his heart. She hear her mother gasping, and her father struggling to breath. Mila's heart stops, and breaks, and shatters, but she can't afford to give into her emotions.

Her mother screams out in grief, and Mila takes the opportunity to take the gun Harry put in her jeans, and shoot at her mother. Seeing as it is the first time she is using a gun she misses quite a few times before she hits her in the face. It wasn't a clean shot at all so the result was ugly, but it got quiet, besides the floating water.

Not having anymore time to loose she takes the knife out of her father, and drops him to the ground. With the silver knife in her hands she dives into the water despite her throbbing shoulder. When she sees Harry floating completely still she doesn't feel anything, because her heart is already as ruined as it can be. Nevertheless, she swims down to his feet, and cuts him loose with the knife she used to kill her own father. Once his feet are loose she moves to cut the rope around his wrists before dropping the knife, and dragging him up to the surface. Her shoulder aches, but she bites her teeth together, and suck it up.

She jumps up on the ground, and lifts him up as well with much effort. Even though she thought she couldn't be more broken, seeing him there before her laying completely still on the ground brakes her even more. To see his mouth gaping where there used to be a beautiful smile, and his eyes closed who used to be so full of everything, made a big lump form in her throat.

She parts his lips, holds for his nose, and breaths into his mouth with what seems to be the only breaths in her life she has taken that matters. After doing that for a while she moves away, and presses the heels of her hands against the lower part, on the middle on his chest. She does it a few times before repeating everything over, and over again, and she refuses to stop until she hears him gasp for air, but he doesn't.

"Shit," she curses while she presses down on his chest with everything she has. Tears run down her cheeks like overflowing lakes. She is seconds away from giving up, but when she hears that gasp for air that she was praying for she freezes. Harry throws himself to the side as he spits out water. After a few heavy breath he sits up, and rest his back against the wall behind him completely drained of energy.

Mila can't do anything except stare at him, but when his lips move, and forms into the smile she has fallen completely in love with her heart starts to sow itself back together, but just barely. However, she knows that someday it will get whole again as long as that smile doesn't disappear, as long as he doesn't disappear.

He grabs a hold of her, and drag him into his arms, needing to feel her touch. She curls up against him, and let the tears flow out. She spent years trying to find out who killed her parents, only to find out it was herself. While Mila is dealing with what she has done he looks around seeing the dead parents on the ground, and he quickly realizes why her eyes looked so lifeless. Instead of saying anything he just keeps holding her in his hands, and let her fall apart in his arms, while he does everything he can to hold her together.

Eventually Mila fell asleep completely drained as she weeped. Even though Harry was tired himself, he gathered what he had left, and picked her up in his arms before carrying her into the suite, down the hallway, and out of the hotel. It was late, so he hoped people would just think she passed out from drinking. The blood he has no explanation for, so all he can do is hope that no one looks close enough to see, and why they are both drenched he has no explanation for either, but hopefully no one asks.

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