Chapter Nine

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"Do you by any chance know anything about assassins?" Mila asks Liam as they browse through the books on the shelf before them. It is part of their everyday routine. They usually don't get to do this together when just the two of them are working, but today they are four or five people in the store.

"Not really, no. I know that they get hired to kill people, and get paid generously when the job is done." He puts around three books into the white shelf before him. "Why are you asking?" He doesn't turn to look at her as he speaks, his eyes are too occupied by making sure all the books are young adults.

Young adult is Mila's favorite genre. Simply for the reason that her imagination isn't even the limit for what is written out there. The genre is so broad and covers so many different subjects, both fictional, and non-fictional.

A sigh leaves her lips, not knowing why the thought of Harry is still occupying her mind. Last night scared her senseless, but when she woke up this morning she kind of understood why he reacted the way he did. He's not used to letting people in, and scaring them away is his defense mechanism. "No particular reason, just curious," she says as she sees a non-fictional book that doesn't belong in the young adult section. "I'm going to put this back," she tells Liam.

There is complete silence until Liam clears his throat. "Are you okay?" He asks before she manages to go far.

She turns back with a confused, and scared look. Does he know why I asked? She thinks to herself feeling a little paranoid. "Of course. Why do you ask?" She begins to play with her finger nervously without even noticing it herself.

He finally turns to look at her but doesn't put down the book in his hand. He notices her nervous fidgeting and knows she is lying. "I don't know," he says. "It just feels like you're here, but your mind is somewhere else." He tries to give her a soft look, but his concern for her makes it look a little more stern than intended.

She gives him a half-hearted smile, not even having the power to fake a real one. "I'm just tired that's all," she lies, and by the look on Liam's face it seems like he still doesn't believe her, but for some reason, he lets it slide, this time. She finally walks away with a guilty mind.

While she is on her way to the non-fiction sections she sees a familiar person standing by the historical books, looking distracted. At the sight of him, she first wants to run away, and hide, but she is stronger than that, at least that is what she tells herself. "If you are here to find out if I told anyone what I saw in your apartment yesterday, I can spare you the time, because I haven't," she says making Harry turn towards her a little startled.

He walks over to her with his hands in his pocket, and his feet dragging across the floor. "Actually I came here to apologize for my behavior yesterday. I have never been in that situation before, and I admit that I reacted very wrong considering the circumstances." She tries to look for emotion in his eyes, but they are cold as always. However, his face looks soft.

"You scared me," Mila admits. The book in her hand is long forgotten as she stares at the guilty-looking guy before her.

He takes his hands out of his pockets and rubs his hands together. "I know," he breathes out somewhat ashamed, but the pride in his voice is hard to look past. Not pride for managing to scare her, just pride in general.

Mila sighs. She is glad that he is apologizing, but he isn't the only one who needs to say sorry. "I do accept your apology if you agree to accept mine." Mila realizes that there is no need to be scared for it is not her Harry is after, but it doesn't mean she has to like it.

"You had no right to walk into my apartment uninvited, but since you are so generous and will forgive me for my bad behavior I will do the same." Harry searches her face for emotion because Mila's face as been cold since their encounter yesterday.

Harry hasn't personally hurt her, and as far as Mila knows he is a decent person, but the thought of him killing people for a living is tearing at her judgment. "I know it was wrong of me, so it is great that we agree. I don't want to miss experiencing the life of a struggling poet." He laughs loudly, and she's almost startled by the sound. She has never heard him laugh like that before, but she can't help but love the sound.

He is about to open his mouth to speak once again but as his eyes land on Liam his appearance change. "Every poet needs a muse, so maybe if you stick around I will no longer be a struggling one." He sends her a charming smile, making her look to the ground with warm cheeks. Mila turns around to see Liam glaring at Harry in an overprotective way. She turns back to Harry slowly, hoping that Liam's look doesn't affect him. "He kinda acts like your older brother, no?"

Mila smiles to herself, "Well, I kinda see him that way." It's true, ever since she started working at the bookstore Liam has acted overprotective over her and has always been the one with great advice when it's needed. He never really approved of Nathan, but she can't understand why.

"Well, I think it's kinda scary," he whispers to her in a teasing tone. Harry's eyes suddenly get glued to Liam who has begun walking away. Mila laughs at the fact that a man who kills men ten times as scary as Liam all day is afraid of someone as sweet as him. "I really need to get going now," he says. "Just wanted to stop by, and apologize." He looks down at Mila before turning around and walking towards the door.

"Wait," Mila yells out making him stop in his tracks. "How did you know where I work?" Harry simply turns around with a smile on his face, a smile that looks like it holds all the knowledge in the world. He sends her a wink before turning back around and disappearing out the door. Once again she is left looking at a door he has closed, and she wonders if that is what will happen no matter how close she gets to him, his door will always be closed.

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