Chapter Eleven

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"Thank you for coming tonight," Nathan says as he puts down the glass of wine on the table in front of the couch. The wine stirs as it makes contact with the table. "I wasn't sure that you would, seeing as we haven't talked much these last few days." Mila looks away feeling slightly guilty. She has been to busy catching up with her parents' murder, and with her finding out what Harry's profession is. It has just been all too much for her to even think about Nathan.

She takes a sip of her wine knowing full well why they haven't talked, but it's also a way to delay her answer, to get time to think. "I know, I'm sorry. Work has just been so overwhelming lately, and it has been taking up most of my time. I didn't know working in a bookstore would be this hard," she says in an attempt to joke them over to a lighter subject. Mila puts the wine glass down now that she is beginning to feel it's effect grow a bit stronger.

"You know," he says moving closer to her. "Everything can be forgiven by a kiss." He smiles at her with his usual charming smile who would make everyone turn to get a second look. His arm suddenly moves around her. He is warm, and if she would have been freezing it would be nice, but that is no the case. Mila doesn't move away, kissing isn't something they haven't done before so there is no harm. She leans in casually making her lips touch his, but when she goes to pull away he kisses her again, and it quickly involves into them making out.

Mila doesn't stop him but instead encourages it seeing as she needs a good distraction from her assassin neighbor. However, things soon start to escalate into something more. He takes off his shirt, and in that split seconds, their lips aren't touching he smiles at her. The lust in his eyes is clear. She wraps her hands around his neck and brings his lips back onto hers. She slides her dress down slowly, and a little while later the soft sound of her dress hitting the floor fills the quiet room.

He moves his hands down to her hips while she moves to straddle his waist. This isn't the first time they have done this during their period of dating, but they have never taken it further then pleasuring each other in certain ways. Her hands run down his tan chest as he traces kisses down her neck, letting each kiss linger just a little.

Suddenly images of green eyes and pink lips flash against the eyelids of her closed eyes. She freezes, and Nathan is quick to notice. "Are you okay?" His breath is heavy as he speaks, and it is completely understandable. She can feel her lungs take deeper breaths than usual as well. She shakes her head as if the motion will remove the images before she looks at Nathan.

His eyes are filled with concern, and she can't help but feel guilty for thinking of another man while being with him. "Yes, I'm fine. I just got lost in my thoughts for a second," she says not completely lying, but not completely telling the truth either. She suddenly notices an uneasy feeling within herself. "I'm sorry. I killed the mood." Mile lets out a nervous laugh, hoping he is not mad.

To her surprise, he laughs along with her. "It's completely fine. I don't want us to do this if your head is in the wrong place." His kindness makes her guilt more powerful, and she is so close to telling him the truth, but she knows it wouldn't help anyone.

She moves off him, and seconds later they both reach for their clothes. He puts on his shirt while she stands up to drag her dress back on, and she must admit it was easier taking it off. She looks over at the clock for the first time in a while, and notice that it is already a half-hour past midnight. "It seems like I have to get going anyway. I have to work tomorrow morning," she tells him honestly.

He nods his head slowly before standing up from the couch."Let me walk you out." He reaches out his hand gesturing towards the direction of the door. She already knows where it is, but she nods anyway. She walks over to it with him following behind. He scratches his stubbles out of habit.

"I had a really great time today, and I am sorry I was a little distant mentally. I've just had a tiring week," she admits to him. Mila has yet to understand why Harry's features were displayed on her eyelids in a moment of pleasure. She doesn't even know why she feels guilty when Harry and she can't even be considered friends, perhaps a little more then acquaintances, but she doesn't know enough about him to call him her friend.

Nathan smiles at her with a smile that can end wars. "I totally understand, and there is nothing to be sorry for." She can see that he means it, but still, there is a hint of disappointment in his eyes that she can't seem to look past. "I do hope we will talk more after this date though."

"Of course," Mila says. "I really do have to get going now, but I'll see you soon. I promise." She leans forwards and gives him a sweet kiss. "Goodnight," she says just as she has pulled away. She tries to avoid his eyes the best she can as she feels the lump in her stomach grow.

"Goodnight," he says as he opens the door for her. She puts on her shoes, and her coat before she steps out of his house. "Get home safe." She turns around before she sends him a smile, and waves goodbye. She turns back around before she makes her way to the sidewalk in an attempt to get a hold of a taxi.

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