Chapter Twenty Five

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When Mila arrives home from work she finds herself standing outside Harry's door. She didn't show up to work yesterday, and didn't call in sick so her boss wasn't happy with her. She has had a feeling of loss inside her chest ever since she saw him last, and she has always pitied the girls who couldn't go two seconds without the boy they have feelings for, but now she understand that it's not that they can't be without them. It's just that if they could choose they would choose to be beside that person, because there they feel comfortable, and safe.

Also she needed to tell him about the note. It had been tearing at her all day, and night, but she needed to process it before coming to him. But how do you really process the fact that your parents are out to kill you. She hasn't shed a tear about it yet, and it is most likely because it doesn't feel real to her.

She lifts her hand, and knock on his door gently. It takes a minute or two before he opens, and she is thankful he did, because she was a second away from walking into her own apartment instead. He is dressed in all black as usual, and she thinks it is such a pity, because he is a man who will look good in anything.

What makes an uneasy feeling form in her stomach is that he doesn't even meet her eyes. For the first time since she met him she feels embarrassed. He just steps back, and holds out his hand, signaling for her to step inside his apartment. She stands still for a second trying to get eye contact, but when she realizes there is no use she does as he wishes, and walks inside.

Mila steps into his living room which has not changed at all since the last time she was there. Books shattered here and there, files lying all around the table alongside money, but something was missing. Harry has not said a single word yet, so she turns around to face him, but soon regrets her choice. Her eyes widen as all breath leaves her body. There he stands, pointing a gun at her heart. For a moment she can't speak, but the silence helps neither of them, so she gathers all her strength, and asks with a shaky voice, "What are you doing?"

"Shut up," he replies not even a second later. It was not a scream, nor a whisper. His voice was stern, but there was a shaking sound to it, and that scares her more. If it pains him to do this to her, why do it at all?

There is no point in asking again, so instead she takes a breath, and tries to find an explanation as to why she has a gun pointed at her. Her eyes travel back and forth from the room to the gun to see if she can get a clue, but still wants to keep an eye on what can kill her. She looks back at the table filled with files, and seconds later realization strikes her. Harry watches as light leaves her eyes, before she brings them to meet his. "That new file you was handed this morning, was it mine?"

Harry bites his teeth together while he listens to her voice shake with every sad emotion there is. Hurt, fright, betrayal, and so many more emotions was laced in her tone. He only nods not trusting his own voice. It was a slow and hard nod.

"Is money more important to you then me?" Mila whimpers out. She hates how she feels, how he makes her feel. She doesn't want to feel like a sad little girl, but that is exactly what she feels like. She wants to stay strong like she always does. Glare at him until he pulls the trigger, not giving him the satisfaction of making her cry, but she can't help it, not when someone she cares for so deeply is trying to kill her. However, that isn't something new to her anymore. What was so wrong with her?

Harry shakes his head once more, before clearing his throat. "It's not like that. This isn't about money." He licks his dry lips before looking at her with an emotion she has never seen in his eyes before, desperation. "They have Gemma. I am not going to kill you, but if I don't shoot you and call your parents so they can come get you they'll kill her." A single tear dances down his flushed cheeks. A tear of anger for not being able to do anything, but obey them. A tear of sadness for what they might have done to his sister, and what he has to do to Mila.

The only person Mila has left in this world is Harry, but he has a whole family who loves him. She can't bare the thought of being the reason behind his sisters death. Even though being shot has never been something she has wanted she knows what she needs to do. After reading book, after book where the man saves the women, she swears to herself that after this exact moment she will save him, and not the other way around. Mila walks towards Harry while he stares at her as desperate as before. She doesn't stop until the tip of the gun is pressing against her left shoulder. "Do it." Mila says it with such confidence that Harry takes a second to wonder if she has lost her mind.

He looks away from her, but he can still feel her tear drip down on his hand that is wrapped around the gun. No matter how confident she sounded, he knows she is terrified. He always somehow knows how she feels.

Harry feels a hand on his cheek. "Your sister is in danger." Her voice whispers to him, and without thinking twice he pulls the trigger. He hears a loud bang followed by a pained scream. Along with all the noise her touch disappears, and he has never felt a worse feeling in his life. It didn't feel like she took his heart with him when she fell, like he has read in the books. It felt as if his sanity, and emotions left along with her touch. He didn't feel anything, but empty, and with his sanity gone he feels like him standing up against her parents, and their men on his own is a good idea. However, he knew it was far to late.

Seconds after her head makes impact with his floor everything turns black, but right before it does she hears the familiar sound of the phone ringing.

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