Chapter Twenty Nine

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Loud knocks echo through the apartment, making both Harry and Mila jump awake. Mila rubs her eyes while Harry untangle his arms from around her. Somehow his arms has reached out to her in his sleep. They both look at each other confused, not expecting anyone at this hour. However, when they hear someone scream as they announce themselves their hearts stop. "It's the police."

Harry curses profoundly. "Go open," he tells Mila, and even though his voice is calm she can see the panic on his face. "Don't tell them I'm here. Just make something up." He quickly pushes himself of the bed, and presses his body against the wall. Mila struggles with not looking at his body only covered by his boxers.

Mila is to freaked out to even manage to say something back to him. She throws on a pair of pants, and rushes to the banging door. She takes a few long breaths before she opens the door slowly, and does everything she can to keep her face, and voice calm. "Hello." She smiles. "How can I help you?" She asks them with a happy tone.

The man closest to her takes out a piece of paper from his pocket, unfolds it, and holds it up for her to see. On it is a sketch that look exactly like Harry. Her heart jumps, but she does not reveal that to them. "Have you seen this man? We have information that says he lives in the apartment beside yours, but he is nowhere to be seen." His face is stern.

She does everything she can to make her face look confused. "I am so sorry, but I think you have the wrong information. Yes, I have seen him, but he lives in the apartment on the first floor to the left I believe." She bites her teeth together trying not to reveal her lie.

The policeman simply nods, and thanks her for her cooperation. She answers saying, "no problem." before she closes the door with a smile. Once the door is sealed shut she lets out a relieved breath. Mila hears footsteps behind her, making her turn around to see Harry standing there completely dressed, except his shirt which she is wearing.

His eyes doesn't meet hers. "You know I need to leave now, right. They have found out where I live, and they won't stop looking for me, so I need to get away from here." His breaths are short as he walks closer to her, and it is first now she notice that he is scared.

"I know," She says with a tight voice. He looks up at her with sad eyes. She places her hands on either side of his face making him close his eyes, and lean into her touch. "I understand," she says this time much softer.

She lowers her hands, and begins to take of her shirt that belongs to him, but he stops her with gentle hands. "Keep it," he says. "I might not be able to come back for a long time, maybe never, so you can keep it." He intertwines his fingers with hers. "But you have to promise me that when you wear it you will think of me, and know that you are never alone. I don't want you ever feel lonely again."

Before she can answer him he lets go of her hands, and begins to move towards her window. Tears begin to dance down her cheeks as he opens the window. "Goodbye," she manages to force out of her mouth, but her voice cracks, making him freeze.

He looks back at her with a pained look, and rushes to her. He grabs a hold of her face, and captures her lips in a passionate, and heartfelt kiss. They both savor the moment before they pull apart. Mila stands there breathless. How can he take her breath away, yet make her feel so alive? "I love you," he whispers as if it is something only Mila deserves to hear.

Once again he rushes away from her before she can say something. She hears the approaching steps of the policemen coming back up to her apartment. They have most likely by now figured out that she lied. Harry turns to look at her once more before he jumps out on the fire escape, and rushes down to the street in a desperate attempt to get away.

Mila jumps at the banging knocks on the door, and runs to close the window. She looks for Harry, but he is nowhere to bee seen. She dries her tears, and takes a few calming breaths before she opens the door with the same fake smile as before. "Hello again," she says cheerfully.

"The people in that apartment told us they have lived there for years. What made you believe he lived there?" The man asked calmly, but she could sense the anger hidden behind his tone. Panic rushes through her as she looks for an excuse.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she starts of saying. Trying to delay them the best she can for Harry's sake. "I only saw him two or three times on that floor so I assumed he lived there, seeing as I didn't see him anywhere else." She tries to give the man an apologetic smile.

The man nods stiffly. "Do you mind if we take a look inside your apartment?" He asks, and Mila immediately mentally checks the place for any sign of Harry ever being there, and she finds none.

"Of course not," she says with yet another fake smile as she opens the door wider to let them in. The five of them rushes in, and for some reason subtly looks around in her apartment. Looking in every room, and every corner from almost every possible angle.

The mess after last nights events makes the policemen look at her questioningly, but Mila simply looks away. She is not in the mood to explain herself to them. To explain that she broke down, and caused the damage, and that they just chased away the only person that managed to calm her down, and give her hope for the future.

Mila has never really seen Harry in action, but if it takes five police officers to take down one man he must be really skilled at what he does. Mila doesn't know if she should be impressed, or terrified, but nevertheless it settles her nerves a little because it means he might have a good chance at getting away.

The policemen nods at each other before they move out of her apartment. "Thank you," he says while nodding at her as he passes her by in the doorway. "Goodbye. Have a good day," all of them say as they rush down the stairs.

Mila sends them one last fake smile before she closes the door, and falls to the floor.

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