Chapter Twenty Six

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When Mila gains her consciousness back her wrist, and ankles are tied to one of Harry's chair. Her eyesight is slightly foggy, but she can see him beside her, and feel him put something in the waist of her jeans. Against her back she can feel the cold metal of the object, and her first instinct is that it is a gun, a very small one.

There is no one there yet, and Harry doesn't notice that she is awake until he moves away from her, and accidentally meets her eyes, but eye contact doesn't last long. Mila feels a stinging in her shoulder, and when she looks over at the source of the pain she can see that it was barely a flesh wound, and it was that fall that knocked her out, not the bullet.

Harry can't stand to look at her after hurting her. The second she fell he managed to admit to himself what he had not dared before. When she was willing to sacrifice her life for his family, for him. He realized that he was utterly, and wholeheartedly in love with her, he loves her. He thought about every single thing he loves about her as he tied her up. He can't bring himself to look upon the girl he loves, the girl he hurt, and see her looking at him as if what he did was okay, because  it wasn't.

"It's fine," she says with a drained voice. "I can take it." Of course you can, he thought. She can take anything it seemed. She has always been strong, but he just wished she didn't have to be. She didn't deserve this, and neither did he. He still doesn't look at her, and he regrets it, because seconds later the door to his apartment opens, and in steps a women with dark hair like the night, and blue eyes like the ocean, and beside her is a tall man with brown hair, and eyes.

"At last," Mila's mother says as she walks over to her daughter who is staring at her frozen still. It looks to Harry as if Mila has seen a ghost, and perhaps that is what it feels like for her. Mila's mother looks over at Harry. "How lovely to see you again." She smiles at him with a nice, but sinister smile, and even though that is hard to imagine, there is no other way to describe it.

"Amara," Harry says with a greeting nod before he turns towards Mila's father. "Luken." The old man nodded back at Harry formally before he as well moved over to Mila. They leaned down towards her, and Mila sat there as still as ever. In this moment there is nothing else Harry wants to do except hold her in his arms, and protect her, but he needs to make sure Gemma is safe first.

"It's been so long," Amara says to her daughter as she lifts her hand and caress Mila's cheek with her fingertips. Mila flinches away from her touch, and it surprised them all. Not because she did it, but because she finally moved.

"What do you want?" Mila asks with a cold voice. She keeps her head to the side, and her eyes glued to the floor as it if is the most interesting thing in the world, but to her it isn't. The most interesting thing in the world to her is the boy standing in the corner.

Her mother shakes her head disappointed. "We thought you had already figured out that part." Her mother moves to the back of the chair, and rests her hands on Mila's shoulders. She leans down close to her ear before whispering hauntingly, "we want to kill you, sweety." Luken laughs as he sees the hurt in her eyes.

Mila already knew this of course, but she wanted to hear them say it. "Why?" She asks. Harry almost wants to cover his ears at the sound of her broken voice, and if they didn't have his sister locked up somewhere he would have killed them both then, and there.

Luken squats down before his daughter who gathers up enough strength to look at her father. "Money," he says simply. "We saved up so much money, and then we faked our death so that we could leave, and do whatever the fuck we wanted. But we didn't think about the fact that when we died you would get all the money, and there was no chance that we could get it back without you noticing. Therefore, we got new identities. Meet your far away cousins." His smile is wicked as he points to the two of them. Mila has to do everything she can not to spit in his face.

Amara moves in front of her daughter, and squats down beside her husband. "Now all you need to do is sign a testament that we made, saying all your money will go to us when you die. Then of course we need to kill you in order to get the money, and to make sure no one snitch on us." She lays her hand on Mila's tight, and for every second the grip gets tighter.

Harry finally moves from his corner of the room. "Just tell me where my sister is so I can leave," he orders, as he crosses his arms. Mila doesn't look up at him, because then she knows he will she all the fright in her eyes, and that will make him stay.

They both laugh making Mila, and Harry look at them confused. Luken moves to stand behind him, but Amara rest a hand on his shoulder. "We never had your sister, honey. She is safe at home, and you just did us a huge favor." His breath stopped. What have I done? he thought. Before he can gather his thoughts, and help Mila he is knocked in the back of his head, and falls motionless to the floor.

Mila does everything she can to act like it doesn't affect her. "Now," her mother says as she takes a paper out of her coat. Amara lays the paper on the armrest by Mila's right hand, and puts a pen in it. "You need to sign here." She points at the dotted line.

"And why would I do that? You're going to kill me anyway," she says with all the spite she could gather in her voice.

"True," her mother says. "But if you don't, your little boyfriend over here will die as well." Mila looks over at Harry to see her father pointing a gun at his head. Without a second of hesitation she signs the paper, not being able to even think of his life being danger for a mere second.

"Thank you, sweetheart," her father says before he moves over to her, and hits her in the head with the back of his gun. For the second time this night blackness takes over her vision.


The sound of water crashing against something hard brings Mila back to consciousness. Her hands are tied above her head, and clearly has been for a while because she can barely feel her own arms. A cold breeze fly over her skin. She is on a terrace of a suit, she presumes seeing as they are very high up, and if she looks inside the window to her left she can see an apartment. The night has completely taken over the sky.

Her eyes travel across the room while she remember what caused her to wake up here. There is a pool which explains the sound of water, but what caught her interest was the figure lying by the edge of the pool. His curly hair makes it easy to recognize him, but as she watches him laying there completely still she can feel panic spark inside her.

Small waves touches his skin. Mila gathers all the power in her body, and stands up. Her legs wobble, but she manage to stand straight. Her tied hands are now in front of her, and she tries to get a better look at Harry. Mila's eyes travel down his body, and thankfully she can see him breathing. But the panic still remains when she notice the rope around his ankle, and the cement block tied at the other end of the rope. "Harry," she says quietly so her parents won't hear, but loud enough for him to.

The door leading out to the balcony suddenly opens, and her parents joins them out in the moonlit night. "Finally," her mother sighs. "I was afraid we hit you a little to hard for a second." Amara waves her hand around for performance.

"I have signed your contract, so why don't you just kill me? Why drag it out?" Mila's voice is as calm as she can get it, but you have to be deaf not to catch on to the panic beneath it. Her parents once lovely faces that used to bring her a feeling of safety is now unknown to her.

Luken smiles at her wickedly. "What's the fun in that? The torture is always the best part." Surprisingly to them Mila laughs, because she knows that whatever they will do to her is no worse then what she has felt mentally before, and they are quick to catch on to it. "Don't fret, dear. We know hurting you is useless, and that is why we have your lovely boyfriend here to assist us."

They walk over to Harry, and roll him on his back so it is now facing them. First now she notice his tied hands, and even with everything he looks at peace in his sleeping state, and for some weird reason it calms her.

Amara suddenly strikes him across the cheek. Mila closes her eyes, and flinches at the sound from the impact. "What?" She hears Harry mumble confused. She opens her eyes to see her parents stare down at a panicked Harry who has finally understood what is going on.

"The plan is to get rid of him, and then you. Fun, right?" Her mother says along with a chilling laughter. Harry opens his mouth to speak, but before he manages to do so her mother lifts her foot dressed in a black high heel before kicking him into the water. Mila screams at the top of her lungs, and try her hardest to rip the rope around her wrists loose with little success.

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