Chapter Fourteen

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Words fill her mind, but she can't seem to concentrate on any of them. Her mind contains only one thing; him. She doesn't know why, and she doesn't dare try to find it out either. Is it really okay to care so little about his profession? And is it okay to look at him as a good person despite it?

She puts the book on the table beside her with a sigh. No one has ever made her feel like this. Like she can't control anything. He is far too unpredictable, and she doesn't like to not know what is going to happen. She always plans things out the best she can, but with him, it's not possible.

Her eyes travel to the window pointing out towards her balcony, and she can see him standing at the corner of his. His back covered in a black shirt is all she sees, except for his wonderfully curly hair.

Mila stands up from the couch and wraps her arms around her body to protect her from the cold. She makes her way to the door leading out and opens it with ease before she steps out into the cold night air. The door closes behind her, making him turn his head in her direction. She debates whether to go back inside, because he is smiling at her, and she doesn't know if she should be happy or uneasy, because he hasn't done so before. Not like that.

"I was just thinking about you," she tells him honestly. Her body moves closer, and closer to his like a magnet, until she meets him at the corner of her balcony. Harry looks at her intrigued, or that is what it seems like to her. However, In all honesty, he is looking at how the moonlight lights up the corner of her eye, making it seem like there is a circle of silver around it.

"What were you thinking about me?" he asks as he turns his body towards hers.

"Nothing in particular, just... you." Her eyes dance over his face, taking in every detail. He has now more stubbles then when they first met. She doesn't know if it's because he is saving, or he just hasn't had any time to shave it of.

He nods his head with a fond smile on his face. Suddenly he jumps over the small fence between them, and simply walks into her apartment. She rushes after him but doesn't say anything to stop him. To her surprise, he simply sits down on the couch and looks around. "I don't remember much from the first time I was here," he says as he looks at all the details in the room. "I do however remember how beautiful you looked trying not to freak out for my sake." His face holds a teasing smile.

Mila rolls her eyes. "I found you quite beautiful as well, even with all the blood, and sweat-" He holds up his hand, and wrinkles his nose in disgust.

"Okay, Okay," he says. She walks over and sits down beside him. Her arm leaning against the back of the couch.

His eyes always seem to have this glow in them even though they are mostly cold. "Do you think we would ever have talked to each other if I didn't find you outside my door?"

Harry licks his lips while thinking. "I'm certain of it," he says with a small smile. "Some people are just meant to meet, and I genuinely think we were, but for what purpose I haven't figured out yet. But I do know it by the way I can so easily talk to you."

"Perhaps that is just because I kept talking to you even though you were rude, and not many people have done that." Harry rolls his eyes at her comment, but the smile still remains.

"I am not that rude," he protests, but when he looks over at Mila he sees her raised brows, he sighs. "Okay," he says raising his hands in surrender. "Perhaps I can be a little intimidating at times, but very deep down I can be kind." Mila laughs, and soon after Harry joins in. His eyes drift off to the globus standing on one of her shelves. "If you could go anywhere right now where would it be?"

His question takes her a little by surprise, but she knows exactly where she wants to be. "Nowhere. I want to be right here in my apartment. I am comfortable here, and I am not a big fan of changes." Her voice is confident, but she doesn't really feel that way. It's not that she doesn't want to leave, but it would be too different for her.

"Liar," he says as he suddenly takes her hand, and drags her over to her globus. Then he stops right in front of it. He spins it with his free hand before he brings her finger to the round map of the world. He presses her finger gently against it, but hard enough to make it stop. She looks at the spot where her finger stopped on to see that it landed on Africa. "There," he says from beside her, still holding onto her hand. "Promise me that you will go there one day." His eyes are glued to the globe.

She turns towards him, and strangely she wants to say that she will only go if he comes with her, but she doesn't know if she has the courage to. However, with all this talk about traveling, and leaving, and her parents' death only reminds her that life is short. "I promise, as long as you go with me when I decide to leave."

He looks surprised, but smile nonetheless. He moves his hands slowly down to her waist, as if testing his limits, but she finds herself liking what he is doing, and therefore doesn't stop him. "If I am as fortunate to know you that long it would be a pleasure." Warmth rushes to Mila's cheeks as he begins to lean in closer to her. Her heart beats faster for every time he moves closer, and within seconds his lips have captured her in a passionate kiss that makes her whole body numb, and alive all at once.

Unfortunately, seconds later Nathan pops into her head, and she pushes Harry away. He looks a little confused. "I'm sorry," she says hoping that he didn't think this was his fault. "You did nothing wrong, but I have a boyfriend, and I shouldn't have led you on like that. I'm really sorry." A big lump forms in her chest. How can she do something so cruel to someone so kind as Nathan?

Harry looks down. He nods his head while licking his lips. "I understand." Is all he says before he walks away from her, and out the door leading to her balcony.

A sigh leaves her lips as she slides down the wall behind her. She feels bad for thinking this, but that kiss was better than any kiss she has ever shared with Nathan, better than any kiss she has shared with anyone in her life. She feels guilty, and she feels afraid because now that she got a taste of his perfectly red and pink lips she is certain that she is already addicted. And despite all these feelings she finds herself smiling at the ground as she thinks back to the kiss, and a feeling she has never felt before burst inside her chest, and stomach, and every part of her.

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