Chapter Seven - What Time is it Mister Wolf

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Dean couldn't take being in the castle a minute longer. He had tried to power through the last few days but he couldn't go out of his room without wanting to hurt someone. So instead, he decided to change. 

As a wolf he felt more carefree and happy then he ever could as a human. He ran straight out of his apartments and out of the gates of the castle, not once stopping to look back or even to take a breath. His tongue lolled out of his mouth as he ran freely towards the dark woods beyond where he knew he would be free and safe for the next few days. 

He had done this many times before, and even thought his father didn't like him running out of the castle on his own in case anybody recognised his wolf, Dean was a grown ass man and he could do anything he wanted. Even if that meant disappearing for days at a time.

He knew that when he is king, he wouldn't be able to pull shit like this. But hopefully when he was king, he would have an omega by then. Technically, Castiel was his omega. But he hadn't marked him up as his in any way yet, and so he was still technically a free alpha with no omega. The marriage was just a ceremony of the humans, but alphas and omegas ran by slightly different rules to the humans. An alpha had to mark and knot their omega to show that they were truly theirs.

Of course, Castiel and Dean hadn't done anything like that yet, and Dean was in a rut. Literally and metaphorically. (Holy shit guys, i've just realised where meta-fiction comes from! METAPHORICAL FICTION!

He didn't really know what to do about the whole husband situation and he knew that by now, everyone would have expected them to have belonged to each other. Dean wondered if people knew that Castiel still wasn't bonded. But he then realised that people wouldn't know under Castiel had had his first heat. They would be able to smell the omega from all around the Castle, they would be able to smell that he didn't actually belong to anyone. 

This thought kind of annoyed Dean. He didn't really know why, perhaps it was because he wanted to omega to belong to him, but he brushed this thought aside quickly. He barely knew Castiel. He could list the only things he knew about him on one hand.

1. His second name was Novak.

2. He liked kitchens.

3. He liked books.

4. He hadn't had his first heat yet.

5. He was the first original omega in his family for generations.

6. He didn't want to turn into a wolf.

Okay maybe it was more that one hand, but he still didn't know that much about the young Castiel. 

However, running in the wild made Dean forget all about the omega, and the kingdom as a whole. He was just an animal, running in the wild, hunting for fresh meat and sleeping in dens that he found in the woods. 

It was a few days in to his travels when he saw a relatively large house smack bang in the middle of the woods. He sniffed a few times, realising that it was all alphas that lived there. He became quite cautious, knowing that he was in their territory without an invitation. Almost as if on cue because they could smell him, the family came out of the house. 

Even as a wolf, Dean recognised them immediately. It was the Novaks. He had thought he had gotten this damn family out of his mind, and yet here they were. Stood right in front of him. Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Balthazar all turned into their wolves, growling low in their throats as they began to circle him, warning him to get out of the territory. They obviously didn't recognise Dean as a wolf. 

Dean quickly changed into human form, breathing heavily and kneeling down, putting his hands up to tell them he meant no harm.

"Hold it!" Chuck snapped at his sons and they all heeled beside him and turned back into their human form. Dean stood up, brushing down his clothes and smiled awkwardly, waving slightly. As much as he wanted to fight, he knew that he had to keep a level head around his husbands family.

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