Chapter Eighteen - Riding to War

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How the hell was he supposed to stop a war? All he was was some stupid little omega that his family decided was "special" in some way or form. Sure he had certain powers but those powers were to protect the earth and all who live in it....

Castiel did acknowledge the fact that by stopping a war, he would be protecting billions of people from being slaughtered but he didn't know the first thing about war! Let alone knowing how to stop one. He really didn't know what to do and he felt like he was going on completely blind.

But going in he was. He had made up his horse and even though travelling as his wolf would be a lot faster and easier, he just did not know how to control it yet. Whenever he changed, all of his inhibitions and knowledge of humanity went out of the window and it wanted was blood and freedom.

The guards at the gate looked slightly worried as Castiel slowly came up to them, horse at his side. He just scowled at them and they moved to the side, looking at each other slightly. Castiel knew they wanted to ask where he was going but they didn't want to treat him like a prisoner in the palace, so they just let him go. Castiel also knew that they would tell Sam at the first chance they got so Cas knew he had to get the hell away from there as quickly as he possibly could before the young prince could follow him.

The battle wouldn't have started yet. Right now they would be preparing and looking at war tactics to make sure they would win, but in a matter of a week Castiel knew that the war would start and thousands of people would die. Perhaps he couldn't stop the war, but he knew Pan would never forgive him if he didn't at least try.


Three days it took Castiel to get to where Deans army was camping up. He stood upon the hill looking down at the mass army below him and bit the inside of his mouth. He knew soldiers would notice him up there but they wouldn't recognise him from that far away. The soldiers would just think that he was a member of Crowleys army.

Sure enough, after only a few minutes s Castiel saw a few soldiers leading Dean and John to the bottom of the hill and they looked up at Castiel, still not sure who it was. Castiel sighed, he was going to get into trouble. He just knew it. But he wasn't going to be made to go back to the castle now after travelling all of this way.

Dean, John and a few of their soldiers started slowly and cautiously making their way up in the hill towards him and Castiel waited patiently for them to get to him. As they drew closer, cas could make out their features a bit more but knew that Dean knew it was Castiel already because he could probably smell him.

Once deans expressions came into view, the alpha looked far from impressed. He had an annoyed pout on his face and his eyes were filled with a mixture of confusion and frustration.

"What are you doing her?" Dean snapped as soon as they were close enough.

"I have my reasons." Castiel replied coolly, staring back into the alphas eyes steadily, not breaking he gaze. He knew that he should though, as Dean was the 'top dog' and anything he said went. Castiel finally looked away, letting Deans eyes get the better of him and slid down off his horse.

"Castiel you shouldn't-" john started but dean cut him off.

"I'll deal with it. Take them back down." He beckoned to the soldiers and for a second john looked rather surprised before smiling secretly and nodding his head.

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