Chapter One - Meet The Novaks

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Dean hadn't heard anything else about the so called arranged marriage since the Lord Chuck and Lady Anna had visited, and he hoped to the high heavens, to Zeus himself that Anna and chuck had decided against the Winchester and had gone with Crowley instead. As horrendous as Crowley was and as much as dean felt sorry for any poor bastard that would have to marry him, dean would rather Crowley go his suitor because the fact was, dean wasn't ready to get married.

It had been almost a month since the meeting and dean had forgotten all about it, happily strolling the palace is hunt for another omega he could get his hands on. But his mood fell heavily when a guard rushed up to him and told him his father needed him in his study. Dean groaned inwardly before making his was down the hall and rapped on the study door a few times.

"Come in, dean." Dean entered and nodded his head curtly back at his father before taking a seat casually opposite him.

"So, what did you call me in for?" Dean asked, biting the inside of his lip slightly out of nervousness. John coughed slightly, refusing to look his son in the eyes.

"You remember the Novaks? Lady Anna and lord Chuck?" John asks sternly as dean grimaces. "They've decided to accept you as their sons fiancé."

"You've got to be fucking joking." Dean blurted out and his father finally caught his gaze angrily.


"How many times do I have to tell you? I don't want to get married!" Dean snapped angrily and stood up from the chair he was lounging on.

"Tough shit, dean!" John snapped. "Did you know that your mother and I had an arranged marriage? And yet I fell in love with her harder then anyone I've ever met. You haven't even met Castiel, the least you could do is give him and his family a warm welcome when they visit tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?!" Dean shouted. "That's a bit friggin' fast, don't you think? You're pushing me into this, into something that I've told you time and time again that I don't want. What else can I say to make you listen to me?"

"Dean. You don't understand. If you marry Castiel, relationships with other countries will develop increasingly. Do you know what they've called him in Greece? The jewel of Athens. Because he's damn important. The first born omega of the original family for hundreds of years!"

"I just want to turn into my wolf and run free, you're shackling me down!"

"Ohhh I want to run free and chase butterflies while my hair flows free in the wind." John mimicked in a high pitched voice before turning back to being serious again. "Well I'm sorry Dean, but being the king in waiting is a damn serious job and you have to start taking it more seriously. Your twenty three now, a grown alpha and it's time you settled down."

There was no talking to the king now. He had already made up his mind. Dean sighed and ran a hand across his eyes tiredly before nodding.

"Fine." Dean says in a monotone and bland voice. "You win."

"I win?" John snaps. "You're going to marry the most wanted and eligible omega there has been for five hundred years... and you think I win? You need to start getting you're priorities straight, boy."


Dean was sat moodily in his room, on the window seat looking down to where the horses and carriages rode into the city and towards the Winchester castle. Dean grimaced slightly and stood up, knowing that his father would just have someone come up here and fetch him anyway if he didn't move.

He walked down to the grand hall were a large dinner table was being set. The food was already being put out and wine already being poured for when the novaks entered the castle. Dean couldn't help that above the joys and excitement around the castle, there was a dark cloud looking over his entire existence. He really didn't want to meet this omega. He hated the thought of having to be tied down.

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