Chapter Twenty-Seven - Mating

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A/N: smut in this chapter... not gonna lie it's most of the chapter, sorry for those that don't like smut!

No one knew what the two princes had been through in the woods apart from the king himself.

John sat on his throne, pondering what had happened and itched his bearded chin thoughtfully. He had realised that dean had lost a wolf battle and that needed to be changed, he put it down to his own faults in not training Deans wolf as well as he taught the human Dean.

But there was some good that came of what happened in the forest. Castiels wolf had chosen Dean which meant that there was no doubt about it, they were meant to be together. He smiled victoriously and stood up, brushing himself down and turned towards his study door. He had smelt their arrival a few seconds ago before the knock came.

"Enter." He called out and Dean and Castiel walked in. He frowned to see there were a few inches distance from them both but then again, both boys sometimes preferred being left along.

"You called for us, father?" Dean says, wincing as he moved his face to talk because of the bruises and scratches that still hung there.

"I did. We need to train your wolf to fight better Dean." John said simply and was surprised to hear a snort of laughter from Castiel. He looked over to find the boy still expressionless but mischievousness clouded his gaze. Dean grimaced and rolled his eyes.

"Yes sir." Dean bowed slightly.

"And Castiel-" john turned to the omega whose face fell and he became serious once again. "You are going to need to go to the doctors clinic."

Castiel looked confused but it was Dean that spoke out.


"Because I said so, both of your health matters much to me."

"You're not asking me to go and I am the one with bruises and scratches all over me." Dean replied sarcastically and John just stared him down and waved them away.

"That will be all."


Both men made their way back to their compartments at the other end of the castle, not speaking a word to one another. All that had had to be have been said was already out in the open and now neither of them wanted to talk about what had happened in the forest. It had been such a long few weeks and both were extremely tired.

As Castiel was getting ready of bed, dean glanced over at the omega, his slight body appearing as he took off his battered clothes. Deans breath hitched as his eyes glazed over the smoothness of Castiels frame. Deans jaw tightened and he looked away, he didn't know how things were between them at that moment in time so he did not dare walk over there and pretend everything was absolutely fine.

To his surprise however, he didn't need to make any move. As he sat down at his desk and stared at the words of the parchments in front of him without giving too much thought to what was he was reading, he felt a figure appear behind him and slip its arms around his shoulders.

Dean leaned back into Castiels soft touch and closed his eyes, letting the omega slowly unbutton his shirt from behind and run his hands over the alphas thick chest. Castiels hand travelled downwards past his chest and stomach until they got to the waistband of Deans trousers.

Castiel paused, as if hesitating but brought up the courage to slip his fingers and hand underneath the waistband and travel in between Deans legs.

Dean drew in a slow and shaky intake of breath as he felt the soft hand wrap around him gently and rub slowly. Dean leant his head back even more, his eyes still tightly shut as he bucked his hips slightly at the sensation that Castiels hand was giving him. The hand became firmer against him and ran up and down his length, rubbing a thumb against the slit making dean let out a soft moan.

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