Chapter Thirty-Three - The Dark Kingdom

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"Uh oh..." Dean snorted as Castiel pulled their son into the dining hall. John raised a questioning eyebrow and Sam grinned and shook his head.

"Cas, why do you have a teenager attached to you by the ear?" Dean asked, laughing slightly but his smile faltered when he saw the raging look on Castiels face. He ignored dean and turned straight to Lycan.

"Now sir your ass down and eat supper
with your family or I'll drag you all the way to your bedroom instead." Castiel hissed and finally let go of Lycan who jumped away from him and glared up at his father angrily. He was only a few inches shorter than Castiel and soon he knew he would be taller, he couldn't wait for the day where he could look down on him.

Dean looked between his husband and son and opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by John coughing. He looked at his father and the older man shook his head telling him not to get involved and all five of them are in absolute silence.

Lycan barely ate any of his food and before dessert could be brought out he stood up and brushed himself down.

"May I be excused?" He asked in a forced polite voice, looking at Dean and completely blanking Castiel who was frowning up at him disapprovingly. Dean looked between them both and slowly nodded his head before Lycan waltzed out of the room without a backward glance. Castiel sighed and leaned back in his chair, putting his head in his hands.

"What was that about?" Sam asked, his eyebrow raised slightly in intrigue.

"It's utterly hopeless." Cas murmured and shook his head, finally looking up at his family. "I think Lycan has caught the disease."


"He said so himself! He called me 'just a stupid omega' and I didn't want to say anything but I've already had a few complaints from a mother of a young omega girl by the name of Valentina. She says that he almost bullies her and her friends, kicking her out of the place that she and her friends are talking and laughing in their faces. I'm really worried Dean."

"Well someone must have been filling his mind with these ideologies..." sam pondered and scratched his chin. "Who are his friends."

"All of them are alphas, but I think the problem stemmed a few years back from an alpha boy who is double his age named Jack."

"Jack Scraps? I know his father." John mumbled as Castiel nodded. "Awful man but he's a courtier, he came forth from the west of Crowleys kingdom hoping to gain some power here, it's altogether possible that this young Jack fellow could have been the carrier and passed it onto your son."

"We have to find a cure." Castiel said desperately and Dean sighed.

"It's not a physically disease Castiel, it's a disease of the mind. There only so much potions and pharmaceuticals can do."

"Then we have to use magic!"

"I've seen you use magic before." John shuddered, thinking back many years before when Castiel decided that splitting the world open was a good way of stopping the war. "I don't think that's an altogether great idea."

"I'm older now, I can reign in my magic." Castiel poured slightly and blushed in embarrassment, remembering all the trouble he had caused his god when he had practically moved be earth.

"Maybe we can talk to someone else about the idea of magic. Someone who has practiced it for a lot longer..." John asked pointedly and Castiel sighed and nodded.

"I could ask the Dryads." He mumbled. "But I would have to travel to Greece and I'm not too sure that they would do all that well on boats."

"Is there anybody closer to home? Pan perhaps?" Dean asked, looking at Castiel hopefully but Cas looked doubtful.

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