Chapter Ten - Time to be an Alpha

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Dean watched as the omega walked away from him and his gut clenched up into a tight knot.... and not the good kind. He sighed and turned towards the door, trying to open it once again. Everything had gone quiet outside and he was hoping that Sam had opened the door for him.

Thankfully, Sam had, but un-thankfully however, the fight wasn't over.

"DEAN WHAT THE HELL, YOU HAD ONE JOB!" Sam shouted as a wolf pounced towards Dean, knocking the alpha over in surprise. The wolf had been to quick and as Sam dragged Dean to his feet, the wolf was already almost in Castiel room. There was a loud shout coming from Castiels room and Dean had never moved so quick in his life. It beat the time before when he ran out of his and Castiels room, yet now he was running back in.

"DEAN!!!!" Castiel screamed as loud as he could as both dean and Sam burst into the room, wrestling the wolf to the floor and dragging him back out, pushing him out of the compartments all together. Dean was about to shut the door but sam pushed him back into the room with a frown on his face.

"Sam, what the hell?" He snapped at the beta and sam rolled his eyes.

"Go and take care of your husband on his first heat dean, he's probably scared out of his mind. Man up and be a proper alpha for once. I'll handle things out here." Sam says sternly and pushed Dean all the way in before slamming the door in the alphas face. Dean's mouth was hanging open in shock at the closed door but he finally shook himself out of it and turned around.

He sighs as he walks towards the bedroom, the smell so overpowering it made his pupils puff in lust. He suppresses this feeling however as he opened up the door and peeks his head round to find Castiel, sat up on the bed with his arms wrapped around his legs and his head in his knees, sniffling slightly.

"Are you okay?" Dean asks gently and Castiel stiffens up and refuses to answer, not even looking up at Dean. The alpha sighs and walks over to the omega who refuses to budge. He sits on the side of the bed and looks at Castiel worriedly.

"The wolf didn't get to you, did he?" Dean asks softly and he could see the little shake of the omegas head. 

"No." Castiel whispered.

"Good." Dean breathed out a sigh of relief. "I promise you nothing like that will ever happen again."

"How can you promise that when you won't do the one thing that will stop it from happening?" Castiel finally looked up at Dean, tears leaking out of his eyes. Dean shuffled uncomfortably and rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. 

"It's not that i don't want to... Your pheromones are killing me, it's just..."

"Just what" Castiel snaps.

"Well, don't you want the first time to not be in the middle of a heat craze?" Dean asks and Castiel scoffs slightly and shakes his head.

"No." He replied back simply and Dean raised an eyebrow.


"It burns, Dean. It hurts so badly, i need something.... I know you're trying to be nice but can't you just let your wolf take over?" Cas complains and wipes some sweat off of his brow. He licks his chapped lips and looks up at Dean shyly, restraining himself from jumping on top of the alpha. 

Dean was surprised to hear this. He just thought that Cas would be more comfortable if they waited until they both really liked each other. If that ever happened. The problem was though, Dean didn't know a think about omega heats and how much they hurt if they weren't properly managed and taken care of. He had never had another omega to teach him, his mom was meant to be the one to do that but she had died when he was only young. 

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