Chapter Thirty - Five - Running or Flying, Its All the Same to Me

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A/N: hey guys, this is gonna be a short chapter because i decided to break my phone into a million tiny pieces and had to write all of this on my tablet. Also, sorry for any mistakes, this tab doesnt have autocorrect 😅

Fergus Crowley, the king of Hell and now the king of Lawrence was extremely pleased with himself to say the least. He had never expected his plan to go this well but the promise that his god had made him came to pass better than he had ever imagined! Hades had told him that there would be a consequence for his wish in the future but for the time being he was not too worried about that. He had everything he had ever wanted, expect for one minor detail which he was now working on. However the jewel of Greece was nowhere to be found, try as he might, it was as if the young omega had vanished into thin air.

"How can there not be a trace of him?!" Crowley shouted angrily, "you got the smell of him from the room he shared with the rotten prince, how could you not sniff him out!?"

"Im so sorry my lord," said the armies captain, Azazel who was visible shaken while his sargeant, Alistair, was stood by his side calmly. "But he seems to have found a way to cover his tracks..."

"How could he have possibly done that?"

"Well we managed to follow him up to the border of Purgatory but after that everything smells of reptiles."


"Forgive me my lord," Alistair cut in with an icy voice, "but the dreaded dragon lives there, the one that you said Hades unleashed upon this world."

"No one could create a creature that big and powerful apart from Hades, the dragon has to be his. Nevermind, i will ask him myself to get the dragons help since my minions are obviously completely useless!"

Crowley stalked away from the throne room and set forth towards his compartments where he could summon his god. Once he got there he sat in front if the large mirror that was adorning half of the wall on the left side of the grand room and started muttering incantations, shutting his eyes tightly. There was a flssh of blue and green light and once Crowley had opened his eyes again, the face of the evil god was shimmering within the mirror. The god was extremely pale apart from the red scorched burn marks on his skin from the hot coals of the underworld. His hair was white and spiked upon his head and his eyes were as pale white as his skin and hair, no colour within them at all, which made it look like he was blind. When he opened his mouth, his teeth were cut into large spikes as if he used them for biting bone and flesh and his pink mouth was chapped and filled with sores from the dryness of his own kingdom.

"My God," Crowley bowed, "I once again need your divine help."

"I got you your kingdom Crowley," Hades voiced rasped harshly. "What more could you possibly want?"

"The omega didnt come with the idiot prince like you said he would!" Crowley accused almost moodily and Hades face frowned and shook his head.

"Impossible, i saw him in the visions, he should have burst into the throneroom with the Winchester boy!"

"Well you were obviously wrong," crowley snarled. "He was nowhere to be seen. It turns out hes entered purgatory but my men cannot track him because of the stench of your dragon."

"My dragon?" Hades frowned again. "The creature is here in the underworld with me. I have no pets up on the earth at the moment, i need to savour them for my war with Pan."

"Well there is definitely a dragon on earth, my men cannot smell the omega anywhere around those parts."

"This is troubling. Very troubling. You must be mistaken, are you sure its a dragon?"

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