Chapter Thirty-Four - Overrun

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Crowley stopped and pointed towards two comfortable chairs by a vast fireplace. Lycan dubiously and cautiously sat down on one of the chairs while Crowley clicked his fingers and ordered two drinks to come to them. Crowley then sat down on the other seat casually and smiled at Lycan, a knowing smile as if he had been expecting his arrival since the day he was born.

"You're probably wondering how I knew you... since we have never met." Crowley purred out, still giving him that disgusting smile and Lycan could only nod in response. "Well you see, your highness, it's been prophesied by my own god that you would come to me before long. As soon as you walked into the kingdom I knew you were here."

For some reason, all of a sudden, all thought of what he was going to say to Crowley had flew out of his head and Lycan could do nothing but sit there, his mouth in a frown and his eyes dazed and confused. There was a tingling in his hands as he lifted up his drinks once more to his dry mouth and gulped it down greedily.

His ears rung loudly and his eyes dropped while Crowley kept speaking about some prophecy that he knew nothing about. Suddenly his mind refocused as Crowley asked him a question.

"That omega father of yours is strict and cruel isn't he?"

Lycan nodded his head, agreeing to every word he said but a small part of his mind was screaming at him, telling him that this was all wrong and that he loved his father. He always had and whatever he had said to him in the past he regretted. But for the most part his mind was full of hatred and annoyance, about how all omegas including his father was treated like delicate little flowers. The more he thought and tried to shake the horrible feelings away the more that they actually claimed him and took him by fool force while the King watched him closely and smirked. It seemed like this was his plan all along.


Castiel was worried sick, it was as if he had a stone in the back of his throat and had an ache in his stomach as Dean and the soldiers were out trying to find his son who had slipped out in the dead of night somewhere. He knew that Lycan had been angry with him because of the disease that had taken a hold of his son but how could they cure him when he was no where to be found.

They days dragged by for Castiel and when Dean returned with no luck and had a weary and worn face on as he took Castiel in his arms, Castiel almost felt the hope dying away from him. How could Lycan run away like this. Did he really hate Castiel that much?

"We will find him, cas." Dean muttered. "If it's the last thing I do."

*** three weeks later ***

The search was going on and on, Castiel took the omegas out and showered one part of the kingdom while Dean and his alphas and betas scourged the other. There was no sign of him, not even a smell of him. The smell had been washed away by the days of rain that had happened of the past few weeks.

Castiel had been travelling by foot so he was far behind the other omegas but he knew he had to take more extreme measures now. He had to find his son.

"Help me. Help me find him." He whispered as he slowly began to change and the wolfs mind took over his own.

How could you lose him? He's only a pup!

Not anymore Fire, he's still young but he is a pup no longer.

Yet he will always be OUR pup. The wolf will find him, worry not.

That was the last time Castiel was heard of. The wolf ran off, not to be seen again for a long long time.


"He can't of crossed the border!" Dean shouted, pacing back and fro as he stood by the border of Crowleys kingdom. "He would have been caught straight away, they would know what he looks and smells like."

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