Chapter Twenty-Six - The Alphas Victory

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Dean slowly changed back into a human, his face, neck, hands and legs were filled with blood as he writhed around on the floor in pure agony. Adams wolf stood, head high with pride as he himself started to change back.

Adam stood over him, smiling in victory before looking over towards Fire, who was staring seriously at the two, eyes fiery.

"This is it, wolf. I have proven to you that I am the stronger alpha." Adam said in a steady strong voice. "We have battled like the wolves of old and it was I that came out as victor."

So you did. The wolf cast the thought out to both alphas but the tone was indecipherable. It showed no emotion if either joy nor pain.

From the floor, Dean groaned and tried to sit up, clutching his swollen, bloody face in agony. However, he would not be a sore loser, and in his heart he had accepted his defeat of both dignity and omega. He stood.

"Well fought." He croaked out and smiled sadly. "I was no match for you as wolf, but as human I can imagine it would have been a different story."

"And yet, it was as wolf we fought and I won." Adam smirked, taking ultimate joy in winning HIS omega back off the rich and spoilt prince.

"Indeed." Dean nodded and looked at Fire. "Yet the wolf must decide who he would claim as his victor, no matter who won the fight."

Adam turned to look at Fire too, and as both alphas stared, the omega stayed silent, sending not one thought to either of them and instead only stared. Dean took it as a sign of defeat and sighed.

"I hope you are happy together." He said bitterly. "Look after him well."

Adam looked as if he were about to say something else but Dean was already walking away.


He took his time getting back to the castle. He washed most of the blood away in a pond within the woods but the scars of the unwon battle still stayed upon his skin. Dean looked at his reflection in the water and saw the tears well up but quickly blinked them away.

What could he do? Adam had won fair and square within the rules of wolf law. What would he tell his father? His brother? His kingdoms people? What would they think of him now? That he couldn't even protect and keep his own omega, how would he ever be able to face anybody every again without them thinking that if he could not even protect his own spouse, how could he protect his people and an heir.

Deans heart was down to his boots as he slowly made his way back through the miles and miles that his own wolf and Fire had tread over the last week. He made it all on foot, not wanting to change back into his battered and weak wolf, which through no fault of its own, Dean was now ashamed of.

It was a few days of walking and sleeping off the bodily pain and the pain in his heart when he finally saw the spires of his castle loom over in the distance. He was terrified and had not desire to walk back through those gates to stand before his father and tell him he had lost everything his father had built for him. Including the respect of his family and subjects.

Yet he knew he must go on, as if he didn't he would be a runaway. Fled from his own defeat and that would have been the final straw. His people may learn to respect him as a defeated prince, but they would never learn to respect him as a cowardly runaway.

He trooped onwards, taking another day or so before he finally reached the castle and made his way through the large courtyard towards the front doors. People looked at him, surprised to see what a state he was in. They already pitied him and Dean hated the looks in their faces. He would hate it even more when they all finally found out why he looked like this.

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