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Trouble With The Trickster || Gabriel - Supernatural by FearTheWinterSoldier
Trouble With The Trickster || luce
The child of Darkness and Light is a deadly threat to both - can it prove to be better than them all? ©FearTheWinterSoldier 2016
The Lovely Ghost by _Berry
The Lovely Ghostby _Berry
A Ghost Bird Fanfiction. Sang is a ghost. She doesn't know when or how she became one. All she knows is that no one else can see her and it seems that she is to wonder...
Who Said I'm Teasing? (Sabriel fluff) by PicIsMyObsession
Who Said I'm Teasing? (Sabriel SoulOfAnArtist
After losing a bet, Sam got used to Gabriel's sudden teasing and could adapt to most of it. But what happens when Gabriel's no long joking? Sabriel fanfic, characters fr...
Supernatural Imagines  by CBloodmarch
Supernatural Imagines by CBloodmarch
The title says it all. This book features imagines of the characters from supernatural.
Sabriel Insanity by LaurenABlack
Sabriel Insanityby Misha Trash
Sabriel oneshots based on OTP prompts Fluff. Love. Moose. Trickster. Sabriel. Honestly, what more do you need? All AU unless stated otherwise I do not own Supernatural...
The Beauty of Humanity  by Geeky_Girl15
The Beauty of Humanity by Kayleigh
-Caelesti Malum English: Heavenly evil •Human born with an angel's grace. An extraordinary asset to Heaven, possibly Hell. Extremely powerful, including an angel's bo...
Bobby's Daughter (Dean Winchester x OC) DISCONTINUED  by ohOKEYY
Bobby's Daughter (Dean Welp
Teresa Singer was a secret to the Winchester boys for a couple years and Bobby wanted to keep her that way. She was kept under-raps until the John stopped by on a surpri...
"𝐌𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐁𝐞" - 𝐑𝐎𝐓𝐖 by imendez0906
"𝐌𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐁𝐞" - 𝐑𝐎𝐓𝐖by bels
☆ ☆ NOTE: I don't own any of these characters but Delilah and her family, who are characters I made up and thought of all on my own, all credits go to Netflix. Thank you...
Mandela Catalog x Reader One-Shots: Alternates Of Love by AnonymouseGeek
Mandela Catalog x Reader Anonymouse Geek
Some Mandela Catalog x Reader one shots. Enjoy I guess MANDELA CATALOG BELONGS TO ALEX KISTER
Fatherhood by Artsylatina
Fatherhoodby Gigi
Sam becomes pregnant after an exciting night with Gabriel. He tries to hide the pregnancy from Dean and Cas until the angels get word of a new archangel baby being born...
The Mother of All by clary123454321
The Mother of Allby Clary Scott
The world was written so differently than it was lived out. Based in the Supernatural world it's a story told from the view of Chucks wife (Rose). She tells the story fr...
SPN Watching the Show by TheMouse28
SPN Watching the Showby Mickey Mouse
Set during season 11, Sam, Dean, and Cas are shocked to find members of their family that were long dead and halfway across the country in the Dean Cave. Together, they...
Reborn as Issei[DxD] by Kischur
Reborn as Issei[DxD]by Kischur
The Protagonist was Reborn as Issei Hyoudou in the Highschool DxD verse With 3 Powers with him to support him in every shape or form
Spn Gabriel Imagines & Preferences  by Wayward_Stark
Spn Gabriel Imagines & Preferences by SteebnBucket
There just isn't enough of Gabe in this world. Some have too much fluff to handle. Some are sad, some are confusing, some are funny, some are charming and some are fille...
Good Omens Parent Preferences (On Hiatus Because Writers Block Sucks) by ToothlessRider404
Good Omens Parent Preferences ( Alexei Rosewood
If you want a character from Good Omens to be your parent then this is the book for you. I've noticed that there aren't any Good Omens parent preferences here on Wattpad...
All You Did was Save my Life by owenharpersgirl
All You Did was Save my Lifeby owenharpersgirl
How will Sam and Dean balance hunting, kids, and the end of the world? With a lot of help from their friends and angels. Mpreg. Will contain Destiel and Sabriel.
Sabriel oneshots  by gay_supernatural_fic
Sabriel oneshots by gay_supernatural_fic
Smut, fluff, and angst to fill your Sabriel needs!
Mandela Catalogue /One Shots) GN (Book 2) by Innidth
Mandela Catalogue /One Shots) GN ( Ratata
Ha! Do you really think i forget about this?. Ofc no! I didn't think that the other book have more than 10k-.. I really appreciate a lot and that's why i make the book 2...
Hybrid [ Book 1 ] by Teenwolfmk55
Hybrid [ Book 1 ]by Makayla
Rose was abandoned by her family, because she was different, she was a mistake. She's a hybrid, a puppy-human hybrid, her floppy ears and tail stuck out like a sore thum...
Supernatural BSM DDM; SSM MDM by RiannaBurgdorf2019
Supernatural BSM DDM; SSM MDMby Rianna lynn
DDM: -Sam -dean -cas -Gabriel -Bobby -Crowley BSM: -Winchester boys -cas -Gabriel -Crowley Requests are open. Updates are slow due too wifi errors. Sorry, but hopefull...