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Genesis by Polkadottedgiraffe11
Genesisby Polkadottedgiraffe11
Damon Salvatore was done caring. His younger brother was on a revenge crusade & the woman he loved accused him of caring too much. His night couldn't get much worse. Cle...
Glowing (Dean Winchester x reader) [Completed] by gayestroach
Glowing (Dean Winchester x reader) ♡♡♡
You are an angel. An angel with some different abilities than others, some that are stronger than others but weaker than others. You are with your older brother Castiel...
Good Omens Oneshots by Xanthicat
Good Omens Oneshotsby Xanthicat :D
Will update a lot. Just some oneshots & fanart. Requests welcomed. Doctor who crossover chapter 8. Bit of angst/fluff but I try to have a plot. Honestly, the first chapt...
Supernatural Imagines 2 by Sammy_Dean_Cas
Supernatural Imagines 2by Team Tony
The second book of my Supernatural Imagines. It contains imagines for any and all Supernatural characters. Requests are always open so feel free to request at any time...
Supernatural Oneshots by Severass-Snape-Addi
Supernatural Oneshotsby Always, Addi
Reader X Castiel * Reader X Crowley * Reader X Dean * Reader X Kevin * Reader X Gabriel* Reader X Sam* Reader X Balthazar* Reader X Lucifer * Castiel X Dean * Gabriel X...
Hey Angel || Destiel Soul Mate AU by invisibleballs
Hey Angel || Destiel Soul Mate AUby Evie
Imagine a world where you have your soulmate's name tattooed on your wrist. It start to appear when you turn 13. When you meet your soulmate tattoo start to glow in the...
The Winchesters Sister by 8SuperGirl8
The Winchesters Sisterby 8SuperGirl8
What would happen if the Winchesters figured out they had a sister? Would they go find her or leave her to live her life? **going through extreme (and slow) editing**
Lil' Angel (Supernatural x Baby!Reader) by InkedEyeballs
Lil' Angel (Supernatural x Baby! InkedEyeballs
Short little blurbs of a baby angel reader with the Winchesters and others~
Trapped in the storm by NinaGaetana
Trapped in the stormby NinaGaetana
Gabriel Agreste and Nathalie Sancoeur are on a business trip, however, destiny leads them to be trapped in a hotel room with nothing more than the other's company.
Tarantism by cfipps
Tarantismby cfipps
Sang survived her step mother's cruel punishments without help from anyone. She has the scars to prove it, but what doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger right. She le...
Sabriel One Shots by buckysswhore
Sabriel One Shotsby dreams hoe
Doing a 'sabriel/destiel month' for pride month where I do one shot everyday. A bunch of sabriel one shots I wrote rather quickly. Maybe some other ships make appearance...
So Get This (destiel and Sabriel fanfic)  by FanficsandAUs
So Get This (destiel and Sabriel FanficsandAUs
Dean can suddenly see Cas' s wings Sam being curious decides to do some research which leads him to ask for Gabes help. Note:this is my first fanfic so it's probably no...
𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐂 ❪ tvd.❫by 𝒎𝒊𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒍𝒆
🖇·˚ ༘┆ ˗ˏˋ ANGELIC ˎˊ˗ ꒰ 🕊️ ꒱, In which Jack Kline's fraternal twin sister goes on a journey to find herself after losing him. ━━꒰🖇꒱. 🥥🗒. ••✎•• ࿔ ━━ Where a nep...
His Precious Mate. by Moluccan_girl
His Precious Destiny
{BOOK ONE OF THE WEREWOLF SERIES} Dayanara Arabella Cordero is the daughter of the Alpha and Luna of the Blood Moon Pack. Her parents were murdered and soon, her pack fo...
Ineffable Bureaucracy (One/twoshots) by BangtanBabe13
Ineffable Bureaucracy (One/ BangtanBabe13
One/Two shots of our favorite Archangel and Prince of Hell!
Supernatural One Shots ♡ by MultiFandomAccount0
Supernatural One Shots ♡by ♡ Unknown ♡
*REQUESTS OPEN* A variety of X Reader one shots for the Supernatural fandom! I Will Write For... - Dean Winchester - Sam Winchester - Castiel - Jack Kline - Crowley - L...
Alessio Scalzotto Smut by PrettyWay18
Alessio Scalzotto Smutby Babi B
Original smuts and imagines about Alessio scalzotto aka Gabriel from rim of the world
Supernatural Imagines/Preferences by OldFashionedVillain_
Supernatural Imagines/Preferencesby Ash
Explains itself tbh Might include some smut Character requests coz im nice like that Other than that enjoy (Also not all works are mine so credit to the writers)
Filled With Fire ✔️ by KayeM0412
Filled With Fire ✔️by KayeM0412
A young, not so young tiger hybrid is pulled into her brothers' bullshit because of a certain doppelgänger and her problems that she can't deal with herself, that bitch...
Good omens one shots by Crowleyizcool
Good omens one shotsby Brooke
Plz give me suggestions for what one shots I want! Slowish updates