Chapter Twenty - The Power of an Original

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The earth was shaking and there was a loud and low grumble from deep underground where the plates where rubbing together from being moved. A long thin gap had appeared between the two armies running straight through the grassy ocean of land, leaving a long strip between them falling deep underground. Dean Winchester cast his gaze down and thought for a minute that the rip that Castiel had caused led all the way down to the core of the earth, but he thought that must be impossible and instead turned his gaze back up to his husband who had gone pale in the face and whose eyes a milked over with the power flowing through him.

He then looked to his side at his father who looked even whiter than Castiel did, his mouth slightly agape as he stared at what was unfolding before him. 

"Castiel!" Dean shouted one last time to try and get the omega to realise what he was doing. Dean thought that it was pointless as the young princeling had paid no heed to Dean's calling that last few times, but to his surprise, Castiel slowly lowered his arms and began turning around to look at Dean.

"Dean." He said in an extremely low tone, his voice barely that of a whisper but could be heard by everybody.

"Enough." Dean said, forcing his will upon Castiel even though the power of the omega was too strong for him to control. He thought that Castiel may feel the push of his alphaic powers however and knock him, even if ever so slightly, into reason. 

To Dean utter astonishment, it actually worked. The young omega heeded Dean's single word and the milk white dropped out of Castiels eyes like liquid and as it did so, he exhaled heavily and dropped to his knees. Dean ran over quickly, slowly as he came nearer to the edge so he didn't slide into the oblivion below and knelt beside Castiel, putting his arms underneath his and lifted him to his feet.

Castiel slowly turned again to look at the huge army upon the other side and Dean followed his gaze. What they saw was an extremely angry King Crowley, rebuking his men as if somehow this was all their fault. He cursed towards Dean's army and kicked what looked like a small stone into the long wide pit that Castiel had created. 

"Need to speak to him." Castiel croaked only to Dean so no other could hear him.

"You can't, you can barely even talk." Dean murmured back with a shake of his head but Castiel shook his own head in reply.

"Not me, you." He urged. "You need to act as if was your plan all along and that worse would happen if he tries to ever march across our borders ever again. Cut off all trade and contact with him. Don't let him seep into our land and lives." 

The long speech from Castiel left him feeling even weaker but he tried to stand up as straight as he could, pretending to act stronger than he actually felt. Dean nodded his head slowly and let Castiel walk towards John as he turned to look back at Crowley.

"Do you see this, men of Hell!" Dean roared in a booming voice towards Crowley and his vast army. "This is only a small portion of what is to come if you ever try to march on the kingdom of Lawrence again. My husband spared your lives today. Do not expect the same kindness next time you believe that you can walk into our territory unscathed." 

"Your so called husband is weakened!" Crowley snarled back and Dean smiled.

"Weakened in body, perhaps. But weakened in mind and power which created this chasm? Do you really want to put him to the test on that, Crowley?" For the first time ever, because of speaking these words, Crowley actually looked cautious and even a little bit fearful. He could do nothing. He knew it, Dean knew it, and both armies knew it too. There was no way that the knights and armies of hell would go against Lawrence, even if the mad king wanted them too. 

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