Chapter Nine - The Heat (of the moment) 🌚( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Now that the threat of the war was finally over, dean had the chance to hang with his friends again and stay up all night drinking.

It had been around two weeks since Carver and Edlund had left to go back to Greece and Castiel had eternally apologised to them that they had missed the wedding. Things had gone back to the way things were and there was a huge weight lifted off of Dean's shoulders. 

It was around the middle of the second week when Dean had gone out for the fourth time with his friends. He was sat in the hall, laughing and drinking away while some music was playing from the band on the small stage that had been erupted almost every night that week. Around fifty people were there, smoking, laughing, drinking and playing card games while making bets. 

Castiel had woken up from the noise down in the hall in a cold sweat and he sat up, gritting his teeth angrily. Most times, he was never angry, it was just something about that night which the music and the laughter made his skin crawl from the anger that surged through his body.

He looked down beside him and noticed instantly that Dean had not yet come to bed. He had no idea what time it was but he knew that it was late from the darkness of the sky and the size of the moon that glared into his bedroom.

Cas crawled out of bed, wrapping a silk robe around him and lit a night light before stomping out of the bedroom and out of the apartment altogether. He slammed his door shut and stormed down the hall towards the ballroom. 

He noticed a few people outside of the door, getting a quiet moment together, whispering softly. When they noticed Castiel, their eyes widened and they bowed low but Castiel ignored them and stormed into the hall, opening the large double doors which slammed open in a huge bang which made people look his way. Once the band noticed he was there, they immediately stopped playing so more and more people turned around to look at him in shock. 

Dean looked around confused, wondering why the music had stopped and turned just in time to see Castiel marching towards him. 

"Is that your husband, Dean?" An omega girl asks, smiling slightly. Castiel was fuming at the sight of her but managed to ignore her every move as he still marched towards Dean.

"Erm, yeah. That's him." Dean replied, his eyes wide as he shuffled back a bit when he noticed how angry Castiel was. Cas stopped in front of him, his eyes blazing slightly and he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I am so sick of your stupid ass staying up until stupid o'clock in the stupid morning!" Castiel shouted in front of everyone, who had their eyes wide but were all listening intently. 

"I am meant to be your damn husband." He continued, a little quieter this time. "Not some ornemant in your room that you sometimes see and sometimes don't. You better march your stupid ass out of this party and in to bed or so help me Zeus i will smite you." 

Dean it completely lost for words as he stares at Castiel and blinks a few times. He takes one glance around and everyone is watching him now, waiting to see what Dean will answer with. Wasn't Dean meant to be the alpha? Wasn't he the one who is meant to tell Cas what to do? 

Dean gulps low in his throat and hangs his head in shame. He was too lost for words and too in shock to argue back with Cas. Besides, his husband had a point. Dean barely saw him, especially on the nights when he would go out with friends and Castiel would just lie there, lonely as anything.  

And so, with that, Dean nods and ironically, as if he was a wolf, followed Castiel out of the hall with his tail between his legs while everyone watched them leave in complete and utter shock. 

When they got back to the compartments, Castiel completely ignored him. Dean remembered thinking what was the point in coming back if the omega was just going to ignore him the whole time, but the fact was, Dean didn't really blame him. 

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