Chapter Twenty-Four - A Wolf Named Fire

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It made sense, that the day straight after the night they had made long, sweet and rough love that Castiel went into heat. Dean stayed by his side in the bed almost the entire time, caressing his body over and over again. Not long after, Deans own rut began and their heats aligned with one another.

Nobody in court questioned their absence, as most who were in close proximity to the princes quarters could smell or even hear them. Jealousy mixed with chiding filled the court but almost everybody was delighted that the two husbands finally had put aside their differences and were trying for a child.

That idea was quite different to the two that were actually there however. They weren't trying for anything, they were just too absorbed in what was passing between them, a magic of some sort binding them together as no official marriage could. They had had sex before, but nothing came close to those few days they spent rolling around in the sheets together, every moment touching each other. Whether it was Dean cooking in their kitchen and Castiel standing behind him, arms wrapped around his wait and cheek against the mans shoulder or whether it was Castiel curled in the library with a book and dean coming to sit beside him, pulling the omega onto his lap and holding him close.

The outside world was a blur to them. They had no clue or any care what was happening outside of their compartments as each and every touch made the dinner burn or the book drop to the floor as they got lost in each other passion. Dean was surprised at how strong willed Castiel was to always want to straddle Deans hips and kiss fiercely after all that time of being to shy to even look at him.

Even when both of them knew that their heats were dying down, they were reluctant to leave each other's side, the heat and idea of sex being overturned by the want and need to have skin on skin at all times.

One morning, dean woke up in a daze, realising that almost five days had probably past within a blink of a eye. He groaned at the idea of having to get up and actually face the world for a change and the heat of Castiels naked body wrapped around his made that idea even more difficult to comprehend. He nuzzled the top of Castiels head, letting his soft hair fall upon his face as he breathed in deeply before uncurling himself from the omegas clutches and sitting up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed gently so not to wake Castiel.

He rubbed his head and yawned, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs from his brain and looked back down at the sleeping omega. He smiled proudly, realising that they both had gotten through a rather tough barrier in the recent days and he would not let that go to waste this time.

He kissed Castiels cheek and gently shook him to wake him up. Castiel groaned moodily but opened his blue eyes and stared up at Dean in accusation.

"Not again, dean. We have barely gotten any sleep over the last few days." He groaned and dean laughed loudly.

"I'm going to make breakfast." He said, shaking his head. "I woke you to ask if you wanted any."

Castiel yawned and sat up slowly, rubbing his own eyes to wipe the sleep away.

"That would be nice." He said, a rosy blush rising up his neck and too his face as he pulled the covers up to cover his naked body. That just wouldn't do, dean thought. He bent down and kissed him again, tugging the sheets out of Castiels hands and shuffled to straddle the omega as their lips still linked roughly together. He was determined not to let Castiel go back inside of himself and ignore dean for the next month until their next heat.

"Breakfast!" Castiel exclaimed giddily as Dean broke the kiss and instead peppered kisses and nibbled down Castiels neck. Dean grumbled in annoyance but broke away from the omega and sat up, still pinning him down between his legs. Castiel gave his chest a gentle shove to make him move and finally dean got off of his husband and the bed, pulling on a robe in his wake.

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