Chapter Five - Welcome to Your Humble Abode

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Dean quickly let go of Castiel's shirt as soon as they were out of the ballroom. Castiel was still blushing beetroot red while Dean stood there awkwardly, rocking backwards and forwards on the soles of his feet, clicking his tongue.

"Erm..." Dean begins and Castiel looks at him quickly, almost as if he had forgotten he was there. "Should we go then?"

Castiel's lips thinned, his eyes narrowing as he once again became suspicious, however he didn't say anything in protest as Dean began walking towards the newly built and refurbished west wing. They walked in complete silence, neither one daring to say another thing to the other.

They finally got there however and Dean opened the doors, rather astonished by the sight himself. His dad had actually done a really great job on this place, it was absolutely stunning. Dean glanced over at Castiel whose mouth was hanging open slightly in awe, creating a perfect little o.

"Shall we take a look around?" Dean asks, kind of wanting to view the place better and Castiel nods, stepping forward and looking around. "Erm, it has a library. And a small kitchen, you know, in case you ever wanted to cook."

Dean was only going off of what his father had said about the new place, so he wasn't really sure where everything was. They travel together to the different compartments, looking around and feeling more at home by every second they were there. Dean swore he even saw a small smile reach Castiel's lips in the library as his fingers traced over the binders of some shelved books.

Dean knew what was coming next though, and he didn't really know how to react to it. As they got to the doors and opened them, the most stunning bedroom Dean had ever laid eyes on lay out in front of them. Two glass doors led out onto the balcony which overlooked the entire kingdom. The bed was four post, with red silk sheets adorning it and large pillows decorating it. To the side was a fire place which was already lit to keep the room warm. Beside the fireplace were two comfy looking arm chairs that were halfway facing each other, and halfway facing the hearth.

Dean smiled slightly and shook his head before glancing down at Castiel, which made Dean smile falter and fall from his face. The blush had crept back onto the omegas face as his eyes strained on the bed. He was still in the doorway, not wanting to take another move forwards because he was afraid of what was going to happen next. However, Dean felt for the poor thing. He knew what it was like to be pushed into something he didn't want to do, and they both had had enough of that for one day. Dean cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck.

"So..." Dean starts and Castiel bites his lips and looks up at the alpha. "I'm going to leave you too it. If you need me... erm, i'll be..." Dean didn't really know how to finish that sentence, because he didn't actually have a clue where he would be.

Should he go back to his old room? No. He couldn't do that. If he did that, his dad would have a field day about leaving what was meant to be DEAN's omega on his own. Besides, it would look weird to the staff and guests if Dean woke up and exited his old room the very next morning after his wedding. He couldn't do that.

Castiel just looked kind of confused. Not sure what Dean was talking about when he said he was going to 'leave him to it'. The omega just kind of assumed he meant... getting ready... for the wedding night...

"I'll sleep on the sofa in the living room." Dean says quickly and Castiel looks at him, realisation finally hitting him of what Dean actually meant. His whole persona relaxed, his shoulders dropping, as the young omega realised that he didn't have to do anything that night.

"Look, i know you haven't been through your first heat yet. And the last thing i want to do is use you for my own benefit. We're meant to be married after all, so..." Dean trailed off and looked at Castiel who was looking back at him seriously. "Right, well. I'm going go and get some shut eye now so.... make yourself at home and i'll see you in the morning i guess."

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