Chapter Two - "Alpha, meet Omega"

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A/N: Just letting you guys know that i don't really like mpreg but it kinda just fits in the story, you'll understand when it gets further into it. So here's the plan, because i dont like it, im kinda gonna skip the whole pregnant thing until the babies born cause im a terrible writer 

Ive also just realised that ive given major story line away..... oh well.... :) 


"You should be happy. At least dad cares enough to take an interest in your life." Sam said, not looking up for his book. Dean rolled his eyes and plonked down next to his brother, grabbing the book out of his hands and skimming through it, not really reading it as his mind was too preoccupied.

"Trust me, Sammy. I would rather be you right now. Besides, dad does take an interest in your life."

"Bitch, where?" Sam snorted and grabbed his book back off his older brother, slipping a book mark in the pages and gently shutting it. "I don't think he even knows he has another son." 

Dean grinned slightly before sighing and leaning his head back, shutting his eyes in exhaustion.

"I don't want to get married. Especially not to someone who i don't even know." He murmurs out and Sam gives him a pitying look. 

"Think of it this way, Dean. Do you think this Castiel guy wants to get married too? He could be in the exact same position as you right now. I think that you both might have more in common than you think." Sam says, clicking his tongue slightly. "I'm rather jealous actually, you get to be with someone whose literal nickname is 'jewel of Athens'." 

"That doesn't mean anything."

"Well its got to mean something. They're not gonna give that name to just anybody. Especially not some mongrel omega. I bet he's beautiful." Sam sighs and hugs the book to his chest. Dean knew he was reading some soppy love story now so he knew that any argument he had, Sam would just brush it off as the start of another love story. 

"Beautiful, huh? Sam, he apparently hasn't even gone through his first heat yet. He's inexperienced in all aspects of life. Did you know that his whole family came from Greece to here and have literally been living in the woods ever since? The woods!" 

"Well, maybe you can be his kind of tutor as well as his husband. Teach him all about palace life. As for the heat thing... well, you have plenty of experience in that area for the both of you." 

End of Flashback

As soon as the doors opened again, Dean was almost hit back by the strong scent that filled the room. He even felt his father stiffen up beside him and turn away, coughing silently into his hands. It was rude to show just how strong an omega smelled, and both John and Dean knew that. 

Dean had obviously smelled a lot of omegas in his time. Some worked at the castle so it was always filled with the different scents of each one. He had also rolled around in the sheets with a fair few so he knew that every one had a different smell. But as soon as the original omega entered the hall, the smell was nothing like Dean had ever smelt before. It was sweet, but definitely not repugnant, and had the capacity to tip a weaker alpha over the edge. Luckily however, Dean was trained in some restraint to omega smells.

The smell was the first thing he noticed, but the omega itself was the second. He looked so.... regular. A small young man, barely seventeen. His hair was a tatted mess on his head as if the omega had only just woken up, small bags were under the boys eyes, his lips were a puffy pink and his cheeks were slightly rosy from walking up all the stairs from the kitchen. He was quite small actually, and was pretty filled out. Probably from spending a lot of his time in kitchens. However the main thing that Dean noticed about the omega was his eyes. They weren't anything spectacular, just regular blue. But something inside of them made dean unable to take his own eyes off of them. 

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