Chapter Twenty-Eight - Pregnant

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A/N: as I said last chapter, this chapter is solely dedicated to the pregnancy and the birth, the rest of the story will be normal again.  (Well as normal as destiel can be)

Pregnancies of omegas happened a lot faster than pregnancies of betas or mere humans. Maybe because for the most part the omega had to be a wolf.

For the first few months however, Castiel knew he could stay human and this relieved him as he was unsure what the unpredictability of his wolf would unfold. Would it be happy? Would it be angry? Would it be scared? Cas had absolutely no idea.

However he couldn't worry about that right now, because as he was coming out of the doctors clinic, he had to find a way to tell Dean. John of course would be ecstatic, Sam would be so happy that he would finally be an uncle but Dean... well he was just as unpredictable as Castiels own wolf.

Castiel wanted to be sure though. He had no doubts that what the doctors were saying was true but he wanted at least to wait a while longer until he knew for certain. As it turned out he did not have to wait that long at all.

A few weeks later, Castiel assumed he was a month or two along he woke up in the morning feeling more sick than he had ever felt in his entire life. He was as white as a sheet but he knew he had to be quiet due to the naked sleeping alpha at his side. They still had sex, and not because Castiel wanted to keep it a secret but because he actually enjoyed it. He couldn't believe how much he and his relationship had changed in the two years he had been there.

Wow, two years. Had the time gone that quickly already? He would be nearly 20...

He crawled out of bed, gipping quietly and holding onto his mouth as he hurried out of his room and towards the chamber pots that thankfully were completely empty and clean.

Sick poured for his mouth as soon as he knelt down about the pot and he couldn't help the retching that came from his throat, even though he was trying so very hard to be quiet.

He hoped it would pass soon, before Dean had the chance to wake up but Castiel was not the luckiest little wolf.

He heard stirring from behind him but could not find the energy to turn around as he was still puking up violently into the chamber pot.

"Cas?" Dean grumbled from behind him and when the alpha realised that his omega was being sick, he instantly shook himself awake and sat up, staring wide eyed at him. He grabbed his robe and tied it around him before running up to Cas and kneeling down beside him, putting a hand on his back.

"Oh my fuck, are you alright?" Dean asked frantically and Castiel nodded and groaned.

"Are you sick?" Dean asked stupidly and stood up, looking around in a daze. "Do you need water?" He went to go and get water but then changed his mind. "Do you want me to stay beside me?" He came back sat down and then stood up again. "I'll put the fire on, are you cold? Should I run you a bath? Cook some food? Take you back to bed?"

Dean was running around, not knowing what to do with himself which gave Castiel motion sickness. He puked up once again and suddenly he felt marginally better. Castiel wiped his mouth against the back of his hand and stood up slowly with his shaky legs and turned to face his husband who was stood motionless

 Castiel wiped his mouth against the back of his hand and stood up slowly with his shaky legs and turned to face his husband who was stood motionless

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