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Bound to Lucifer  by ew_ellx
Bound to Lucifer by Ellxxeee
The Winchester boys help you out when a lone hunt goes wrong. Being injured you were driven back to the bunker till you run into a certain someone. The story is revolve...
  • lucifer
  • fanfiction
  • supernaturalimagine
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Crowley's Daughter (Supernatural Fanfiction~) by alexinwhite
Crowley's Daughter (Supernatural Alex Hyde
~I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters~ *Cover by @alecvert* Alex is well, Crowley's daughter! She's half human, half demon, making her more powerful th...
  • lucifer
  • dean
  • spnfanfiction
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Supernatural SMUT & Fluff by Angelwbw
Supernatural SMUT & Fluffby Belle
Smut and Fluff one shots
  • dean
  • spn
  • supernaturalfluff
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just a bunch of imagines that can make you laugh and cry (maybe smut?) supernatural // fanfiction
  • gabriel
  • imagines
  • crowley
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Castiel x Reader: Not What You Think by Sofaloofa
Castiel x Reader: Not What You Moose In The Impala
When you started your day, you never would have imagined that you'd be thrust into the world of monsters and demons. Much less would you think that you'd be mistaken for...
  • winchester
  • castiel
  • mistakenforademon
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Dearest daddy ☾crowley  by glossroses
Dearest daddy ☾crowley by ♡
At just ten years old, Evangeline Olan makes a deal to sell her soul in ten years, for her mothers health. Once turned twenty, and having forgotten about the deal her ch...
  • daddycrowley
  • kingofhell
  • marksheppard
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Queen of Hellhounds (Crowley Lovestory) by wolftali
Queen of Hellhounds (Crowley Wolfe
"Victoria Winchester died when she was young. After dealing with John's hatred and then life in hell. She finally finds a way to reunite with her brothers. But Cro...
  • dean
  • love
  • demons
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[book 1] Deans daughter by punk_rocker_fandoms
[book 1] Deans daughterby punk_rocker_fandoms
You know Dean he goes out to bars, gets drunk, has sex with the girls. But little does he know is that he's got a daughter named Grace daughter, Grace is his daughter
  • castiel
  • 67impala
  • bobby
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Illusion {D.W} by Sabrina030_
Illusion {D.W}by Sabrina030_
In which a sassy, and sarcastic girl by the name of Stella discovers the world of supernatural creatures All rights reserved to Supernatural and Eric Kripke. I do not ow...
  • mythicalcreatures
  • winchester
  • hunter
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He left me by Sparrow014
He left meby Sparrow014
The daughter Dean Winchester didn't know he had, and the young girl who lived under a false name, was fragile and pale and hidden within herself. All until the day her...
  • crowley
  • deanwinchester
  • winchester
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Supernatural Imagines by TinyAsianEmpress
Supernatural Imaginesby TinyAsianEmpress
Imagines, preferences, one shots and mini series of supernatural characters and their actors. Highest ranking: #5 in nephilim #1 in pie REQUESTS OPEN I do not own anyt...
  • preferences
  • spn
  • wattpad
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Premonitions (Sam Winchester love story) by Bearbunny
Premonitions (Sam Winchester Bearbunny
Emily is Jo Harvelle's little sister. After a run in with hellhounds, she joined Sam and Dean to help with their line of work but what happens when Emily foresees her gr...
  • powers
  • psychic
  • winchester
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Motel Sam (Sam Winchester x Reader) by WaywardChild_4ever
Motel Sam (Sam Winchester x Reader)by WaywardChild_4ever
You were a normal hunter going to complete a salt and burn. In and out, right? Wrong, you met two handsome brothers and get mixed up with them. What's gonna happen. I'm...
  • angel
  • castiel
  • hunterxhunter
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Dean's Daughter (supernatural Dean x daughter oc) by EmoGhost_77
Dean's Daughter (supernatural Emo
What happens when the rough and tough Dean Winchester finds out he has a kid with an old flame? And what happens when that kid is a sassy mouthed, stubborn, brutally hon...
  • supernatural
  • castiel
  • crowley
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Useful (Avengers/Supernatural Crossover Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
Useful (Avengers/Supernatural Loki
This universe is a bit different from the one we all know and love. In this particular universe, Pietro does get shot in Sokovia, but he doesn't die. He does however, lo...
  • supernatural
  • clintbarton
  • natasharomanoff
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Supernatural Pictures by The21stnome
Supernatural Picturesby The21stnome
Some Spn pictures for the fandom
  • supernatural
  • samwinchester
  • spnfanfiction
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Supernatural Imagines  by hisnameiscastiel
Supernatural Imagines by mariel
I love everything about Supernatual
  • mishacollins
  • sam
  • supernatural
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Angel of the bunker by sterekdestieldelena
Angel of the bunkerby Georgia
Castiel the angel officially moves into the Bunker with Sam and Dean. He enjoys going through sam's flannel shirts and marveling at all the colours. As well as eating me...
  • sam
  • cute
  • crowley
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The Smallest Winchester by FangurlFever
The Smallest Winchesterby Grace
Allison Winchester has been through things that her brothers could never begin to understand, abused until the mere age of eleven. She has just reunited with her brother...
  • abuse
  • castiel
  • nephilim
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The Love Of Hell {Supernatural Fanfiction} by Undursleyish_666
The Love Of Hell {Supernatural A.M. Hudson
" Unknown Whispers Come True At War..." There are many legends of Lucifer and who he loves. Some says he married to Lilith, others say he has thousands of mist...
  • castiel
  • winchester
  • deanwinchester
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